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  1. Pete west mids

    E39 towbar for sedan and genuine roofbars

    I may have a towbar and kit in a saloon due to be stripped soon. Also have some thule roofbars lying around somewhere but no keys
  2. Pete west mids

    E61 tailgate glass wanted.

    I've got one if you're still looking
  3. Pete west mids

    eBay seller changes

    Hi ebay are now paying direct into a linked bank account. You should be able to change the settings to pay out the next day which is what I've done a while back.
  4. Pete west mids

    What's a set of E39 19" alpinas worth these days

    Thanks guys makes sense I guess as to why those on eBay have been for sale for so long. I noticed they sold but were relisted as well so they're obviously struggling to shift them. Et24 and et30 on these. I think I'll hang onto them for now whilst deciding what to do long term. Getting hard to find unless spending 3k on a new set as you mentioned.
  5. As in the title, they've come on a car I've purchased and not sure whether to refurb and keep them or shift them on as they are. Painted black in the centres and keys for the center caps need sourcing. The caps are removed for now. If keeping I would be refurbing them all and sort the locks out. Staggered and with alpina stamps and part numbers. Theres a set of 5 on ebay for strong money but otherwise I havent seen a set of these come up for a long time.
  6. Pete west mids


    Breaking a 2007 525d, would have thought the panel should be the same. The one that runs underneath the Passenger side?
  7. Pete west mids

    Breaking a 2005 E61 530d SE Touring

    Unable to post pics on here still but description is below. Feel free to PM me with a contact number and I can send pics via WhatsApp. 2005 BMW E61 530d SE Touring. Black (colour code not known) Natur Brown Leather Seats. Manual 6 speed. 150k miles. 17" rims with runflats 3mm tread. I've listed the bare doors, bumpers and bonnet on individual 7 day ebay auctions as the space is needed.
  8. Pete west mids

    2006 BMW E60 530d Sport £2000

  9. Pete west mids

    2006 BMW E60 530d Sport £2000

    This arrived yesterday from a friend who's had it around 6 years with 3 previous keepers. He does a lot of motorway driving so the mileage is 195k. Still has an Mot until towards the end of this year. Just putting feelers out on here if anyone is after one of these. It actually drives fine with no warning lights. Interior and exterior is in very good condition. Typical pre LCI sport model, sport bumpers, black leather seats, headlining, 18" Mv2 alloys etc. I'm in 2 minds whether to break it or not as it's probably worth the same in parts as it is on the road and there's no reason it needs to be stripped. Still having issues uploading pictures on here so feel free to send me a pm with a contact number and I can send plenty of pictures over whatsapp etc.
  10. Pete west mids

    Dewalt Impact Driver - cheap as chips on eBay

    I second that..I recently picked up a dewalt drill, impact driver and the wrench in seperate deals but all have been solid purchases and probably do more than what I expected they would
  11. Pete west mids

    E39 Boot Carpet

    @Manny92 I need one too so if you have sourced one I will.take one off Tims. @Tims How much posted mate
  12. Pete west mids


    +2 Its scary how quick this is accelerating. Sad news Anil. Where I live in Willenhall about 20 mins from Brum, its taken around over a week for a lot of people to get this lockdown idea into their heads. I worry about the knock on effects of that and whats to come.
  13. Pete west mids

    E38 4 Pot Brake Adapters

    The fronts on these are 4 pot from memory so I guess it just depends whats needed. I had a quick check on ebay and they seem to be popular for E30 and Sierra upgrades too.
  14. Pete west mids

    E38 4 Pot Brake Adapters

    Hi I've got an e38 735i in for breaking if you still need the calipers before I ebay them
  15. Pete west mids

    Breaking X reg E38 735i Biarritz Blue

    The eBay item number is 254356246941 if you want to check on there as the pictures are on the ad.