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  1. JohnW

    540i parts required please

    E39 540iA Geoff.
  2. JohnW

    540i parts required please

    Diagnosis says so-throttle butterfly spring damaged so doesnt move correctly and motor inoperable. MAF tested OK.
  3. JohnW

    540iA limp mode help please.

    Changed the cam sensor-no change. Got it to an indy, who has diagnosed faulty secondary throttle housing and motor. The search is on for parts.....
  4. JohnW

    540i parts required please

    Guys Following a severe lack of power problem/traction light on, my indy has diagnosed some failed parts in the throttle assembly. I need: 35411162548 Secondary throttle actuator motor (With cable 35411162633) (Motor fitted to most E39 engines, but cable 540 E39 specific) 13541747764 Secondary throttle housing ASC+T (All V8 models- M60 M62 in E39, E38, E34 etc etc) Obviously all must be in excellent working order. Reference pics below. Anyone?
  5. Hi I see that I can get the required cable set for my 1998 E39, but what computer operating system and diagnostic programming would I need? I have an older Windows 10 laptop-any good? Thanks.
  6. Guys Background info- just prior to MOT, the traction control light came on and stayed on. My mechanic scanned it and it turned out that the connector block to the ABS unit was corroded. He cleaned it up, cleared the code and it's been fine. Not sure if this is relevant but thought I should mention it. Car has been fine since MOT. Parked it up a few nights ago, and when I came to restart in the morning, it fired straight away, but was clearly in limp mode-would drive at walking pace, gears selecting fine manually. No EML on, but the traction control light had reappeared. Called the RAC as I don't have diagnostics. This brought up two codes- camshaft position sensor (Cant remember the code number but it was definitely that) and BMW code P1622. RAC guy thought it best to clear the codes and see what happens. He did so, and on starting the car was fully back to normal, driving fine, TC light off. Started it a few more times-all fine. Came out to it cold again this morning and it's in limp again with TC light back on. My thinking is initially to change the cam sensor. What do people think? Any other ideas? Cheers.
  7. JohnW

    Battery advice please

    Replaced battery with a nice Halfords one-problem solved! Many thanks!
  8. JohnW

    Camshaft Position Sensor? And mystery hoses.

    The only symptom I recognise from your list is the first-immediate stalling on start unless idle raised. Had it on our 98 540-it was the cam sensor. (Only one fitted on our car-two on yours I think.)
  9. JohnW

    Battery advice please

    Unfortunately no-nothing large enough. The age of the battery is unknown BTW-was in the car when bought 2 yrs ago
  10. JohnW

    Battery advice please

    Guys Our 540i wouldn't start a few weeks ago. It had been left for about a week and the battery didn't even have enough power to put the interior lights on! (No electrical issues prior to this.) Charged it up but it soon ran down again. I put it on to trickle charge disconnected. It charged to 12.6V and has stayed at that level for two weeks. Am I right in thinking that's not enough and it is knackered? Reluctant to shell out over £100 unless I know its at fault- any foolproof way to test? Cheers
  11. JohnW

    3rd brake light not working

    That's great, thanks !
  12. JohnW

    3rd brake light not working

    Thats really useful-thanks. Daft question, but where is the LCM located? (I know E34 and E30 but not familiar with E39 yet!)
  13. JohnW

    3rd brake light not working

    Thanks. The holder is fine and I'm getting 2 volts across the pins. The wiring disappears under the parcel shelf. So you think it might be connected to the right hand light unit?
  14. JohnW

    3rd brake light not working

    Anyone? I'm assuming this might be a fault where it connects to the other brake lights-anyone know where that is? Thanks.
  15. JohnW

    Built in Phone Not Working

    Puzzles me. Our 540i has the square button phonw but on ours the sim fits under the handset-and works perfectly.