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  1. LeoE

    Questions Around Upgrading to iTouch and WMA1000

    Re: the Tune2Air - It's been discussed at length in another thread, but the short answer is no. There's a few users who were working on a solution for it, but I've not seen/heard any updates in a while.
  2. LeoE

    Leo's E39 M5

    Hi Jon, will send you a pm...
  3. LeoE


    Check out some of the buying guides - There's E39 specific issues that you're probably familiar, as well as a bunch of M5 specific stuff: http://www.pistonheads.com/news/buyingguide/ph/31567?utm_source=pistonheads.com&utm_medium=Internal&utm_content=Forum Link&utm_campaign=Buying Guide BMW M5 (E39) They're incredible cars but have a propensity to rape your wallet at every opportunity - The purchase price is just the beginning when it comes to the spend on these. As above, buy one that has had a lot of money spent on it and a good maintenance record. Be prepared to continue spending that sort of money on it.
  4. LeoE


    I wouldn't be too worried about the miles depending on the maintenance history. Perhaps a bit strongly priced for a leggy pre-facelift in need of some TLC? Have a read of some of the buyers guides and go in with eyes open about spend - M cars can rack up some serious bills very quickly.
  5. LeoE

    Leo's E39 M5

    Hi Barry, will PM you costs and details...
  6. LeoE

    Leo's E39 M5

    Yes and yes. The sills were hiding a lot more corrosion than first appeared, as was the rear quarter. Much evidence of previous (bad) repairs which has now been corrected. I'm going to get it detailed in the new year and will get some better pictures. I'd recommend Retro Classica for sure. Walter who runs it is a real enthusiast and loves old BMWs (he has an E30 M3). There were a couple of old 3.0 CSLs in the shop undergoing major work amongst other M cars. They ain't cheap, but I'd say they're good value.
  7. LeoE

    Leo's E39 M5

    Back from the bodyshop now and winters on:
  8. LeoE

    Leo's E39 M5

    Car booked in next week to have rust sorted (my least favourite thing to spend money on) at Retro Classica here in MK. There's lots of small bits appearing all over the car, so I'm going to nip them in the bud now - Sills, arches, fuel filler, boot etc... Sigh, at least that should sort it for a few years. Probably worth getting it re-undersealed at the same time.
  9. LeoE

    Audio Advice (Novice!)

    Hi Dennis, Thanks for the reply - I've got pretty varied listening tastes (House, metal, hip hop, Radio 4...) and am not a huge audiophile. Ideally I'm looking <£1k all in. From the links above it sounds like upgrading the BM54 amp via Carphonics and upgrading the existing speakers could be the best route for me to go down.
  10. LeoE

    Audio Advice (Novice!)

    Following with interest as I'm in exactly the same boat - Wanting an audio upgrade without spending mega bucks, and wanting to keep everything looking 100% OEM. I already have the Intravee which I'm really pleased with, but would love a bluetooth solution and an increase in sound quality.
  11. Sort of - If you have Spotify open on multiple devices, then you can control what is playing on one device from another device. So I could have Spotify running on the iPhone in the boot, and use my phone as a remote control in the cabin. It wouldn't work for phone calls (unless there's an app for it), although all I care about at this point is being able to stream music.
  12. Darn. What about using an old iPhone... Assuming iPhones work with the KCA-420i, what would prevent me from plugging an iPhone in and streaming music to that device, from another phone/tablet. The iPhone would essentially be a fancy bluetooth adaptor?
  13. Correct - I've tried about ten different adaptors of varying specification, and haven't had success with any of them. I didn't try the Tune2Air as I'd heard (on this thread) that it was unreliable. So is there a non-KCA-420i solution that still uses the Intravee? Would some of these adaptors work with the Switch for example?
  14. Hi Johnny, My ideal setup is to be able to stream music from Spotify on my phone (android) through the Intravee. Music selection would be controlled from my phone rather than through the car controls. Are the schematics/software/list of components something you'd be able to share? Sounds like you might be close to a solution... Leo
  15. I don't suppose anyone has made any progress on finding a bluetooth intravee solution? I seem to have tried every adaptor on Amazon in the hope of finding something that works, but to no avail. Unfortunately I lack the technical skills to build my own; I'm at a point now where I'd pay good money for a solution!