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  1. If you get the Ford be sure to stock up on Void bushes for the rear axle . Lol.
  2. bigrigbri

    Newhall Bmw

    Just been to this Indy to diagnose a problem with my E39 and all I can say is hallelujah a garage that has real mechanic technicians that can diagnose problems by a systematic eyes n ears approach with electronic guides as a guide. Helpful knowledgeable and willing to talk in depth about any problems or indeed like myself a share of a simular hobby. Newhall bmw. Sheffield opposite a Bmw Sytners. 0114 242 1318
  3. bigrigbri

    Fuel problem resolution?

    It is a late version, a 03, and it isn't the actual egr valve that the gases go through but the actual electric solenoid that switches the vacuum on and off to it I believe. Its a stealer only part as well.
  4. bigrigbri

    Fuel problem resolution?

    Well with my last thread covering my break down involving a dodgy in tank pump on my 530d I have taken it to a well renown Indy that diagnosed 2 injectors down and the egr solenoid faulty. I have booked it in for next Fri for them to do all 6 injectors and the solenoid. After speaking to a decent mapping place they said that they could delete the solenoid action with the egr delete as part of a remap. All good and hopefully 6 good injectors giving good power on a remap at 235 bhp .
  5. bigrigbri

    530d inline fuel pump

    Cheers Clavurion. I have a lead n set up from jimmy installed on my old laptop but have never dared to plug it in and use it in case something goes pop.
  6. bigrigbri

    530d inline fuel pump

    Fitted both pumps now and quiet as a mouse. Thing is I still have the heavy or full throttle issue where is starts going well then pings up on the dash readout with: FUEL INJECTION FAULT . It then goes into limp mode until you switch off and on again. It's good for fuel economy where you are only using a third to nothing throttle when driving
  7. bigrigbri

    Lug nut lube and torque

    What he meant was just put a little tiny bit of molybdenum grease on the thread of the bolt as you fit it. Don't out any more any other place of it will come undone. Always put a little grease also where the wheel inside face meets the disc hub to stop the two for coroding .
  8. bigrigbri

    530d inline fuel pump

    Ah sheds some more light Clavurion. Thanks, I never have more than 1/2 tank anyhoo as it's slot to shell out and it's just carrying all the extra weight. Shall phone up my local parts guys to see if I can find a good deal on a Bosch or Pierburg then for the inline one. Daren't take the plastic under tray off in case the floor is like a colander full of tin worm
  9. bigrigbri

    530d inline fuel pump

    I have seen Bosch ones cheaper and wondered if it's the luck of the draw if you get a good un out of a bad batch and all that. The cheapest Pierburg one I have seen is 115 quid IIRC at mister auto
  10. bigrigbri

    530d inline fuel pump

    Hi guys, after my calamity with breaking down the other day due to a fuel pump problem i have decided to change both of them. It was and is ironic that it should break down whilst the offending pump is in transit through the post This is my dilemma where I have purchased a Pieburg lift pump got the tank but wondered if a lesser quality pump would be worth it for the inline position under the seat where it lives and if anyone has had any success stories with a particular brand. Thanks.
  11. bigrigbri

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Most electrical problems and mechanical ones I can fix at the roadside but I didn't have a spare fuel pump in the boot to replace
  12. bigrigbri

    Top radiator hose split

    Wow that's really fubared
  13. bigrigbri

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Yeh never had breakdown in my life as I maintain my cars impeccably. Had to join the RAC so I could get home the same night as I had work that morning and lucky I have the Pug 306 to tramp about in.
  14. bigrigbri

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Had my car towed home after the leccy fuel pump went on me 15 miles from home. Ironic as I had ordered the in tank one just a day before and costly at 175 quid to be recovered :(.
  15. bigrigbri

    Changed my wheels to these opinons

    Love those wheels. Yep 10/10 from me.