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  1. Hi, pleased to still see this car getting the care it deserves, I was the previous owner to Sutts and a friend of mine and (ex?) forum members’ father owned before me. During my ownership I was e39 nuts and still have a big soft spot for them, if you ever want/need to know pre-sutts history or ever considering selling then give me a shout. Enjoy.
  2. Tesla

    Heater control valve

    No longer have the part.
  3. On a 2003 you'll have to go in via the bulb holes.
  4. Tesla

    Heater control valve

    Here's the one I removed from my 2000 530i Sport (Facelift). P/N: 64128374995 http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/partxref?q=8374995&series=E39 £20.00 delivered.
  5. Tesla

    Heater control valve

    I have a known working unit spare in my garage. I can confirm the numbers off of that and that may help.
  6. Tesla

    Borg Warner viscous fan coupling

    I picked up a new Behr for £70 from eBay.
  7. Tesla

    front wheel bearings

    I have 2 brand new FAG wheel bearings I bought for my Saloon but never got round to fit before it's gearbox went bang. I'll drop you a PM...
  8. Tesla

    ID This Part

    Any ideas on this part? It dropped out from behind the dash when I removed the drivers-side transmission tunnel carpet trim. Thanks, Chris
  9. Tesla

    ID This Part

    Pretty sure radio flap damper is the correct shout as when I purchased the car it had Vavona trim and a floppy radio flap. I had the dash out last year to replace the blower fan and still this bit only just surfaced in the footwell.
  10. Many thanks. Will rule out other parts but appreciate the ABS module is the most likely culprit.
  11. Where did you guys source your new modules from? My car has thrown the DSC light with errors 104 (error steering angle control unit), 92 (pressure sensor, plausibility precharge pump) and 88 (precharge pump). 88 Has a frequency of 255.
  12. Tesla

    WLB a particular kind of E39

    I'd question your choice of engine. Considering you're looking at a 13 year old+ car, I imagine you're not going to be doing lots of miles? If you really must have a diesel you may as well go for the 530d since it's about 1mpg worse-off than the 525d but otherwise identical in running costs. The 530i is really the E39 sweet-spot.
  13. Tesla

    E39 530i Sport Touring

    2002 E39 530i Sport Touring Standard Sport spec plus has black manual leather. FBMWSH. 80k miles. 2 previous owners. I purchased in January 2014. Seller's photos: The car is mostly up together since the previous owner had fully comprehensive BMW warranty still running on the car. However, there are some minor issues I plan to address: Aftermarket Viscous fan coupling makes the car sound like a Shogun at <3k RPM. The original owner had the coupling changed.OSR external door handle has just given up. Door can be opened from the inside fine.Rear wiper seized. As it's seized and not broken, BMW warranty wouldn't cover it.Small scuff on one corner of front and one corner of rear bumper. Small scratch at top of off side C pillar.Chromatic wing mirror glass has started to fail.Rear carpet has been cut underneath the floor mat, cannot be seen with mat in place but I'd like to replace the rear carpet regardless.One headlight needs adjusters replaced. The other headlight was previously replaced under warranty so is fine. I can change the adjusters without opening the lights as did them like this on the Saloon.Refurbish VANOS, seems to work fine but I've done the job before and the parts are only £30-40 in total.There are also some other changes I wish to make to the car. At time of writing, I am breaking my previous car for spares, a 530i Sport Saloon since it suffered reverse gear failure. I'll be swapping some parts between the two cars. I've so far swapped: //M badged front door rub/bump strips, Touring had plain, non-badged strips.//M badged sill kick plates as the Saloon's were in slightly better condition.DISA valve, Touring's DISA worked absolutely fine but the DISA in the saloon is only ~10k old and they don't last forever.I'm planning to swap the following: CCV system inc. dipstick tube. Overhauled the CCV on the Saloon 2-3k before the box failed. The Touring does't use any oil but again, the CCV doesn't last forever.Retrofit MID and CD player.Aluminium interior trim. Not a fan of Vavona trim. I like some of the other wood trims on offer but I have a totally immaculate as new set of Aluminium trim in the Saloon so shall be fitting that. I've noted that a lot of ebay trims are now showing signs of wear, splits, cracks etc.Alloy wheels, Saloon has an immaculate set of staggered Style 66. Touring has a good set of square Style 66. Unsure if it'd be best to keep immaculate staggered set up or get a couple more wheels refurbished and keep an immaculate square setup.Also, fit a couple of new parts: Parrot CK3000 EVO Bluetooth kit and steering control interface. I read up on retrofitting OEM bluetooth but it's expensive and dated. The above parrot kit when used with the steering wheel interface box can be completely hidden. I'll mount everything behind the dash and then just use the steering wheel buttons to answer calls and hang up.Ceiling mounted speaker grille. One of the grilles has been slightly dented in at some point so keeping an eye out for a replacement black grille.Refurbish the wing mirrors. Get the covers repainted and replace the plastics. Did this to the Saloon and looked much nicer. Not sure about the glass at £200 per side, may just have to live with non-dimming.New GB badged number plates. Debating with myself wether to get a private plate, a decent looking plate weighs in at £399.
  14. Tesla

