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  1. Wobba

    Silver M5 (?) Y*** TDC

    Spotted on M27, heavy rain....went past and pulled in, in front of my Clio Williams. Eastbound.
  2. Wobba

    The Adventures of Wobba and MCX

    http://www.r3vlimited.com/board/showthread.php?t=286443# Headers for the conversion. I've had offers to buy the engine etc already lol...
  3. Wobba

    The Adventures of Wobba and MCX

    It does not look that hard really. Not sure about exhaust things yet though but the brakes are no problem tbh. Engine mounts are easy to get. OEM ECU works fine with aome minor adaption to the OEM E30 dashboard. Driveshaft can be bought for it. Reckon a better diff and rear shafts would be needed too lol. I've still not heard anything from the Insurers about the M5. I have chased. Not sure if tehre is a hold up or something? Seems a very straight forward case to me as no third parties involved and is deffo a write off.
  4. Wobba

    The Adventures of Wobba and MCX

    Does anybody know much about putting an S62 engine into an E30?
  5. Wobba

    The Adventures of Wobba and MCX

    No idea about the insurance people yet. I think they have had the car taken away somewhere last week. No word yet though.
  6. Wobba

    The Adventures of Wobba and MCX

    It had occurred to me to d othis but it's just lack of time and space right now. Already had an offer for the engine!
  7. Wobba

    The Adventures of Wobba and MCX

    It is a real shame, but at the end of the day, it was just a car...an awesome car, but still... I don't know what sort of figure the insurance guys will offer, but I don't think it should take long as there are no 3rd parties and it is clearly a write off. I think I'll get a diesel for work, keep mental Clio for Friday runs and trackdays, and maaaaybe start a new Clio project with 20v VAG engine conversion (350/400bhp) hoho.
  8. Wobba

    The Adventures of Wobba and MCX

    Thanks Justin, yes, so am I! I've still got a banging headache and aching a lot. Coming back down M3 to home, I could see the hilly bit I went off at was like a sodding river, and the wind...wow. Not sure about a replacement yet. I'd love to get another performance car but tbh with the miles I am doing now and just sitting in traffic, a 5.0L V8 is not the best choice lol. Maybe a Megane.
  9. Wobba

    The Adventures of Wobba and MCX

    Thanks Andy. It is a shame, but yes, it is only a car. I will get some pictures tomorrow if I can. The Clio will make an appearance again as daily runner for a little while...
  10. Wobba

    The Adventures of Wobba and MCX

    Sorry to report that Y818 MCX is no more :*( Commuting to work today up the M3, I think I hit a big stream of water running down the hill in between Winchester and Basingstoke and the DSC failed. The car went into an uncontrollable spin at only 70 MPH'ish, and althoguh I managed to correct it partially from hitting the armco, I overcorrected and it fishtailed into the main spin...ending up going up the verge and back round to land in the hard shoulder. Back end is totally destroyed. Nothing I could have done, just bad luck Was in a que of traffic and I was at the back, so no one else involved. Truck driver saw it from about quarter of a mile back and said it was the weirdest accident he's ever seen. One minute in a straight line, the next spinning off like I'd hit ice, which is what it felt like. I have minor aches and pains and very mild concussion. M5 saved my life.
  11. Wobba

    E39 CSL Style spolier

    Looks great mate!!! Get it on there!!!111````1
  12. Wobba

    M5 (E39) Brakes

    Thanks for the reply. I spotted that the floating rotors are extra. I think I will do more research before making a decision. For now, the car is simply a fast road car, but the brakes are not great so will need sorting out in the future! If you have some pics that would be interesting! Thanks!
  13. Wobba

    Help! Quick...headlights

    Well some good news, the guy that sold me the lights is sending me some adapters free of charge, and ironically I just fixed the broken adjuster (with superglue!) on the dodgy older headlight lol, but too late as I've cancelled the MOT.