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  1. Paj

    Budget dual action polisher

    Hi Dave, If you are working on a budget, I can recommend the Burisch DA polisher kits supplied by GT Air (link below) https://gtair.co.uk/home/404-burisch-hdr2500-dual-action-da-electric-polisher-5060523510092.html Good luck and a before/after picture would be great. RgdS Paj
  2. Paj

    New e61 owner

    Hi Tom, Welcome to the Forum, I also have a 525d 2.5litre manual and have driven for a year averaging 39.5mpg over 16k miles. My driving style is enthusiastic with tenancies to be silly at times (my school report said something similar too) I do not do any short journeys (I use the wife's car for that) and am predominantly driving on fast A & B roads. I would obviously get higher MPG on a motorway and terrible returns in town. I also had to change my thermostats early on due to only reaching 65degC and now I average 87-92DegC. I'm wondering if you have issues with the cars freedom to breath. This may be a partial blockage with fuelling or exhaust (this is purely speculation) Keep an eye on the copper brake pipes. Mine ruptured during the MOT as the metal used is not great quality. You can see more about my E60 in my project thread. Paj's E60 525d SE Project Good luck, and enjoy your stunning machine RgdS Paj
  3. Paj

    Condensation in lights :(

    I can second the silica gel idea. I use the sachets that come with my wife's shoes and handbags. I tie them to a line of cotton so I can pull them out every 6months to change them. I have not done anything to the vents or caps. Dry Active Xenons on my old barge.... RgdS Paj
  4. Paj

    i - drive repairs

    Update:- Got the unit back and works perfectly. It was returned within a week and cost £200. No info about the fault. One happy friend RgdS Paj
  5. Paj

    Damp footwell - what should I check?

    I removed the front seat, sub speaker grill and door trims to free up the carpet. I then just lifted it up while it was still fitted. I used a few thing found around the garage (5ltr bottles of oil, snowfoam & screenwash) to keep it elevated and allow the air to circulate. The carpet is really thick so hard to work with. RgdS Paj
  6. Paj

    i - drive repairs

    I have a friend that had a dead CCC in a 330ci. I suggested these guys and he's taken the plunge. He had a message yesterday saying it had arrived in Romania.....we now await news
  7. Paj

    Damp footwell - what should I check?

    I had this in a rear door. It was the small drain holes blocked with leaf detritus (today's long word). I poked around and a gallon poured out. This has been mentioned in my E60 car project page. I also took the front seat out, removed the rear door card and lifted the carpet to dry out the insulation underneath. I found the Sub speaker under the seat was flooded so replaced with a pair of SWS 8 drivers The car took 3 days to dry with a heater in it (though this was last winter) Now I check my door drain plugs before I wash the car and don't park under trees. Good luck. RgdS Paj
  8. As I've said several times on this Forum, I'm keeping my swirl flaps as my Indy recommends. None of his mechanics have seen large flaps injested into the engine. This is a very personal choice, like Brexit RgdS Paj
  9. I've just had my car (2006 E60) MOT'd and the tester found a small amount of rust on the rear brake line by a plastic support clip. He decided to open the clip to see the extent of the rust and I'm glad he did... Once he'd opened the clip, he pressed the brake pedal again and the pipe exploded. We reckon the clip was holding the pipe together and would have lasted a few weeks max! I don't care whether he should have opened the clip to have a look, or not. I'm just glad he did, as this could have ended in tears (as I drive enthusiastically) I've now had brake lines replace on both sides. Apart from this item she passed everything else with flying colours. RgdS Paj PS, I did ask him to be thorough
  10. Paj

    Paj's E60 525d SE Project

    The blue tape is for masking areas (like trim, badges, lights etc) not to be cut/polished when using my DA polisher. Edges of panels have different paint thickness so I protect them too. Also stops polish going into gaps and leaving residue. Hope that helps. Lots of detailing info online from the experts. RgdS Paj.
  11. Hi Fizz, which type of lights do you have?(halogen, dynamic xenon ete) Also where did you get them from? It has stopped raining now RgdS Paj
  12. Paj

    Vanity at Beaulieu

    Had a great day out at Vanity BMW Car Show today. Here are some of pictures. Shame this was held on the same day as the BMW Show at Santa Pod. Hope they are on separate dates next year!!!! RgdS Paj 943 kb · Done
  13. Paj

    Stretch's 530d/S62 Sport Touring. Updated 18/2/20

    I was lucky enough to see this car in the flesh today at Vanity BMW Car Show held in the grounds of Beaulieu Motor Museum. The detail and work gone into this car is amazing. Massive respect to Stretch. RgdS Paj
  14. Paj

    E61 headlight condensation

    My useful tip is to to drop a Silica sachet into the back of the headlight unit. Depending on the amount of condensation they should help contain the moisture. As my wife likes new shoes, I have an excellent supply of Silica sachets...... RgdS Paj
  15. Anyone going to the BMW Vanity car show at Beaulieu? It's on Sunday 21st July 19. https://www.beaulieu.co.uk/events/vanity/ I'll be there with the barge and a couple of 3 Series too. RgdS Paj