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  1. vpcaptain

    Private Reg question Re SORN

    Yeah Murphy’s Law
  2. vpcaptain

    Private Reg question Re SORN

    Thanks Ian will put it on while its still taxed and insured just to make life simple. Cheers
  3. vpcaptain

    Private Reg question Re SORN

    Ok thanks, yeah imagine if fire in garage or some other issue that caused a total loss. Cheers Rob
  4. vpcaptain

    Private Reg question Re SORN

    Thanks I’ve been stung before £30/40 by the cheap insurance companies but ive got a monthly bmw flex policy so i’ll check with them first appreciate your advice though Rob
  5. vpcaptain

    Private Reg question Re SORN

    Lol you are dead correct there timing chain in a plastic cassette known to cause issues but hopefully not too late on my purchase Thanks
  6. Hi all, I’ve just bought an E87 LCI 1.6 2009 as a summer project to work on and have taxed and insured it but I’m looking to SORN it for a couple of months to work on the car; timing chain change, serpentine belt and pulleys etc before putting it back on the road. I’ve also got a private reg on a retention certificate. Question is are there any advantages in putting the reg on now while it’s taxed ( insurance company will no doubt charge admin fee. Or do I take the car off the road SORN it and then uninsure it while it’s off road and then put the new plate on while it’s on SORN ? any suggestions appreciated Rob
  7. vpcaptain

    Private Reg advice

    Once Fox & Hounds re-opens my round or three followed by curry in Shafiqs
  8. vpcaptain

    Private Reg advice

    Hi guys / girls, I’ve just bought a baby bmw ( long story but upshot is needed a narrow car to fit in my 1970’s width brick garage as my E90, and previous E60 didn’t fit) I bought an 2009 E87 LCI 1.6 petrol as a project for the summer once were all out of lockdown, ( something that if I messed up improving my repair skills, it wouldn’t break the bank as well ) anyhow it’s taxed and insured but parked up in the garage and I have a private reg on retention certificate. Question is is there any advantage to transferring the reg onto the car either now or once I SORN it at the end of March ( saving tax and insurance from 1st April ) I’m likely to put it back on the road in may. advice would be appreciated thanks Rob