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  1. Liam79

    Won't start after alternator fix

    Strange, To answer myself - yes there is a relay. Swapped it with the one next door and it very very very slowly coughed into life. Thought that was the culprit then, but swapped the relays back and still worked. Weird - more like it just was having a really really bad hangover or something. I mean it's been in the garage for a few weeks and has been cold, but jeez. Ah well another problem sorted without knowing what was wrong in the first place! Alternator now charges fine - 6 quid brushes fix!
  2. Oh crap! Put it pack together after replacing alternator brushes and it wont start! I think there was one fire then nothing. Cranks away well and tries to fire up with start spray, so I'm guessing no fuel. Checked fuel pump related fuses and they seem OK. Is there a relay somewhere? Cheers,
  3. Liam79

    2003 e39 headlight adjusters

    I managed it with big hands!!! Not all that bad really
  4. Glad you figured it out! Fyi WDS is still clinging to life - there's eve an Android app! See here...
  5. Liam79


    I still think you're crazy to not just buy a DG car and swap out, but wish you best of luck! Would love to see this happen! If you can prove it can be done I might just DIY DG every car I have/get!
  6. Liam79


    That's good advice on sound deadening if your ultimate goal is a quiet car. The rest... uh??? The plan is to use OEM glass so no need to worry about testing anything for optical or crash properties, lol! The factory cars with DG use the same motors and lifters, etc. Now, a Protection model - that'd sure use an uprated motor! Insurance company? Does anyone retrofitting factory DG or any other retrofits for that matter bother informing their insurance company? I sure as hell wouldn't. For any refusal to pay out a claim they'd have to prove whatever non disclosed retrofitted option or aftermarket mod was a root cause. Cant just cancel cover cos you fit fluffy dice or whatever.
  7. Liam79


    My verniers say 8.3mm for the double glazing window glass. Also here's some blurb from BMW... But note that is for the laminated break resistant security glass (S357A) and not the regular insulating double glazing (S352A). But what I know is many E38 owners in the US swap from the security glass to the regular double glazing when the security glass begins to catastrophically delaminate without the need to change anything else. Also I believe the guide/rubber/frame parts that are different for double glass compared to single glass are the same for both S357A and S352A, so I'd say as long as your in the ballpark of 8.3-8.8 (probably even 8.0-9.0 will be fine) it's all gonna work OK. And seems the rear quarter panels are slightly thicker but I cant measure those. There's some good info on retrofitting double glazing online - have you found it? Ger i think on here did it too and there's info in his project thread.
  8. Liam79


    Crazy but might just work. I think the radius difference between inner and outer side of a piece of glass would be so small that geometrically two identical panes could go together with approx. 2mm air gap OK. To avoid speculation best just go and ask the double glazing manufacturer you have in mind! The difficulty might be it isn't just two identical panes stuck together - the tabs for holding the glass in the lifters (for the 4 moving pieces anyway) is only on the outer skin... No problem if one pane can be cut, but I've no idea if you can do that. Then you still have the task of finding all the different frame and trim pieces, else you get just as creative and diy! While you're at it why not make a DG rear window like the E38 has? But ultimately gonna probably be easier and cheaper to get all the parts you need finding a car breaking, or as above buy one, swap windows and resell.
  9. Liam79

    Stretch's 530d/S62 Sport Touring. Updated 16/05/19

    Awesome! Do I see you are making ventilated seats also? I think I love you. With even more babies coming and even less time I think I'll just have to live all my crazy retrofit and mod ideas through you!
  10. Liam79

    AC Schnitzer 18" type II what to do?

    Cheers guys. Damn I missed those or would have bitten your fingers off! Bargains. I've seen replicas sell for not much less over the years. Looks like I'll have to be patient to even get my money back then, which I can be. If I stand to lose a lot I'd perhaps better keep them!
  11. Just putting this out here - for some advice, but maybe somebody is interested? Not purely an advert, so thought this section appropriate. So I've come soooo close to achieving my E39 wheel absolute holy grail - genuine staggered 18" AC Schnitzer Type IIs. Droooooooooooool. Never even seen a set for sale in UK all these years, found a set in US for a not too ridiculous price as they need a refurb, went through the hassle and expense of getting them in UK, lined up a refurber, got the exact colour and finish info from ACS ready to go... Then life has thrown a curveball - two of them to be precise - oh yes, unexpected twins on the way only 15 months after Miss no. 1!! So now I'm faced with loads of expense, probably having to get a depressing 7 seater or something and thinking I might just shift these straight on and free up the cash (or I might try and justify hoarding them until the day I can get back into the E39 hobby, assuming rust doesn't kill it). Just wondering what might be the best way to sell if anyone has any experience. Sell as is needing the refurb, then I can ask a lower price that might get more interest? Or get them refurbed as minty wheels might be more desirable and easier to sell? Partly I think I just want to see them refurbed to have some pics of how close I got to my grail lol! Would the refurb add as much value as the refurb cost, which is only about 250 quid in UK depending on where you go. Then there's the price - what are they really worth? Hard to judge as I've literally never seen a genuine staggered set for sale in the UK. As they were purely intended for my own use, not to make money, I didn't really care what they cost me - It'd be good to get my money back, but maybe they are really worth less, or maybe even more? I could have built up a set over the years from pairs or individuals for around 2k GBP or a bit less. I have seen the even rarer 3-piece versions once or twice go for north of 2k, currently a set in Germany for 3k Euro. These cant be worth as much as 3-piece. There was a non-staggered minty set in US for 2000 USD. I see non-staggered 17" or smaller reasonably regularly for 1k GBP or less. 1200 unrefurbished, or 1500 refurbished would just about get my money back, and I think is fair, or even cheap given the rarity. But is that realistic? Any advice appreciated, and if there's any interest let me know and I can send some more pics, etc. Cheers
  12. Liam79

    Stretch's 530d/S62 Sport Touring. Updated 16/05/19

    Awesome stuff!! Darn I planned to do a heated sport wheel, but that was back when I had time - I've given up thinking I'll be the first to do anything as you and others do everything I thought of! Did you strip the elements out of an OE heated bus wheel, or have the re-trimmer fit something new? I take it you got an SMG/heated bus wheel slip ring with the two extra connections through? Are you hiding the OE heating control module and a button in the column (what I planned to do) or have you managed to somehow fit into the sport wheel?
  13. Liam79

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Joy of joys...
  14. Liam79

    Rust above bumper

    Ah fair enough hope you can tidy it up. I've had my rear bumper on and off a bunch of times for tow bar fitting and parking sensor replacement and never noticed its position changing, but I'm probably not looking as critically as you!
  15. Liam79

    Rust above bumper

    That's just how the bungs are, isn't it? They have a lip that sits proud of the body. I don't see how you would not see them when you look in that gap. A bit hard for me to judge from the pics - maybe your gap between bumper and body is a little excessive now, but it's always there. Again hard to tell, but the gap looked similar in your pre-job pics. E39 isn't like a modern car where the bumper is kinda integral with the bodywork - it's an old school separate bulgy bumper. If you could adjust it up so the bumper touches the bodywork I think you'd just get trapped water and the two painted surfaces rubbing.