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  1. MKLad1975

    Apple Car Play

    Thanks SA83 I've installed it and I'm really pleased. So much easier than before and the volume was a real pain before. Worth every penny of £235 for 3 years!
  2. MKLad1975

    Key Profiles

    Wondering if any of you good people can help? I've decided to start using my display key after putting it in my bedside cabinet and not using it from day one! Trouble is that when I use the car with the display key there are no settings saved to it and everything in the car is back to factory settings. Any idea how to transfer my car settings to my display key?
  3. MKLad1975

    Apple Car Play

    Anyone have any experience of Apple Car Play? I've just logged in to Connected Drive and seen that I can add this for £235 for 3 years. I am currently streaming audio from my iPhone and its really slow to react to track changes and if I want to change an album I have to use my phone. Not ideal whilst driving! Many thanks
  4. MKLad1975

    530e not charging

    That red car symbol is your collision avoidance system I think.
  5. Sorry but I'm confused? The tax liability for having private fuel included based on 40% was from memory £50 ish per month. That was a no brainer for me as my company pays private fuel. My petrol costs are circa £200 per month.
  6. MKLad1975

    Newbie question 2 - Charging cable

    I use my 3 pin charger at home pretty regularly. The plug does get warm but nothing too bad. BMW wouldn't supply a cable that wasn't safe and I'd hardly call a 4.5hr charge time "emergency use only" If you're unsure just use a circuit breaker plug to be sure. I've got a Chargemaster tethered point at work and its great. Not going to bother installing one at home though. I can't see how you can recoup the cost of the unit over a 3 year period when I can charge overnight with the 3 pin charger.
  7. MKLad1975

    Newbie question - Road bike inside the G30?

    I managed to get my sons 24 inch MTB in my boot with rear seats down and front wheel removed. The main issue is the depth of the boot rather than the length. It was tight with the pedals tbh but it just squeezed in!
  8. MKLad1975

    My new 530e has finally arrived!

    Lovely car SA83. Not many M Sport's around with the 759 style wheels. I love them but am petrified about kerbing mine!
  9. MKLad1975

    My new 530e has arrived!

    It's a 2.0 petrol not a 1.5
  10. MKLad1975

    My 530e has arrived!

    I'm just using regular unleaded. Try to avoid supermarket fuel wherever possible though.
  11. MKLad1975

    G31 520d economy!

    I had my F10 520d for 3.5 yrs. Mainly urban driving and I only ever got 38mpg.
  12. MKLad1975

    My new 530e has arrived!

    You can use the BMW app on your phone.. it's better than the key tbh
  13. Mine was built in Germany
  14. I have no idea.. How would I tell?