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  1. Liam79

    Rebuilding my 540i... join me :)

    I'm in Norway. Price for bodywork is a bit crazy! UK would be an option but none of the old ferries are on these days so its a hell of a drive. Quicker to get to Poland and its quite common among Scandinavians and Germans to get work done there. There are front companies that subcon the work out to polish garages and handle the language barrier. Good work cheap price!
  2. Liam79

    Rebuilding my 540i... join me :)

    Thanks Dennis! Nice to see most of the old folk still around and some new E39 blood too. I really hope I can keep mine and get back to my projects one day! The Mrs has been very supportive - I had convinced myself since it's fairly likely to fail next EU control on rust the sensible thing would be to get rid and buy some cheap banger as the 2nd car, but she said if we're gonna spend money on another car, may as well spend it on saving the Bimmer from rust death! It was gonna go to Poland for full sorting and respray then covid happened! Oops sorry for the hijack Waitee.
  3. Liam79

    Rebuilding my 540i... join me :)

    Awesome thread! I know I'm a bit late but ACS 2 - best possible wheel for the E39! I have a staggered 18" set fully refurbed sitting in boxes waiting to one day go on my car if I keep it! I really ought to. What you picked up are pretty sweet too. Keep up the good work.
  4. Well actually I do get out there a bit - but only to fix the fleet lol! Currently rebuilding the kinda-forced-on-us Ford S-Max front suspension. Not much fun! So about three years, a kitchen, another bathroom, a play house, and hopefully I'll be back on the bimmer
  5. Liam79

    Rear wheel arch

    Maybe yours is special cos it's Japanese? Maybe they fitted E38 rear abs sensor connector housings instead - they have a lid - it's item 3 in the catalogue link I posted.
  6. Liam79

    Rear wheel arch

    Pics or it never happened!
  7. Liam79

    Rear wheel arch

    Yours doesn't seem to be broken... http://bmwfans.info/parts-catalog/E39-Touring/Europe/525i-M54/browse/vehicle_electrical_system/plug_in_connection_bracket_2/ https://www.ecstuning.com/b-genuine-bmw-parts/holder/61138363002/ So if there's a cover it is another separate part no. that I cant find in the catalogue! I would have thought even with a lid it would still be one piece one part no. like the fronts. So I'm going with it doesn't have a lid.
  8. Hi, Interesting thread - nice car! So hang on - eldest around 5/6 now and you have time for this shit?!! Awesome. So, only about three years to go for me and maybe I'll get back into my car! There is hope! Maybe I should keep it after all then? Still need to save it from rust cancer or it'll be very dead before I get my me time back!
  9. Liam79

    BIG BRAKE KITS - The truth is out there....

    ESS supercharger? Oooh careful with those long term plans! I had those... then suddenly you have three babies and they are 'on hold'! Get it done while you still can! EDIT: Ah I just seen from your project thread it already happened and you're on the other side! Maybe hope for me?
  10. Liam79

    BIG BRAKE KITS - The truth is out there....

    I think your engineering intuition is generally correct, and I agree with what is being said here. Point 1 - I think if you experiment you'd find at high speeds you don't engage the ABS quite so quickly even if you would at low speed. The inertia of the wheels is significant enough to keep them going round fighting the brakes. That's where some extra braking torque of bigger brakes could be used. Particularly in modern cars that tend to have bigger heavier wheels. Also like Duncan says - feel and modulation. I think these factors are why modern cars have bigger brakes and feel 'better' even though your old car with small brakes can easily engage the ABS at lower speeds. Point 2 - not sure where you live, but try a spirited drive through Milton Keynes! Reach 80-90, slam on the brakes for a roundabout, rinse and repeat. In my previous car - 3.0 Vauxhall Omega - I'd have significant brake fade and have to go easy way before getting through town! Never done it, but expect a similar story on the E39, although I think the 530 brakes would be a little bigger than the Vauxhall's. That kind of punishment really shows up the weakness of stock brakes on a heavy car! Better discs and pads would go a long way there, but bigger would be better too. Probably not a concern for you, but is for me now I'm in Norway - my 530 is shit in snow on my old 17" staggered wheels so I wanted smaller for winters. I cant go any bigger than the current 530 brakes with my 16" winters. Something to think about if effective winter driving is a concern.
  11. Liam79

    Won't start after alternator fix

    Strange, To answer myself - yes there is a relay. Swapped it with the one next door and it very very very slowly coughed into life. Thought that was the culprit then, but swapped the relays back and still worked. Weird - more like it just was having a really really bad hangover or something. I mean it's been in the garage for a few weeks and has been cold, but jeez. Ah well another problem sorted without knowing what was wrong in the first place! Alternator now charges fine - 6 quid brushes fix!
  12. Oh crap! Put it pack together after replacing alternator brushes and it wont start! I think there was one fire then nothing. Cranks away well and tries to fire up with start spray, so I'm guessing no fuel. Checked fuel pump related fuses and they seem OK. Is there a relay somewhere? Cheers,
  13. Liam79

    2003 e39 headlight adjusters

    I managed it with big hands!!! Not all that bad really
  14. Glad you figured it out! Fyi WDS is still clinging to life - there's eve an Android app! See here...
  15. Liam79


    I still think you're crazy to not just buy a DG car and swap out, but wish you best of luck! Would love to see this happen! If you can prove it can be done I might just DIY DG every car I have/get!