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  1. CB 987

    E39 M5 prices!

    I’m in the market for one and it’s all gone a bit bonkers! Very few of the overpriced (in my opinion) examples have sold. I’m wondering whether I carry on looking for one or buy something else (E46 M3 or E90 M3). Several examples have sold across the various online auction platforms, these sales probably represent a fair view of what they are worth.
  2. CB 987

    1999 E39 M5.

    This one sold via collecting cars back in Apr 2021, it made £21,005 plus fees. I guess the owner is hoping to move it on and make a bit? I love the interior, but unfortunately Silverstone is probably my least favourite exterior colour! I do think the colour combo might hold it back a little.
  3. CB 987

    E39 M5

    Still looking, do let me know if you are considering selling. Many thanks.
  4. CB 987

    E39 M5

    Hi thanks, I saw it when it was advertised by the previous owner a few months ago, I can’t remember how much exactly but I think it was around £10-£11k. I guess the trader bought it then realised how much work it needed! Colour combo is spot on, but the rest just isn’t quite right for me. Cheers.
  5. CB 987

    E39 M5

    Still on the hunt, but there hasn't been a great deal coming to the market. Cheers
  6. CB 987

    E39 M5 on eBay

    I couldn’t agree more, it’s bonkers! I’m currently in the market for an E39 M5, I thought I had a decent budget, but I’m really starting to question whether they are worth it. I’m an enthusiast looking for a useable example, not a low mileage investment. I just wish I had got one 12-18 months ago.
  7. CB 987

    2001 E39 M5 sells at auction for £32,600

    What colour combo is it (interior/exterior), what year is it and is it pre or post facelift? That will help give a better indication of value. Cheers
  8. CB 987

    E39 M5

    Isofix would be nice, but not a deal breaker if a car doesn’t happen to have it. I’d just buy a couple of extra car seats.
  9. CB 987

    E39 M5

    Thanks for your input, I agree with your view of the current market, I hope that things might calm down a little bit over the coming months. A few cars sold very well earlier this year, to be honest I didn't really think they were worth the money being paid, but two people clearly disagreed with this at auction and pushed the prices up. I certainly wouldn't rule out a decent pre-facelift example, my preference is a facelift and I hope up to and around £20k ish that would be achievable. Cheers.
  10. CB 987

    E39 M5

    Hi all, I posted a wanted advert a few months ago as I have been hunting for a facelift Oxford Green E39 M5 for a while, not an easy task! I’m looking at widening my search to consider other examples, so thought I would pop a wanted advert up in case anyone is thinking of selling over the coming months. I understand ULEZ is going to start impacting London residents from October, which might force a few more examples to the market. I’ve also joined a few of the Facebook groups to keep an eye on anything which comes up for sale. Without trying to be too specific here’s what I’m looking for: A facelift car - as I would like isofix, which I understand was only offered on facelift cars? I don’t want to pay a premium for a low mileage example as I intend to use it, so probably something with at least 80k miles, more likely 100k plus miles. I’d consider a higher mileage car if the condition and history is decent and the price reflects the miles. Colours - I’m trying not be too fussy for the time being, so let’s keep it open for now…. I’d love something individual to make it a bit more special, but in reality I’ll settle for something more common. I actually prefer the heritage leather interior option, but I appreciate this isn’t that common. Pricing - I’m pretty sure I’ve got a decent budget, I am aware that prices have started moving northwards again recently, but equally I know some examples have been sticking around. A nice silver example with black heritage leather and 132k miles is currently up for sale with Jason Barker. This is a good example of what I want, but not at £23k! It doesn’t seem like that long ago and that car would have been a lot less. History & Condition - The best I can manage, but in reality I know these are 20 year old M cars with multiple owners. Ideally an honest, enthusiast owned example, with a solid history, some bigger jobs such as timing chains and rust repairs would be a bonus. Cheers
  11. CB 987

    2001 E39 M5 sells at auction for £32,600

    The same has been happening with E46 M3’s, the collector car market and general car market is currently pretty hot! I’m currently looking for an E39 M5, but I am not really too sure what they will do price wise over the next 6-12 months. I’m looking for something useable with a minimum of 80-100k+ miles to push me out of the real collector car territory. Im hoping I can buy one from a fellow enthusiast before a trader snaps it and slaps a huge margin on!
  12. CB 987

    E39 M5 meet UK

    I bought a ticket a few weeks ago, I don’t own an M5 yet, but I am currently in the market for one. I thought it would be a good opportunity to meet some owners and have a good look around some examples, really looking forward to it. I’ll be there in an F31 Alpina. Cheers
  13. CB 987

    Green M5 on eBay

    I’m looking for an Oxford green example, preferably a facelift with Caramel Heritage leather, but this isn’t the one for me! The advert specifically states no rusty sills but the latest MOT points to some rust in this area. The market really is all over the place currently!
  14. CB 987

    E39 M5 on Collecting Cars.

    It was advertised elsewhere prior to going live on CC @ £27.5k. The colour combo isn’t going to be to everyone’s taste! I love the interior, but struggle when it’s paired with Silverstone.
  15. CB 987

    E39 M5 - Oxford Green

    Thanks, I have seen that one already, but for various reasons it is not right for me. Cheers.