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  1. BarryM

    Home lift

    Thanks for the replies chaps, I was hoping for some first hand experience as independent info on the net is quite limited. roofer - I agree Stiltz will be one of the options - it seems a number of companies buy the same lift and then market it themselves so it might come down to how good their contractors (or in-house staff) are at doing the work. From my limited experience of getting someone in to do a job it always comes down to the individual and how dedicated/knowledgeable they are so if one of the companies has a good rep for installation that would make a difference. I'll report back after I decide if this is a realistic option.
  2. BarryM

    Home lift

    My wife has mobility problems and we’re looking at ways to make it easier getting upstairs She’s not very keen on a stairlift so we’re looking at the idea of a small person lift and there are a number of options these days so not as exclusive as you might think. We haven’t got anyone in yet as I wanted to hear if anyone has any experience with them, I guess I’m wondering if lift companies are like double glazing and awning companies where they start with stupid costs and won’t leave the house for 4hrs or if they’re a bit more professional and come in with a sensible approach? Also keen to hear of anyone who has gone this route, thanks
  3. BarryM

    E39 how should the bonnet / hood open

    I replaced mine years ago and pretty sure I replaced 3 cables! The bit I’m always pleased with is how I lower the bonnet and then just very gently push the BMW badge on the bonnet and it clicks locked - none of that dropping it from a foot and it slams shut.
  4. BarryM

    Rear brake overhaul

    So yesterday I decided to replace discs, pads & handbrake shoes and I'll replace the callipers and seals at a later date as I want to refurb a set of used callipers first. Here are the PNs for the individual BMW bits but this lot (including the brake shoes) is also available as a 'value line' from BMW with PN. 34212213313 for £63.46: Don't forget to order the disc bolts which can be a pain to remove: The discs had been on my to do list to replace for a long time and although they were a tad worn the disc surface looks worse in this photo than it did on the car: As you can see the shoes were actually in quite good condition with plenty of material left so must have been replaced before I got the car 7 years ago: Cleaned up as best as I can, ready to fit the new bits today. I'd really like to replace the disc guards but they don't just unbolt which is really annoying: Planning to get the new stuff fitted today.
  5. BarryM

    Rear brake overhaul

    I decided against fitting the touring calipers as although they do fit fine, as Clavurion pointed out the hose exits at a different angle and the Goodridge hoses need to bend at too tight an angle for comfort so I'm on the lookout for cheap saloon rear calipers to refurb.
  6. Do you still have these? Planning to refurb them so the main thing is the bores aren’t scratched or scored
  7. Hi, do you have the rear calipers and carriers?
  8. BarryM

    Rear brake overhaul

    I’m gonna try fitting them at the weekend, according to brakeparts.co.uk the touring piston is a tad bigger. I also have goodridge hoses to fit so that should be fine. Surprised no-one knows for sure!
  9. BarryM

    Rear brake overhaul

    Ok, so having tried to google it looks like I’ve bought a set from a touring is that right? The calliper carrier looks the same so are they interchangeable?
  10. BarryM

    Rear brake overhaul

    I'm just getting the bits together and was planning to send off a set of s/hand calipers I bought a little while back for blasting and painting but suddenly realised they're a slightly different design! I thought that the rear brakes on most E39s (M5 excepted) all used the same calipers so can anyone confirm if the s/hand set I bought will fit ok? On the car: S/hand set: Main difference is obviously the finned effect but the brake hose also goes in at a slightly different angle but otherwise they appear to have the same dimensions and fitting points. The set on the car look like they say 40/20/288 BMW and the s/hand set say 42/20/288 BMW. Any help appreciated as I'm about to send them off, cheers Barry.
  11. BarryM

    BMW E39 rear brake refresh

    All ordered over the phone
  12. BarryM

    BMW E39 rear brake refresh

    Hi, Can I have individual costs for the following please: Brake disc, ventilated 2 34216767060 Inner hex bolt 2 34211161806 Service Kit repair set for brake shoes 1 34212213313 Left hand brake bowden cable 1 34401166234 Right hand brake bowden cable 1 34401166237 The car VIN is GF13151, many thanks Barry.
  13. BarryM

    Rear brake overhaul

    Planning on a full refresh of the rear brakes as I haven’t touched them in the 7 years I’ve owned the car........is this everything I need: New discs New pads New brake shoes New handbrake bowden cables Is there an overhaul kit for the drums for things like the springs? I also have braided hoses to fit ( as well as the 2 small hoses in the engine bay). It's looking to be quite an expensive job!
  14. BarryM

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Been thinking about re-connecting mine after 7 years but maybe I won’t bother
  15. BarryM

    Windscreen wind noise

    Well the fitter claimed to have 25 years experience and said the spacers weren't necessary as he fits a foam strip along the bottom of the windscreen and after a short discussion I knew there was no point on insisting he followed the BMW guide so I decided it best to leave him to it. To be fair to him he did come back and tell me there was a dry spot between the replacement screen and frame which might not have been sealing completely. He did also say he'd measured the top edge compared to the roof line as that can cause wind noise and that bit is in the guide so fingers crossed. Apparently the next step would be to replace the screen with a different brand but I'm really hoping this has worked - I've now bought 2 genuine BMW windscreen seals instead of using the Autoglass generic seal as well!