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  1. dandle

    BMW X3 Windscreen

    Hi, Any chance you could quote me for the sound insulation 51489493821. I had the screen replaced and it seems they didn't bother ordering or fitting the sound insulation strip so the dash now rattles. at the front where it meets the screen. Also any idea on how much BMW would charge to remove and refit the screen properly ( i know it would be a rough idea)? Cheers Dan.
  2. dandle

    OS Rear door water leak

    Be prepared for them to try and fob you off but stick to your guns it isn't normal and needs fixing. There's a few threads on it so go in armed with them it proves your researched it and know the fault. They had my car back quite a few times as they tried to bodge it up rather than remove the barrier and replace the butyl tape. They even plastered it with mastic at one point, that's when I got fed up removed the door card and videod the bodges. At that point the dealer principle got involved and they replaced all four properly and also replaced the damaged parts I had found.
  3. dandle

    OS Rear door water leak

    As some one mention above this is the vapour barriers in the doors leaking, before too long you will have water entering the car if you don't get this fixed. I had my car repaired at BMW for door corrosion and when heating the doors to dry the repairs they compromised the vapour barriers on three of my doors. Two of them only showed moisture on the sill like condensation but the worst door it was like throwing a bucket of water on the floor after it had rained (this was what was stored between the two door rubber seals until the door was opened). You would be surprised how much water travels through the door when it rains or the car is washed. The vapour barrier stops this water and condensation entering the car, the first sign its compromised is water on the sills, when it gets high enough it will leak through the bottom of the door card by the light into the interior, this is the lowest point it can drain as the seals will hold the water until it can get to a height to drain out. It absolutely flooded my interior before I caught it and BMW had to repair it under warranty, which took several attempts.
  4. dandle

    BMW X3 Windscreen

    Hi, I've got approval for a genuine screen to be fitted on the car by auto glass. Can you confirm for me that this is the correct part number for my car so I can check what they fit? The car has active guard and HUD but no driving assistant. 51317409370 or 51317409376. I think its the number ending 76 and don't know the difference between the two. Thanks.
  5. dandle

    BMW X3 Windscreen

    Yes got hit by a stone on the M25. I don't suppose you know if I can get the screen replaced by BMW using the windscreen cover on my insurance? Going to ask if I can pay extra for a genuine screen and I'm a bit concerned how it sits with my BMW warranty (i.e. anti corrosion).
  6. dandle

    BMW X3 Windscreen

    Hi, could you get me a price for a new screen on my X3 please. Chassis LA45473 and i believe the part number is 1317409376. Regards Dan.
  7. dandle

    F11 still cutting it

    When looking to change my car we looked at the G30/31 and it just wasn't anywhere near enough of an upgrade for the cost to change. In the end we went for an X3 M40i which I am really pleased with, even though the build quality isn't as good as the F11. Its so much fun while still retaining plenty of practicality.
  8. dandle

    Part Query 71606875018

    Haha, exactly start off with cold beer is the important bit and it will stay cold over long journeys. I've been on the forums and I've always travelled with the master off as per my last caravan. It seems in this one you do keep it on for the fridge to get power. Its no where in the manual though just another user has told me, all this time i thought i had no ignition live as well lol.
  9. dandle

    Part Query 71606875018

    Pin 9 live goes live when the car is unlocked not permanently same as how my last kit in the F11 was wired if you remember (it was wired into the BMW supply not as per westfalias instructions). PIn10 live works but needs to meet the criteria posted above so on a tester where there is no battery at the other end it won't turn on so gives the impression of not working. In the caravan though it knows when the ignition is running and cuts some of the consumers, which is different to my older van that would power the fridge coil even if the master was off. This one the master has to be on for the system to work, it's slightly smarter (or dumber) than a plain habitation relay. The battery is charged off pin 9 (when there's a live on pin10) but it's only a trickle charge so not much current flows and the fridge pulls 10a max (120w) off pin 10, it doesn't fully chill the fridge but merely keeps it chilled if it's already cold. Both pin 9 and 10 are on 20a fuses in the westfalia kit, I would assume this is the same but haven't checked.
  10. dandle

    Part Query 71606875018

    Personally I wouldn't buy a new van they depreciate too much. If you can find a van a year old you still get the benefit of the warranty but save a shed load of money. Also you might find that the actual layout you want isn't quite perfect once you start using it and it better to find that out without loosing too much. Our coachman we paid £19K for a few months ago and its 2yrs old in Feb, its was £9K cheaper than a new one and we got loads of stuff with it including a Kampa 400 air awning, towing cover etc. Also being the first van think carefully about going for a twin axle, if you put motor movers on it your will loose about 65-70kg of weight (compared to 40kg on a single axle) you can carry which is already not as much as many people believe. You also have the added issue of putting two wheel clamps on when ever you park it up (depending on the wheel clamps you may need to jack one axle each time). I always fancied a twin axle since we started but the compromise for me wasn't worth the benefit of the extra room, we purchased an extra fridge as the smaller fridge was the only real downside for us. I was going to say about buying the module online as i thought there should be some available. It will be interesting to see how you get on installing it are you buying the loom to fit or going to make one?
  11. dandle

    Part Query 71606875018

    Right I've finally got to the bottom of it, I've been out in the dark so the solar panel cant influence the results. It seems the ignition live does work. If I leave the caravan master switch on and the lights on after about a minute the lights automatically switch off and a message come up "engine running" on the caravan control panel. You have to accept this message then another message pops up saying only some devices will have power again you have to accept it (with the return button). The fridge also receives 12v at this point and the battery warning goes off with the fridge still powered, with the fridge on battery alone there's a flashing red alert light. The leisure battery also receives a small charge at this point the voltage goes up by 0.1 of a volt as the capacity increases, it does not get 13.8v straight onto it like the old system would have done. If I have the master switch off like i used to travel with the old caravan then the fridge warning carries on and the battery voltage stays the same. With the old van the fridge would get 12v from the car with the master off.
  12. dandle

    Part Query 71606875018

    Got the plug pics. The main power plug I couldn't see any part numbers though. I put a multimeter on the caravan battery to see if I had a charge voltage with the car ignition on. Had a bit of a weird result the caravan tells me the engine is running and disables the interior lights so it looks like I have an ignition live. The battery voltage didn't really change though so I think the solar panel may take priority over and engine power source. The battery reported 13.4v in the van and around 13.1v on the multimeter. The caravan control panel doesn't display the car voltage though and according to the manual it should display both batteries when the car is connected.
  13. dandle

    Part Query 71606875018

    That would be awesome if you could pm that to me. I really appreciate all you help over the last week. You made it really easy for me.
  14. dandle

    Part Query 71606875018

    On a side note you don't have a link to ISTA D do you. I joined cartechnology and pm someone for a link but got a really unhelpful reply from one of the mods.
  15. dandle

    Part Query 71606875018

    No problem I'll see what I can do. I'm busy at the weekend at the NEC so it might be a few days. On a side note I'm going to check the caravan battery with the car connected to see if it charges with the ignition on. I'm wondering now if the car doesn't sense a battery if the ignition live doesn't turn on. Making it look like there is no ignition live on a tester but actually working when connected to a caravan.