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  1. gazza530

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Thule wing roof bars & Rare wind deflector Removed old phone wiring & Ariel off rear screen. Removed headhog to discover that’s not the cause of the fault with climate control fan constantly spinning. Cleaned climate control unit inside. Remove the little fan for now.
  2. gazza530

    New Car added - V8 540i

    Found a good use for the old headliner Loads of primer coats.
  3. gazza530

    New Car added - V8 540i

    Took the plunge. Had this aftermarket (Xtrons) Android Head unit fitted today afterwork. Got it for a steal off eBay. Not the latest. Ive had 4 E39’s now, standard equipment is so outdated. Pixelated rubbish. Over the moon with the features. And my 3 lads will be. Stuck at junior football most weekends. Tournament tomorrow. Got the tin snips out to remove the old aluminum CD housing last weekend. Typical German over engineered. Car audio place were well stumped. Removed all the heater control unit, cup holders and cig tray etc for a good clean. Loads of cigarette bits under the lighter. Disgusting. Vacuumed. loads of air freshener happening in this car. New tray with unused cig lighter for sure. Seats are coming out next for serious clean underneath. Looked through the history last night. One owner cherished the car for 10 years. That’s why it’s in so good condition for a 1997 car.
  4. gazza530

    fitting Hella Angel Eyes to pre-facelift 2000 e39

    Your right the mounting plate at the bottom of each headlight is different also.
  5. Incredibly well worded advert on gumtree. What you going with Dan?.
  6. Is this the set on Gumtree now for £750 with weld?. **Image removed as don't want them listed here; until I advertise them myself, if I advertise them properly**
  7. gazza530

    New Car added - V8 540i

    Nicked the wife’s silver kidney’s. This morning. I think I prefer. She got the old preface lift. She won’t even tell. Also found mud flaps and lip spoiler in the garage. Serious hoarding from years ago. In the process of updating Head unit, to bigger screen set up. Stupid Aluminum frame. Cut it out with snips yesterday. Car audio place were useless.
  8. gazza530

    Parasitic battery draw-E39 Climate control

    Going try hedgehog. Just removed one from My E46 breaker. Fingers crossed same part.
  9. Got a parasitic battery drain from climate control unit, small fan in rear constantly spinning. Unless I disconnect. I have swapped the climate control unit for another and fan still spins. Have any e39 owners had similar problems. And what’s the fix?.
  10. gazza530

    E39 Breyton Bodykit

    Looks a bit odd. This one looks like Alpina. Changing a build or replacing a fog would be tricky?.
  11. gazza530

    E39 Breyton Bodykit

    Is this what you mean the front skirt covers part of the fogs?.
  12. gazza530

    New Car added - V8 540i

    Better comparison shot. Nipped out to buy a pizza before the Monaco GP. I have a lip spoiler in Topaz off my old 530i sport to add to the car. What spacers are you guys running?. Cheers
  13. gazza530

    New Car added - V8 540i

    Gap in the Manchester rain this morning. Bargain eBay special front headlights fitted. Full Genuine Hella upgrade kit with Plugs landed yesterday afternoon. Even got rears and side indicators that I have already changed. Huge difference