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  1. Any chance you can have another look for this Tim?
  2. BarryM

    Plastic sheds

    Old shed removed today: As everyone says I need a solid base I just need to clear the area and check the condition of the concrete but looks promising..........Costco here I come!
  3. Hi Tim, not sure if you'll sell the AC kit in bits as most seem to have been asked for - I'll take the rear window deflector if it's not taken
  4. Ok, here's a couple of images - sorry I can't find one of the box in situ: Steering box and wire: Connector under the wheel arch - I need the black part of the connector and wire: Thanks for persevering.
  5. BarryM

    BMW E39 brake/wheel parts

    Hi, Can I have costs for the following please: 2 x Caliper retaining clip PN. 34211163399 2 x Caliper retaining clip PN. 34116752424 Alpina wheel pads PN. 91473613131, I'm not sure if these pads come individually or per wheel so can you let me know how they are ordered please and I'll let you know exactly what I want. Brakes are the same as a 2001 BMW E39 540 saloon if you need that info. thanks Barry
  6. Cheers, it’s the connector I really need so if can get that with enough wire into the engine bay I’d be very grateful.
  7. Have you still got this? I’ve been trying to get a steering box lead for ages and it seems too much trouble for anyone to remove for me! It’s the wire that connects to the s/box plug in the wheel well and goes into the engine bay. thanks
  8. BarryM

    PXA-H100 install, no telephone sound

    Great, hopefully that's the missing link - will try and pull that wire from the ULF and feed into the BM54 next weekend. As always your help is much appreciated
  9. BarryM

    PXA-H100 install, no telephone sound

    I guess this is nothing to do with the intravee or PXA but more a case of removing the OEM DSP. I'm pretty sure the phone does go through the DSP on the BM24 as the DSP has Tel Audio In (pos & neg) and Tel ON connections and the original wiring into my BM24 doesn't. I have moved the Tel Audio In (pos & neg) over to the BM54 but do you know if I need Tel ON as well - not 100% sure what the Tel On command does?
  10. BarryM

    PXA-H100 install, no telephone sound

    Thanks, yep - my volume is at -32 listening to the radio and toggles to -19 when I hit the shouting man button so I should def be hearing something. Why does the volume level have a minus value?
  11. BarryM

    PXA-H100 install, no telephone sound

    OK, I've tried just turning the volume knob up which was why I was checking in case it was that menu I needed to adjust. I've already added the telephone pins into the BM54 )pins 6&12 of X13649) so I'll start double checking everything else we changed when removing the OEM DSP.
  12. BarryM

    PXA-H100 install, no telephone sound

    OK, so I got another genuine ainet cable and now have DAB iPod/iPhone and nav all working but still silence from the phone If I press the 'shouting man' button on the steering wheel the audio cuts out and my voice commands work and they display in the instrument panel, but still no audio from the phone or car voice. Is this the menu I need to adjust once I've pressed the 'shouting man' button:
  13. BarryM

    ai net breakout box

    Just wonder if I'm over thinking this, have you heard of anyone else having trouble with BM54 RCAs having too little output?
  14. BarryM

    ai net breakout box

    After a bit more reading I think the PXA-H100 can accept a balanced output so is it worth trying to change the RCA inputs of the BOB to balanced RCAs and getting the 5v balanced output from the BM54?
  15. BarryM

    ai net breakout box

    We haven’t really got it working properly at all and still at the ‘fettling’ stage. Initially we had the audio going iPod>DAB>PXA and the DSP would only appear in the menu intermittently and when it did the volume was very low. Everything worked before I decided to add the BOB & PXA. I have 2 genuine Alpine ainet cables and a copy cable so I’ve now removed the DAB so I’m only using the 2 genuine cables and now have full volume from the iPod and BM54 FM - I’ve just found a genuine Alpine ainet cable on US eBay so hoping that solves the problem. As I’ve spent a reasonable sum on the Audison amp I’d like to get the best possible signal from my BM54 so just trying to make sure I’ve got the best possible route source (and hoping the sound issues are one of the connections).