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  1. yes, he was correct in part. like looking right at Traffic Island but not Left, not totally wrong. but then I suppose I too was not fully correct, the tyre tread depth has to be monitored manually to ensure they are not worn out.
  2. Chris is incorrect. tyre monitoring is done one of two ways. abs sensor, the rolling radius of the wheel is analysed when moving and flags the low pressure warning lamp in the dash. this system has black tyre valves . Post 2014, (lci models) have a system with individual sensors in the valves. these read the pressure of individual tyres as well as the tyre temperature. this system has silver valve stems. they remain in the wheel and are not replaced at tyre changes. approx. £200 per set.
  3. Tonyb

    Replacement Windscreen

    thought id update. Autoglass fitted the new screen on wednesday, thanks to the excellent link supplied by Jake i was confident i could ask the right questions of the fitter prior to work commencing. he was very,very knowledgeable. only two fitters trained to replace cars with HUD / forward facing cameras in the area. the recalibration is a fairly simple job it appears. they put the camera to factory settings, take it on a test drive and the camera reads roadsigns as it resets itself,via the connected computer. thats probably a very simplistic understanding of what happens but there you go. like i said,my insurance company wouldnt pay the £300 autoglass wanted (direct line) and the dealer would do it for £99. very nearly asked the fitter if he fancied taking the car for a spin, see what he thought of the performance etc, and is that you £50 in the ashtray because its not mine...... I honestly didnt as i prefer the glue to dry. on the way home i let the NAV put some instructions onto the screen. its all nice and crisp,reads the speed limit signs as before, just had to reset the height and rotation of the image. very,very pleased with the result. havent confirmed the high beam assist and wipers but much more confident than having a dealer sticking it in. only visual difference is no bmw logo in the bottom of the screen and no connected drive logo in the top centre. 10/10 for Autoglass from me
  4. Tonyb

    Replacement Windscreen

    Nope. They pay for the screen & fitting less the excess
  5. Tonyb

    Replacement Windscreen

    That's the plan autoglass want £300+ for recalibration, dealer £99. Crazy.
  6. Tonyb

    Replacement Windscreen

    BMW £1150, 2 year guarantee Autoglass £75 lifetime guarantee
  7. Tonyb

    Replacement Windscreen

    So the calibration could be as said,a twist of a screwdriver to sharpen the focus?
  8. Tonyb

    Replacement Windscreen

    All trained in Reading, all using the same quantities of bond,wait till winter,see if it is leaking.... No Autoglass are fitting it. Recalibration, any ideas. Can't see It being HUD personally as the glass is going to be the same shape and they won't be moving the projector.
  9. Tonyb

    Replacement Windscreen

    Unfurtunatly the dealers fit the screens themselves. Last one flooded the offside front and rear wells. Got rid of the car in the end. No way those idiots will fit it
  10. So a stone has hit the screen,double chip,can't be repaired. Going to need replacement. Not a happy bunny. The cars got adaptive xenon and high beam assist and HUD. Auto glass are having one of their specialist fitters do the job in early June. They have told me the screen will need calibrating, sensors obviously and want £300 ish for this. I checked with Bmw dealer I use and they say £99. Question is what needs calibrating and does anything apart from the screen need replacing? Any thoughts? Very nervous about this as my previous F11 came back from the dealer with its very own water feature when it required a new screen.
  11. Tow craft. I've used them for a couple of cars, and our local Audi dealer uses them. They do a top job but are in oldbury West Midlands. One thing to be cautious of is that Bmw update the cooling when you spec a towbar. This also includes dealer retrofitted. I've a standard E70 rad fan that owes me a small fortune if anyone's interested
  12. Tonyb

    Need to give someone a jump start...

    Without deliberatly labouring the point... As an absolute rule, prior to connecting jump leads, never assume the negative of the battery is the actual earth for the car,there are such things as positive Earth cars still in use ( +earth was discontinued probably in the 60's ) also never assume the positive lead is the red cable.
  13. Tonyb


    Sorry mate, by your admission the dip beam is incorrectly setup, so you will have to have it setup on a beam setter, then the main beam will be in the correct spot down the road. Don't know where the adjustment is myself, sorry.
  14. Tonyb


    Sorry mate,it's just the post didn't mention main beam anywhere, so I obviously didn't realise.... But I still can't see how you can adjust the main beam without disturbing the dip beam.