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  1. bigrigbri

    Leaving the Bavarian nest

    Cheers guys. This has been a brilliant forum with some colourful characters and may it continue. I shall be lurking......
  2. bigrigbri

    Leaving the Bavarian nest

    Now that's some proper mid life crisis purchase if I ever saw one
  3. bigrigbri

    Speed bumps damage

    Speed humps ARE there to slow the vehicle down. 30mph therefore down to say 15-20 is what should happen for them to be effective and any faster then the long life of the shocks n springs can't be guaranteed and an airborne car is too Dukes of Hazard. If the impatient gits behind you don't like it then stuff em.
  4. bigrigbri

    Leaving the Bavarian nest

    Cheers Dan. Will still linger around on here though.
  5. bigrigbri

    Leaving the Bavarian nest

    Yeh for that homely feel before you sign your life away on 2 tonnes of metal n plastic.
  6. bigrigbri

    Leaving the Bavarian nest

    Well I drove this local one and bought there n there. Hope it gives me as many smiles as the E39 did. I just found a great car on Auto Trader. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201909132181199?atmobcid=soc3 Download the app to find your perfect car. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.co.autotrader.androidconsumersearch&referrer=utm_source%3DApp%20Share
  7. bigrigbri

    Stripped Torx Head

    There are different types of torx screws n drivers. There is the e.g... T20 Tx20 Tp20 All have different shapes of star to the points.
  8. bigrigbri

    Sump oil drain pans recommendations

    I'm thinking of getting an Audi with the 4.2tdi engine and that is 11 litres
  9. bigrigbri

    Sump oil drain pans recommendations

    I have mostly used planter trays/ pots (with no holes in ) From this I can pour it in other containers.
  10. bigrigbri

    Leaving the Bavarian nest

    Yes Audi isn't my last word in body shape but I would get one just for the engine alone. If I could get an E32 with this engine and drive train then I would be all over it like white on rice It will probably be my last vehicle that's over 2 litre considering where all the emissions shit is going
  11. bigrigbri

    Leaving the Bavarian nest

    Yes the very same but can't remember if it was the SWB or long one. The gearbox's seem to hold together and with the ally body there is no rust problems a night I fear from the usual chassis exposed areas. I will soon come into some money from the marital house sale as I now live with my Mum temporarily after the split. This money will be partly used in the purchase of such vehicle. The only faults that have found with them is the mi screen that pops out from the dash on start up can break the plastic parts and the occasional compressor and airbag problem as they are air ride all round. There are a few about but I like an with the biscuit interior and a nice dark body colour preferably. I can get a stage 1 remap on one with a 375bhp output and a million torque Can't see a downside apart from parking the thing in a multistory or a supermarket
  12. bigrigbri

    Leaving the Bavarian nest

    For a while now after many problems with the e39 I have been thinking of throwing the towel in and getting an Audi A8 4.2 tdi sport swb I vowed never to get a more modern Beemer with the lack of DIY maintenance and silly quirks. Due to me working in the middle of the countryside on shift work and the sudden snows that come with the altitude I feel 4 wheel drive might be the evolution for me. Not to mention the 325bhp and 5.8 0-60mph Would I be jumping into the fire from the frying pan as it would have some miles on it too but considering the reliability reviews there seems to be no big nightmares. Thoughts.
  13. bigrigbri

    Polyurethane Bushes

  14. bigrigbri

    Polyurethane Bushes

    I put poly bushes in my front tie arms whilst still on the car. Didn't have a long reach ball splitter so cut the old shagged rubber bits out and put polyflex in their place. Did notice a little more road rumble though. EBay n such will list kits to do your requirements
  15. Would be nice on the side table at the side if the sofa where I sir when we have a film night