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  1. bigshout

    6WB retrofit to F10

    have a coder diagnose it remotely. I can put you in contact with somebody who is reasonably priced. All you need a laptop, WIFI and enet cable and teamviewer .
  2. 9.5" is too wide. I run BMW M5 343m on my F10 and they work fine at the following offset, the fronts are 9x20 ET34 with Part No 36112283999 running 255/35/20. Rears are 10x20 ET34 with Part No 36112283401 running 285/30/20. Note both tyre widths are different to factory M5 tyres.
  3. what carplay activator product are you refering to? I see you have a 2010 car, so how did you activate carplay? I'm guessing some kind of hardware.
  4. you should ok with either, the top is held in with plastic teeth on the upper side of the diffuser. clips around the side and screws on the bottom, they will be ABS plastic reproductions so I can't see the fit being much different to OEM.
  5. bigshout

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Hi folks, I’ve not been on the forum recently, however I’ve had issues with the rear passenger footwell collecting water on and off for a couple of years now. I had tried all the suggestions in this thread, and all are relevant, but they didn’t fix the water ingress issue fully for me. If you have tried everything suggested in this thread but still have a wet footwell then here are a few steps I suggest you take. For me, my yellow grommet isn’t weeping, I sealed it up a couple of years back and made the modifications to the plastic shroud. I also placed a bunch of kitchen towel under the grommet, on the inside of the front passenger footwell. As it’s never shown signs of watermarks and isn’t wet, I was sure the grommet wasn’t my issue. Due to the gradient of my drive, a slight incline, and with the nose of the car pointing upwards, I noticed after a heavy downpour, water would be visible on the rear passenger kickplate. The gutter runoffs in the door are clear, but some of the water sat around the kick plate, due to gravity and the angle of the car. Upon removing the kickplate, it was clear the rubber seal around the kick plate was not holding water out and some water was visible under the kick plate. The rear kick plate is held down via 2 holes in the chassis, which allows water into the footwell if present. I decided to lay a thin strip of clear mastic around the kick plate rubber seal and reseat the kickplate back on the chassis using all the original fixings. There was no mess, and I was confident this new seal would fix my issue. I also decided to do the same to the front kickplate as there are 4 holes holding this down, however no signs of water, but peace of mind on my part. A few weeks later, I was right, after drying out the footwell, the footwell stayed dry. I thought I had fixed the issue, however months later, driving in torrential rain I found the footwell to be damp again, but not as wet as it had been before the kickplate fix. I couldn’t work out a fix so accepted drying out the footwell which would stay dry until the next heavy downpour whilst driving the car for long periods. With the recent downpours we have had and a slight wet footwell, I’ve reinvestigated the rear door membrane again. The internal membrane on my door was fully fixed in place, no gaps present so it wasn’t that. I decided to run water over the rear window for 10 minutes to see if want water was present on the inside of the door, what became clear was some water was able to get in via the holes for the door card fixings. Each fixing has a foam seal so when the door card is fixed to the door, it prevents water from entering the door card. I checked the bottom of the door card and it was slightly damp, the door card sits inside the car and beyond the rubber door seal. I decided to look at the foam seals on the fixings. They were there but seemed thin. If the seal is not tight between the fixing and the door, water will make its way in. I decided to purchase a set of new fixings and checked the difference in depth between the old and new. It’s clear the old foam seals have thinned over time and are not holding a seal. After replacing the fixing and fitting the door, I’ve not had any further water enter via the door and the door card is bone dry. The fixings can be purchased for £4 and swap out takes no more than 10 mins. The BMW part number is 07147145753 and they cost around £1.80 each from BMW. I found a supplier who sells 10 in a pack and you need 10 per door card. They are OEM and worked perfectly. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/10x-VVO-Tailgate-Lining-Clips-Boot-Lid-Lining-Fasteners-for-some-BMW-X5/293750007629?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 To summarise • Check the kickplates and seal if not 100% watertight. • Replace the door card fixings on the affected door
  6. bigshout

    BMW Button Fading / Wearing

    not all buttons are born the same, many of the cheaper ones don't manage the backlight well, illuminating the inner section of the button, rather than just the white icon, like the genuine ones. I paid a lot more just for the AC +/- to make sure they looked the same as the originals at night.
  7. bigshout

    Number plates.

    I ordered a set of plates recently, came next day and fantastic value. They are one of the main sellers on ebay, however purchase them direct and their prices are even cheaper and have more choice on their website. www.ej-parts.co.uk
  8. bigshout

    Rare F10/F11 examples

    Nice, I've seen this spec on other cars, but not in the UK. I didn't think it was an option here.
  9. bigshout

    Rare F10/F11 examples

  10. bigshout

    Rare F10/F11 examples

    I also found this lovely individual example, however I couldn’t sell my X5 in time. It sold in a couple of weeks, surprisingly there were 2 up for sale at different dealers, both the same spec, so a dealer must have configured as few in this specification.
  11. bigshout

    Rare F10/F11 examples

    I also came across this F10 M5 some years back when I was sourcing one. Unfortunately it had sold before I got to it. It was a genuine ACS build, haven’t seen another one since.
  12. bigshout

    Rare F10/F11 examples

    I’ve just come across this rare 535i in individual San Marino blue, it looks amazing and possibly the only uk f10 in this colour. it got me thinking, what rare examples have you found over the years, it would be good the share. I just found a great car on Auto Trader: https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/202003088166884
  13. bigshout

    F11 550i!!

    plenty of saloons's about they are the least common but I would expect there are over 200 in the UK.
  14. bigshout

    F11 550i!!

    This is an option that would never get used in the UK.