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  1. Pickle


    ^^^^^^^^ THIS... stupid pop every gearchange which is about 6 to the next traffic light in 400yards
  2. Pickle

    Set of 4 Rondell 0058 8.5J x 18" - £150

    Dammit... too slow.
  3. Pickle

    What's being worked on today?

    Can I ask where this turbo is from?? When I was looking, nobody was offering a Hybrid Mitsubishi unit for the M47TU2, only the Garrett Turbos as fitted to the later N47 engined cars.. What sort of ££ are we talking for an exchange deal? Cheers.
  4. Pickle

    CarPro HydrO2 (Lite)

    It doesn't last anywhere near 3 months in my experience!. Very good when applied, and may help when you wash the car the next time, but the longevity of the Hydro2 is No where near as good as a well waxed car.. It's a quick alternative, but a very expensive way of keeping a car clean imho.
  5. Pickle

    Opinions please....

    Update us with how you get on.. I'm currently in an e91 also and have set my heart on a m135i as it's replacement. Are they really that cheap n nasty inside?? ☹ Im mostly worried about room in back for the kids..
  6. Pickle

    535d The Extra Thermostat fitting Guide.

    Done it this morning. For reference, the upper hose on a 2007 320d is too small really to do this... I managed to get the stat in but only just far enough to get the hose back on to the rad Inlet. Not 100% happy with it, but will give it a try and see if it helps. Only 5 min job to whip it back out if it causes any issues.
  7. Pickle

    535d The Extra Thermostat fitting Guide.

    To bring up and old thread,, still not fitted mine!! Going to though as my main stat seems a little lazy lately, and I mainly do short run journeys these days. As the pics are down (photobucket!!) Which way round does the stat need to go in the hose?? Cheers.
  8. Pickle

    E60 oil separator/breather replacement

    For ref, when I had a 2006 530d bought from a dealer with full BMW service history, that had a 'loo roll' type filter fitted. (Only found out after the turbo failed!!) Even then, it was me who had to fit the vortex separator as BMW refused to admit it was the cause of the turbo failure when they replaced it under warranty.
  9. Pickle

    VHT Caliper Paint - Help

    I have managed to order a can from here (I think??. Got a confirmation email, so lets see if it turns up!) http://1outlets.uk/shopping/ If you google the paint this option comes up in shopping. Free delivery worldwide according to the site. I certainly didnt pay anything, but as I said, lets see if and when it turns up!? Worth a shot for less than £20 Guess I will need to clear coat it afterwards too?
  10. Pickle

    19" staggered alloys for my E60

    No, and they also have a different centre bore size. Would need spigot rings to fit an E60
  11. Pickle

    Free download for Carly Pro??

    Errrrrmm, I didnt 'buy' it last time. It was a free download. I expect its been updated many times since then too..
  12. Has anyone got a link to any known working versions of the Full BMW Carly App?? Downloaded it years ago from somewhere and it worked. Was installed on an old phone though, so want to put it on my latest one. Only want to code 1 thing really, so not willing to pay for it. *Flame suit on in readiness for the haters* LOL Cheers
  13. Just followed this.... Just look at the spoiler!!
  14. Pickle

    Sport button hack

    See this old thread... http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/74923-who-would-like-the-lci-sport-mode-on-there-pre-lci-e60/?page=1 Did it on my old e60. Fiddly but an easy job..
  15. Im looking at options regarding my 320d m47n2 engined e91 for a decat pipe. I currently have lots of other mods, but still have oe exhaust system in place. My car has a cat but no dpf fitted as standard. I have seen a couple of decat pipes but there seems to be a large variance in fitments across the range. (Ie 1 series and 3 series similarities etc) Also, I have come across a pipe with no brackets, nor sensor boss at a good price. What is the situation with the sensor?? How can you run this pipe with no sensor fitted?? Wouldnt this cause an error to be flagged up by ecu?? Expert advice and opinions greatly received please. Thanks.