    E39 530i Sport Touring

    Many thanks. The roof bars are not an aesthetic thing, doing a lot of work on the house so they're really handy. Will take them off again once done.
  15. Tesla

    E39 530i Sport Touring

    That's what I'm thinking. Will tackle it over the summer. Also want to give the rear clusters (boot lid section) a machine polish as they're quite dull. Again, a common issue with the Toruing (also noticed it on the E46).
  16. Tesla

    E39 530i Sport Touring

    The car was running great for months but then sprung a small coolant leak so I parked it up until I could fix. Whilst parked up, the cam cover gasket decided to start leaking too. So, I set aside a day to tackle both. If I was doing the cam cover gasket then I may as well of refurbished the VANOS too so did just that. That cam cover gasket has totally plasticised. It was rock-hard brittle plastic. No wonder it leaked! Also, thought best to take this opportunity to swap out the CCV valve and hoses. Also vacuumed out the alternator ducting as it gets full of dried leaves. It's an easy task with the airbox removed. No need to remove intake manifold to replace CCV, just a bit awkward with it in-situ. I've tackled all of these jobs before on my Saloon so wasn't too hard this time around. Didn't take many photos I'm afraid. Pretty much no visible wear to the cams, always has had Castrol Edge. FBMWSH and then me.
  17. Tesla

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    My 530i Touring has been parked up for a few weeks with oil and coolant leaks. Spent this past weekend on it. New Cam Cover Gasket and whilst in there replaced the VANOS seals. Also replaced the CCV valve and pipework, swapped out the dipstick tube for one I had previously unblocked and cleaned up. Vacuumed out the alternator ducting as I noted when I broke my Saloon for parts it was rammed full of old leaves. The Touring's was no exception. Replaced the bleed screw and o ring on top of the coolant header tank. Coolant leak now seems fixed. So far so good, no leaks and car is running great! Approaching 100k so am expecting suspension work over the coming year.
  18. Tesla

    Sport corner undertrays

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/171643306763 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/171661153101
  19. Tesla

    Causes for low MPG?

    IIRC the fuel filter is a "lifetime" part, hence not being changed by the dealer. How was it to change? Hard/easy?
  20. Tesla

    What controls camber on the rear of a touring?

    Regarding alignment try Lee at http://www.fcmwheelalignment.co.uk I noticed on your for sale thread that you're working in Bristol. Don't be put off by the bad website, he knows his stuff.
  21. Tesla

    M54 vacuum problem

    The dipstick tube is the return to the sump, I don't think it's possible for there to be vacuum at this point?
  22. Tesla

    M54 vacuum problem

    Dipstick tube can be a real pain to unblock, looking at it sump-end on its double skinned. The 2mm gap between skins is where the return oil drains back to sump.
  23. Tesla

    Thoughts on this 530i

    Can't be many 80k E39s around these days. An example as good as you are looking for may no longer exist? Perhaps this is about as good as it's going to get?
  24. Hi, Anybody have a tool for pressing out Thrust Arm Bushes? My car is a 530i Sport, unsure if different sized bushes are on different models. I have replacement poly bushes to fit. I've done the job before on previous car and hacked the old bushes out but it was a pain so want to press the old ones out this time. Cheers!