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  1. Angrydog

    Voltage regulator

    I think all of the voltage regulators for the E60's are the same? This is the BMW part number for one for my M5 - 12318510092. https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/part?id=NB92-EUR-05-2006-E60-BMW-M5&mg=12&sg=22&diagId=12_0984&q=12318510092 Does anyone know an alternative? It is a Valeo part.
  2. Ordered a new Diversity Antenna on Wednesday, arrived today. That's that I call service! Thanks guys! Now to try and fit it without breaking something LOL
  3. Ordered cable on Wednesday night, cable arrives today. That's what I call service. Go to Jimmy for all your cable needs! Thanks Jimmy!
  4. Angrydog

    Choosing an E60 M5

    This in spades. I was expecting all sorts of things like this when I bought my E60.. None of it has happened. I was always one of the ones harping on about warranty only. Well I bought one without warranty. Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya? Rod bearings are booked in to be done next month. If nothing else it'll help it sell when I decide to move on from it, which may be a while as I literally just want to drive it 24/7.
  5. Angrydog

    Never expected to see this.....!

    I do miss those dials, I think they're nicer than the ones in my E60...
  6. Angrydog

    My New M5

    I'll try and get some soon
  7. Angrydog

    Bluetooth audio?

    Thanks guys, I will take a look at the links.
  8. Angrydog

    Thinking of a divorce!!

    Good luck with the R. I'd get good security on it, but for what they are, they are pretty quick and easy to tune (if you want to). If they looked a nicer place to sit inside I might have got a 3 door one over my recently purchased M5. Enjoy!!
  9. Angrydog

    My New M5

    I walk to work, this is just a weekend car. Do it while you can . I always said I would never get an E60, but here I am with the V10 goodness. That and the stainless really make it. For sound it knocks my old E39 M5 out of the park.
  10. Angrydog

    Bluetooth audio?

    Thanks, that might work. Is there anything that replaces the CD changer?
  11. Angrydog

    Bluetooth audio?

    Is it possible to buy an aftermarket module to get bluetooth audio to work in my pre-lci M5? It has an AUX input but I'm happy to lose the changer if it will work?
  12. Angrydog

    My New M5

    Thanks Dan, I'm quite jealous of myself tbh lol.
  13. Angrydog

    Check your scuttle drains!

    I'll be checking mine when I get home!
  14. Angrydog

    My New M5

    So I'm back in an M5 after a brief stint in an E55. The main difference is that this has 2 extra cylinders. The car is a decent spec, silverstone blue II metallic, active seats, heated rear seats, retro fitted BMW rear screens, merino Silverstone II leather, rear blinds, adaptive headlights, alcantara headlining and shelf and also extended leather (dash top and tops of door cars are leather). I am the 4th owner, it's a 2006 car with 75k miles on it. Yeah I know it's the more expensive tax bracket but you don't buy a car like this and worry about that. It has full BMW main dealer service history. I don't have a local dealer so I will be getting my local trusted indy to service it for me from now on. It has a cat back exhaust a k&n typhoon induction kit on it. Driving back from picking it up I managed to do around 130 miles to nearly half a tank lol. I wasn't beast mixing it either, but being sat on the M25 car park didn't help matters. Initial thoughts? I like it. It is different to my old E39's, less nimble but quicker. It sounds amazing with the exhaust on it. It sings for days. It feels bigger than the E39 (it is) and slightly less easy to hustle, but the steering feels positive. It isn't as fast as my old E55 AMG, but I didn't expect it to be. I wanted to own a V10 and this was the best way I could see of doing it. The SMG...... You know what? I don't hate it, and I actually quite like it (controversial!). It is taking some getting used to, but I expected it to be much much worse than I am finding. I think it may be due a clutch at some point so I may get that done at the same time as I get the rod bearings done.
  15. Angrydog

    Don't post here much these days

    Lol Fred! They are good cars. Not a driver's car like my M5 was (now sold) but the E55 mullers it in straight line speed. Right chaps, so long and thanks for all the fish!!!