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  1. As I've said several times on this Forum, I'm keeping my swirl flaps as my Indy recommends. None of his mechanics have seen large flaps injested into the engine. This is a very personal choice, like Brexit RgdS Paj
  2. I've just had my car (2006 E60) MOT'd and the tester found a small amount of rust on the rear brake line by a plastic support clip. He decided to open the clip to see the extent of the rust and I'm glad he did... Once he'd opened the clip, he pressed the brake pedal again and the pipe exploded. We reckon the clip was holding the pipe together and would have lasted a few weeks max! I don't care whether he should have opened the clip to have a look, or not. I'm just glad he did, as this could have ended in tears (as I drive enthusiastically) I've now had brake lines replace on both sides. Apart from this item she passed everything else with flying colours. RgdS Paj PS, I did ask him to be thorough
  3. Paj

    Paj's E60 525d SE Project

    The blue tape is for masking areas (like trim, badges, lights etc) not to be cut/polished when using my DA polisher. Edges of panels have different paint thickness so I protect them too. Also stops polish going into gaps and leaving residue. Hope that helps. Lots of detailing info online from the experts. RgdS Paj.
  4. Hi Fizz, which type of lights do you have?(halogen, dynamic xenon ete) Also where did you get them from? It has stopped raining now RgdS Paj
  5. Paj

    Vanity at Beaulieu

    Had a great day out at Vanity BMW Car Show today. Here are some of pictures. Shame this was held on the same day as the BMW Show at Santa Pod. Hope they are on separate dates next year!!!! RgdS Paj 943 kb · Done
  6. I was lucky enough to see this car in the flesh today at Vanity BMW Car Show held in the grounds of Beaulieu Motor Museum. The detail and work gone into this car is amazing. Massive respect to Stretch. RgdS Paj
  7. Paj

    E61 headlight condensation

    My useful tip is to to drop a Silica sachet into the back of the headlight unit. Depending on the amount of condensation they should help contain the moisture. As my wife likes new shoes, I have an excellent supply of Silica sachets...... RgdS Paj
  8. Anyone going to the BMW Vanity car show at Beaulieu? It's on Sunday 21st July 19. https://www.beaulieu.co.uk/events/vanity/ I'll be there with the barge and a couple of 3 Series too. RgdS Paj
  9. Paj

    kidney grill options

    I've also gone for the cheap Ebay £16 gloss black grills. They are surprisingly well made and went in easily after watching a Youtube tutorial. I then added some clip on M stripes for £6 and these give an instant 30BHP. Need to get my volume dial to 11 now..... RgdS Paj PS. Apologies for the dirt, she will be cleaned within an inch of her life in preparation for the Vanity show at Beaulieu on 21st July 19.
  10. Paj

    Reasons to de-badge

    I have just removed my badges having had them on for 6 months. It was like a scab, eventually I had to pick them off..... RgdS Paj
  11. Paj


    Hi Luigi, I have the same car as you and mine was fitted with the Vortex unit. I double checked for piece of mind and it was nice and clean. RgdS Paj
  12. Paj

    Help please - Angel Eye Bulbs

    Hi Fizz, I bought these on Amazon, which are ok. They are brighter and whiter that standard but there is better out there if you are happy to pay £50-£80 etc I hope someone can suggest better for Pre LCI Xenon's. RgdS Paj
  13. Paj

    Help please - Angel Eye Bulbs

    Hi, I have the same dynamic xenon lights and can tell you the halo's (2 rings) share one bulb rather than a bulb per ring. It's a bugger to replace even with the headlight removed. Also the DRL control in idrive just keeps the headlights on when the lights are switched to auto. (This is according to my car. Coding can change settings) RgdS Paj.
  14. Paj

    The Ultimate Detailing Travek Case.

    Great thread. I would agree with using Peli cases, they are so robust and great range of sizes. I can also recommend tool box "Shadow Foam." It will take your kit to the next level! Just out of interest, what be the best advise you could give to amateur home car detailers? Best RgdS Paj
  15. Paj

    Vanity Show

    I'm taking my Barge, hopefully with some BM owning friends and family. Looking forward to seeing you all there! RgdS Paj