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  1. Hi All Did a scan of my iMac today using Bitdefender as I do about once a week and was not expecting anything to come up as it never does but to my surprise I got this message. I have not been on any different sites all I have done is download some family photos various photo hosting sites my brother uses. I have scanned the Time Capsule separately and hit comes up clear. Never had anything thing like this before so any help/advice will be gratefully received.
  2. Steveo1

    F11 535i Availability

    It also has the service pack so the next service which is a big service should have the cost covered.
  3. Steveo1

    F11 535i Availability

    I went for a X3M Competition. The F11 was a great car loads of room and plenty of power when you want it. I bought the car new and like you I lost a shed load of money on it. Only saving grace was the deal I got on my new car swallowed the negative equity and I’m still paying the same per month. Hope she goes to a good home.
  4. Steveo1

    F11 535i Availability

    It's a cracking car with one very careful owner who has never had an issue with it. It used to be mine, lovely car that on some days I do miss.
  5. Steveo1

    iPhone 6 wireless charger case.

    Thanks for the info. Cheers Steven
  6. Hi All I’m changing my car next week and my new car comes with wireless charging and I’m looking for a iPhone 6 wireless charger case. Just wondered if any of you guys can recommended one. Cheers Steven
  7. No it was not the £549 deal as I wanted one with a few options but BMW are doing massive contribution at the moment. To be honest I didn’t find the ride to bad. I was expecting a far firmer ride after reading all the reviews but may be different when I’ve lived with it for a while.
  8. Said goodbye to the old girl. P/X it for a X3M was originally looking for a 6 GT but it was to long for parking on the street and the deal I got on the X3M was silly to say no. I know SUVs aren't everyones cup of tea but i love the looks and space. I hope the new car is as good as the old one over 3 years of trouble free motoring. New car should be delivered by the end of the month.
  9. Steveo1

    New 520i

    Never been a massive fan of blue cars but that touring looks great. Enjoy your new motor.
  10. Steveo1

    F11 Pics

    Lovely looking Touring you've got there best colour on the touring in my opinion then again I'm biased it's the same colour as my F11. Seeing yours is making me think do I really want to change mine when the time comes.
  11. Steveo1

    Best Break Down Cover

    Hi All Car turns 3 next month and I need to start looking for breakdown cover and just wondered which you guys find the best. Sorry if this seems a daft question but this is the first car for a few years which needs it as all my others were cover via the warranty. Cheers in advance Steven
  12. Steveo1

    G32 First Service

    Hi All I'm reading this with interest as I'm due to change my car soon and always take the service plan but If it's dropped from 5 to 3 year plans I don't think I will bother as I do below 5000 miles a year.
  13. Steveo1

    540 and 640 have they gone

    Hi again. Just tried again and found it. Thanks again.
  14. Steveo1

    540 and 640 have they gone

    Thanks for the reply, just tried that and it’s showing as no results. Cheers Steven
  15. Steveo1

    540 and 640 have they gone

    Hi All Have been on the BMW configurator tonight and noticed that the 540 touring and the 640 GT and not available to build and just wondered if BMW have dropped them from ther current range? Cheers Steven