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  1. BarryM

    Broken headlamp adjustors

    As long as you have some patience and a few hours to kill then you can replace the adjusters without removing the lenses. You’ve got nothing to lose if they’re broken already!
  2. BarryM

    Broken headlamp adjustors

    Unless you really want to buy new headlights at a considerable cost then replace the headlight adjusters. If you’re not confident to do it yourself then as per Dan’s link you can get them done by a fellow member - although I have no experience of the specific service being offered as I replaced mine myself.
  3. Ordered an Invery and after RichardP did the charging mod to my 420i I now have BT music working in the E39 from my iPhone 8 so great news. The new model doesn’t have a red button but has a button to switch between Simplified/Advanced mode - displays info etc and works with steering wheel controls in Advanced mode.
  4. BarryM

    Stud conversion

    I went with rdl’s suggestion, you can buy one on eBay and it def makes life easier
  5. BarryM

    LCM swap

    NCS Dummy is your friend, take a look here: https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?1553779-NCS-Dummy-Taking-the-expert-out-of-NCS-Expert Basically you create your new file in NCS Dummy and then upload it to your LCM using NCS expert, I think I might have posted a useful guide earlier in this thread. Take your time and double/triple check what you do at each step as you can also screw your car if not careful.
  6. BarryM

    Reliant Kitten

    I’d never heard of the Kitten although I’m the right age, this chap and his brother have got some pretty good skills so thought people might be interested!
  7. BarryM

    Reliant Kitten

    Never heard of the kitten until yesterday and came across this: http://www.beardmorebros.co.uk/website pages/reliant_kitten.htm The chap has done some interesting stuff
  8. BarryM

    Interior Blower Motor Manufacturer

    I’m not averse to buying the same product without the BMW logo but went OEM for this because I didn’t want it to ever fail again...no guarantee that it won’t but so far so good! If you think about the difference in cost between OEM or pattern and the time & effort to remove the dash a second time it didn’t make sense to me. It’s not the worst job to do but takes a few hours.
  9. BarryM

    BM54 Becker Module

    TBH that just sounds like it might be dry solder joints which is a common issue on the BM54 but doubt BMW would entertain that as a recognised fault as it's simply something that happens with age. I'm impressed you've still got extended warranty on an E39 but doubt BMW could even source a new BM54 after all these years. As Dan says Baris at Carphonics is a great guy to service/fix your BM54 if you can't wangle anything through BMW and his prices are very reasonable so I'd say you're more likely to get it resolved through him than your dealer. Good luck!
  10. BarryM

    BM54 Becker Module

    Do you mean the fault where you turn the car on, radio/music plays for approx 30secs and cuts out and won't play again until you've cycled the key on and off? I think I remember seeing this documented as a fault BMW acknowledged
  11. BarryM

    e39 Bodywork Thread

    Blimey, now that’s what I call forward planning! The idea is good but it probably needs to be a sticky to be genuinely useful. I’ve had some light surface rust repairs done to mine by 2 local repair places and although the end results were ‘good enough’ I wouldn’t recommend either of them
  12. BarryM

    Rebuilding my 540i... join me :)

    I think it’s a toss up between the E60 or Ford Focus - the BMW heated bit fits in the Focus jets and I thought the spray pattern was better but both are improvements over E39
  13. BarryM

    M5 mirror rubber gasket part number

    Looks interesting, I guess silicon might be suitable. I’d be in for 2 sets!
  14. BarryM

    M5 mirror rubber gasket part number

    No news from me but would be good, not sure if 3D printing can print a rubber type material or can it only print ‘hard’ plastic?
  15. BarryM

    Rebuilding my 540i... join me :)

    Just read the whole thread, terrific work and you’ve got a heck of a lot done in a short time!