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  1. I'll check in the morning the iDrive if it's front or rear pads on mine, but the distance remaining has went from 2100 miles in March 2020 around the time I got the brake fluid service done to 2500 miles when I got the oil service done at the end of last month. Independent garage reckoned I had plenty of life left on them depending on if my mileage picks up.
  2. Called the garage this morning and was able to get car taken today. After inspection only drivers rear coil spring needs replaced. £225+Vat. Also decided to get oil service that is due next month done at same time. £115+Vat. The oil service is up in price a bit since last time I got it done.
  3. Took the car to the local tyre place this morning to get a new tyre fitted (drivers rear was down near limits). They've told me that the right rear spring is cracked. Looks like I have a visit to the garage this week then.
  4. Changed the dipped beam bulb on the passenger side and lost one of the screws for the access hatch when I dropped it. Still cheaper than giving Halfords £8 to change a bulb. Couldn't believe the amount of folk who were getting Halfords to fit things like windscreen wipers and roof rack top boxes etc.
  5. Got the MOT done. Pass with no advisories.
  6. Got the brake fluid service done on Wednesday. MOT due end MAR. Likely to get a couple of advisories - rear drivers side tyre at 2.5mm and a carry over from last year of a small crack in the plastic undertray. The garage said nothing to worry about. Car has only done 56k miles since I got it new in 2012.
  7. McG

    Chrome Trim

    Spent part of the day polishing the chrome window trim to remove the milkiness and patina from it using Autosol and a combination of a microfibre cloth and a buffing pad on a drill. While there are appears to be some spots of patina left, the milkiness has gone and the trim appears a lot brighter. Overall I'm fairly happy for a first attempt at this. However, I have a couple of Q's. 1. Would using Meguair's metal polish help to lift the remaining patina? 2. Should I be applying a wax coating on top of the trim to protect the polished surface?
  8. McG

    F10 Bottom Covers

    Hi, Could I have a quote please for 1 X 51757312829 Bottom Cover Left 1 X 51757312830 Bottom Cover Right Regards, Mark
  9. Got the hose caught on a piece of loose trim under the front bumper while washing it and ended up with the loose trim trailing on the deck but attached to the car. Temp repair done till I can get a replacement piece. Edit: After looking on real OEM it looks like it might have been the underside of the driver's side front air duct that had a damaged loose section that was then further damaged by the hose.
  10. Bought and Installed a Nextbase Dash Cam. Used the excellent how to guide on the forum to hard wire it - even managed to piggyback it onto fuse 54. Only problem I have is the trim piece housing the passenger air bag switch is not fully clicking into place and sitting flush at the bottom. Any tricks for refitting that piece?
  11. I have managed to tear the foil trim on the spacer between the parking brake button and the auto hold button while cleaning the interior and replacing a cracked parking brake button. Does anyone know if you can buy the foil trim for this piece anywhere or is able to suggest a good alternative?
  12. Before and After pics. Don't have any of the piece removed. I originally tried to glue it back in place as it was loose, then I managed to tear it trying to do that.
  13. Thanks to Bigcarman79's suggestion this turned out to be quite an easy fix. The spacer has a clip on each narrow edge holding it in place. Unclipped one side and was then able to remove the spacer. All the damaged foil was removed using a scalpel. Replacement foil was £3 aluminium foil out of Screwfix. Both sides were refoiled and then a third piece of foil placed across the top. A bic pen lid was used to burnish the foil into place. Finish is passable. Only on really close inspection is it noticeable.
  14. Got myself Bimmercode and a Veepeak adapter. Will need to spend a bit of time looking at the various coding options but have added a few easy options to get started. Mirror close when locking using remote Digital MPH readout Digital TPMS readout to the iDrive display I think my car may have the FTM sensors as get double dashes for T & P, including after putting air in the tyres and resetting the system.
  15. Thanks. I'll look at getting some foil tape in the first instance.
  16. McG

    Style 328 wheels

    Thanks for the pic. Yeah that's the same wheels as I have, only mine are 18". Think I will go with the darker colour when I get them done.
  17. Has anyone had style 328 wheels refurbed to a different colour other than silver? I'm considering getting them refurbed in dark ferric grey or gunmetal, but not sure how they would look on a titanium silver car.
  18. Replaced the electronic hand brake button which had cracked paint with one from Amazon. The chrome foil between the buttons has come loose though.
  19. My 520D was in for the EGR recall replacement last week and the dealer identified the following issues: Both front brake discs lipped: Dealer has flagged this as an advisory New pads were fitted to the front brakes last year. Could the new pads be the cause of the lipping? Is this anything to be concerned about? If I change out the discs do I need to fit new pads as well? Both rear brake discs corroded: Dealer has given this a green tick as visually ok. My rear pads are due for replacement in 2000 miles or so. Is it worth doing the discs at same time? OSF alloy inner rim buckled: Dealer is advising replacement Took wheel off car and can't see any major buckling. Don't notice any vibration or pulling when driving. Should this be replaced or monitored? The car has done 52.5k miles since new in 2012. When car got MOT'd in March the independent garage I take it to flagged up that the plastic undertray had a crack in it probably caused by a speed bump. Dealer failed to pick up on this when doing their check last week.
  20. Got an online quote from their place in Cumbernauld. £312 incl. VAT. Just got to decide if dark ferric grey will look good on style 328 wheels and with a titanium silver car.
  21. Mostly short mileage runs every few days. I can't see any visible corrosion on the faces. Going to get some brake cleaner and give them a clean.
  22. Any recommendations where to get a refurb done in the Glasgow area?
  23. Thanks. The front disc lipping feels like maybe thickness of a sheet of paper or slightly thicker. Not much more than that. So should be good for a while yet. Back discs don't look too bad. One of them has some minor grooving but not deep. I'll change them when the pads come due. There is hardly any noticeable wobble when spinning the front wheel.
  24. Hello, I'm a new member who has just upgraded from a 118D to a 12 plate F10 520D automatic with sports transmission. Had the car for just under 24hrs and loving it so far. Favourite feature has to be the flappy paddle gear box. Mark
  25. McG

    Just got my 1st 5 series

    Shot was taken with a Canon 1DIV, edited in LR4 & using the NIK plugin suite.