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  1. As I already own one it would be a boring but safe choice of a late Pug 306 that can be repaired with parts from anywhere does not rot and is a hoot to drive and grotty enough to be a work horse with the diesels plodding up some big mileage's with no major incidents whilst giving decent mpg too. Save the other 2 grand for a nice holiday or a new fridge to put in the garage to fill with beer.
  2. bigrigbri

    Spotted a mint E32

    Just out today in our local town and saw this beaut come past and stop at the lights. I stood out a mile against all the other mass produced crap around and still looked the exec that it always was and mint too boot.
  3. A guy who used to work at our place had a private plate. BA11CKS Thought it was mint.
  4. bigrigbri

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Well last night I sold my old girl and it was an emotional departure having had her so many years and gone through such a roller coaster of mostly great times and a few nail biters. Won't be my last old Beemer though.
  5. bigrigbri

    E39 saloon boot floor plastic

    I'm in need of a e39 boot floor plastic inserts as I cut mine to bits to get my stereo system in . Now I am selling the car I would like to put it all back to standard. A reasonable distance from S40 postcode is no problem. Thanks.
  6. bigrigbri

    Is Audi overtaking BMW?

    In my case my old E39 trounced the Audi I have in terms of driver appeal and precision. It will be interesting where Bmw go from here as it can only be up.
  7. bigrigbri

    Is Audi overtaking BMW?

    The X Drive isn't a proper 4 wheel drive system. It's a back wheel drive with a little help fro the front if the computer says yes.
  8. bigrigbri

    Is Audi overtaking BMW?

    I will always remain a true Beemer fan but I have to agree with most that's been said here as Audi have really raised the bar a lately and with the benefit of Quattro when putting the higher powers down. The body styles can be a little generic but they have some models that do look classy moody and quite sexy. I can say that with my recent purchase of the A8 4.2tdi it puts the 3.0 Beemer diesel to shame with it's smoothness and sheer power that a 7 series would benefit from rather than put 20 turbos on the already strained m57 lump. Wet roads and dual carriageway drag races from the lights are a cinch putting all the power down safely ( got to show the young chavs that us oldies can do it with more grace and less noise).
  9. bigrigbri

    Paint stripper for alloys, any recommendations?

    What about some brake fluid? It strips car paint like there's no tomorrow, when even if you wasn't trying. Lol. No harsh chemicals n such.
  10. bigrigbri

    Leaving the Bavarian nest

    Cheers guys. This has been a brilliant forum with some colourful characters and may it continue. I shall be lurking......
  11. bigrigbri

    Leaving the Bavarian nest

    Now that's some proper mid life crisis purchase if I ever saw one
  12. bigrigbri

    Speed bumps damage

    Speed humps ARE there to slow the vehicle down. 30mph therefore down to say 15-20 is what should happen for them to be effective and any faster then the long life of the shocks n springs can't be guaranteed and an airborne car is too Dukes of Hazard. If the impatient gits behind you don't like it then stuff em.
  13. bigrigbri

    Leaving the Bavarian nest

    Cheers Dan. Will still linger around on here though.