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  1. M5Wrexham

    ESS VT 560 Kit - question for SC owners

    Yes, but only available from Evolve when its mapped
  2. M5Wrexham

    ESS VT 560 Kit - question for SC owners

    Its all plug & play, installation is simple enough to do, mine took about 6 > 7 hrs to fit. Once you have it all stripped down replace all the vac pipes & hoses, they perish over time. One thing you will notice with the ESS map is cold start drive-ability, if you try and drive it direct from cold start the engine RPM will usually hang around 2 > 2500 RPM & the drive becomes jerky as hell, fit the evolve plenum and the drive is even worse until it comes off cold start. Ideally you would want the Evolve map, cures all the cold start problems,apart from that fit it meth it & drive it Cheers
  3. M5Wrexham

    Evolve Headers

    Hi, Who is the recommended installer for the headers ?
  4. M5Wrexham

    Evolve Headers

    Hi All, Anyone on here have any fact based knowledge for installing the Evolve 4-2-1 headers on the M5, most Google searches just seem to come up with LHD cars. Thanks
  5. M5Wrexham

    New differential Shaft seal e39 M5 x 2

    Is this the diff Input shaft seal ? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. M5Wrexham

    Facelift Headlight Trouble

    Grab hold of the bulb holders and try to move them up & down, if they move then the adjusters are broken, zero movement in any direction indicates adjusters are ok, then you need to look at the self levelling arms
  7. M5Wrexham

    Rebuild? Partout? Scrap?

    Let me put this into perspective,since ownership of my prefacelift now 11years,oil consumption is 1ltr for 400 to 600 miles,Ive lived with it & does not bother me,for sure its the oil control rings that are the problem,lift off the power & let it slow down then boot it & you get a plume of blue smoke,always remember the more oil you burn the more you have to top up,therefore probably better for rod bearings Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. M5Wrexham

    Time Setting

    All sorted now
  9. M5Wrexham

    Time Setting

    Thank you Richard
  10. M5Wrexham

    Time Setting

    Correct 30 mins, typo error, no clue what the DST TZ values are how do i find these values?
  11. M5Wrexham

    Time Setting

    So i have the Intravee set to sync the car clock with the GPS time signal broadcast, when i lock the car and return a few hrs later i find the clock is slow by 35 mins on the widescreen & the OBC, so last night i reset the time, got into the car this morning & it was 35 mins slow again, is this an Intravee issue? because struggling to get my head round this issue. Thanks Clayton
  12. M5Wrexham

    Speaker noise,aka engine rpm related

    Hi Dennis, Its the small silver box in the pic. Thanks
  13. M5Wrexham

    Speaker noise,aka engine rpm related

    Hi Richard, I have the std HiFi amp installed as i dont have DSP in the car, would be a real help if i could test your BM54 & amp as a process of elimination. Will PM you Thanks
  14. M5Wrexham

    Speaker noise,aka engine rpm related

    Yes noises from all sources, even get the noise when the monitor is turned off, i already checked engine earth, i even individually earthed all the nav & modules in the boot, but no change at all. Thanks
  15. M5Wrexham

    Parts price please

    The following please. O rings X8 11367830829 Thanks