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  1. bigrigbri

    E39 audio upgrade

    Amplifiers and some headunits can be repaired by the right people.
  2. bigrigbri

    ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    God that looks SWEET. Wish I had the cash for a respray on mine.
  3. bigrigbri

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Adjusted and fettled the handbrake so it actually works. With that I went to the tyre place and had 2 rears 265 35 18 Accelera phi on again as 150 fitted they work well and on to the MOT. Passed. A trip to the local immigrant car wash to finish.
  4. bigrigbri

    E39 audio upgrade

    You could always sell it. People like myself hold on to stuff like that and say that it will come in handy one day. The truth is that modern equipment has far more functionality and carries a warranties where older gear sometimes fails you at the least opportune moment needing capacitor changes and the like. It's a consideration.
  5. bigrigbri

    E39 audio upgrade

    As an amplifier and dsp package there is no better than the Helix p6 amp sap combo in a tiny package. Keep the Boston's in the front doors for now and see how it all pans out.
  6. bigrigbri

    E39 audio upgrade

    Barry m Hybrid audio do a 2 inch full range driver for 169 quid that could replace the mid n tweet and they sound unbelievably good. With a little getting they could be custom mounted in the tweet area and driven actively and sound breathtaking with the right time alignment and crossover points and we.
  7. bigrigbri

    E39 audio upgrade

    Dennis you could have elaborated your post a little more. I guess I haven't posted much latelymore due to the nature of the op questions n such that I have no knowledge of. Barry M, i am running my front speakers in the kick panels using 6.5 inch Hybrid audio Imagine coaxial drivers. Running a seperate headunit in the dash centre vents and all amped along with 2 subs in the boot.
  8. bigrigbri

    E39 audio upgrade

    People usually upgrade the fronts to 6.5 inch with the wooden adapters as generally they give mire midbass than the 5 25 inch standard size. With all the upgrades in various cars I have seen guys get hooked on upgrading the rears. No need. When do you sit in the back? Fading to front only with possibly a little bit on the rears if you have passengers is all you need. When was the last time you stood at a concert and stood with your back to the band?
  9. bigrigbri

    Lucky escape I guess

    Wow a bit of drifting maybe?
  10. bigrigbri

    Auto box too keen to change gear?

    Yes I did, with no dash lights and the gearbox guys cancelled all errors and all's good.
  11. bigrigbri

    Auto box too keen to change gear?

    Things can go awry when the front abs rings/sensors have intermittent problems as the gearbox takes its speed from these.
  12. bigrigbri

    Question Time £5.19 for a pint

    Went out with G friend to Mansfield in Notts and in one pub they did a few lagers within a happy hours or so for 2 for £4. Needless to say we were both wasted that night.
  13. bigrigbri

    MStyle Gallery

    Nice to have you guys aboard. Will there be any new products in the pipeline.
  14. bigrigbri

    Refurb kit for seats

    Hi there I have an E39 530d sport which needs some recolouring on the front light grey seats. I believe that the petrol version has a slightly different tone of grey to the diesel. Would a kit be available to do the front seats. If so what would be the price? Thanks
  15. bigrigbri

    End of an era...

    It's gone to a good new owner now Pritesh. Glad you were involved with the E39 love story like ourselfs.