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  1. JohnW

    540i stall straight after start

    Ebay -"Topran" so decent quality. There are some for £12 !
  2. JohnW

    540i stall straight after start

    Thanks for that-looks straightforward. Given a sensor is about 30 quid and I have no idea how old mine is, I think I'll just change it anyway. Hopefully it might cure the problem.
  3. JohnW

    540i stall straight after start

    Ah-thanks. Where is that and how hard is it to replace? Cheers
  4. Guys 1998 540i pre vanos. It's taken to stalling immediately on starting when cold-it can take several tries until it will keep running. Fine when warm. After some reading up, I replaced the idle control valve with a new repro one but this hasn't changed the behaviour. Have I bought a faulty valve, or could there be another cause? No other symptoms or lights/messages. Thanks.
  5. JohnW

    540i engine squeal?

    Good idea-i'll try it. I had thought maybe alternator etc but the weird thing is it only squeals whilst driving. I'm not able to recreate it at idle or by increasing engine speed.....
  6. JohnW

    540i engine squeal?

    Guys Our 540i has a high pitched squeal whilst driving. It sounds very much like belt squeal and is only audible when driving-at idle it disappears. So far it's had both belts and both tensioners replaced with new-this hasn't solved the problem. I'm really not sure where to go next with it-what else could cause a noise like that that disappears at idle? All advice and suggestions appreciated.
  7. JohnW


    Guys The stereo speakers on our pre facelift 540i are knackered! It has the premium sound but quality is awful. Do we need to buy special fitment speakers, or will standard aftermarket type fit-and if so, what size are they? Thanks.
  8. Guys Our 540 has a high pitched squeal. When my Son had it before us, he had the main aux belt and tensioner replaced. When the squeal later returned, his garage diagnosed the squeal as coming from the aircon compressor belt and tensioner. Questions: 1. Is lit likely to be just the pulley on the tensioner thats squealing rather than the tensioner itself ? 2. How easy is changing the tensioner or pulley on a 540? Many thanks.
  9. JohnW

    Replacement key?

    Dealers, eh? Phoned my other local dealer-also a Sytner. I can buy a service key for £42 or a remote for £150 and both come with the chip already coded, then remote is paired as suggested above. Would help if some dealers knew what the heck they were on about, wouldn't it? Thanks for the help guys!
  10. JohnW

    Replacement key?

    The old E36 three button type (its a 1998 car.) Dealer says NONE of the keys come ready coded to the immobiliser for that age. Local key cutters can't do them apparently......
  11. JohnW

    Replacement key?

    This is the pre-facelift 3 button fob, and I don't mean coding the remote-I mean coding the transponder chip. Early keys are not user ready-the car has to be present for them to be programmed in- hence the £120 diagnostic fee. (Apparently.)
  12. JohnW

    Replacement key?

    Guys We have one working remote key for our pre facelift 540. It also came with another aftermarket remote key that has been cut-it will unlock the car and turn the ignition but won't start it-I'm guessing the chip hasn't been coded. I want a spare key so I've been looking at options. The only two so far are: Dealer- £150 for a whole remote key, or £32 for a valet key, BUT both need programming to the car at £120 ! Locksmith- can program the chip in the key we have BUT wants me to remove the immobiliser from the car and take it to him Question-are there any easier or cheaper alternatives? (I'm in the Birmingham area.) Cheers.
  13. JohnW

    540i heater valve-repair?

    Thanks-bought a second hand one which has arrived-it looks to be in reasonable condition so I'll fit it at the weekend. Hopefully problem solved.....