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  1. twins5555

    E28 Shadow Line Trim - Paint / Powder Coat / Other

    When i did mine ,scotch brite or fine sand trim to lose shine and dull it ,spray acid etch primer,then spray satin black ,lower window inserts were left in and masked,surrounding front and rear screen ones were bought new from bmw all others were removed to paint
  2. twins5555

    E28 garage sale part 1

    How much is the heater fan motor ,posted to essex please
  3. twins5555

    525e fuel leak under intake

    It may be your injector o rings ,very common on the older cars just done my e30 ones ,pennys from your main dealer
  4. twins5555

    E28 mudflaps - anyone fitted them ?

    You have to take the 2 lower self tapping bolts out of the splash guard,and part of the bracket hooks up under neath and then bolts into the bolt holes normally with longer self tappers and a tube type spacer if my memory serves me right ,top hole in bracket goes to the other bolt hole up in the splash guard
  5. twins5555

    E28 leather seats wanted

    If you get stuck finding leather ,i have a very nice set of cloth seats and door trims for sale in the for sale section, in black hounds tooth pattern
  6. For sale is an e28 set of seats and door cards in hounds tooth pattern ,very good condition with a small tear in the lower part of the drivers door card ,what you see in the pics is what is for sale ,i wont split collection is from basildon in essex, £495 ,leave a message on here or text me on 07979391283 david
  7. twins5555

    For Sale Again E28 M535i

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1987-BMW-M535I-manual-/222167877149?hash=item33ba3cc61d:g:0U8AAOSw-4BXcUlt Looks like the guy you sold it to was a trader
  8. twins5555

    What's going rate for set of E28 M5 wheels?

    I have a set of the e38 rims on one of my e 28,s
  9. twins5555

    16,000 mile E34 M5 3.6

  10. twins5555

    E28 Remains - Large pile of bits.

    Pics and price on black /charcoal grey interior
  11. twins5555

    Bonnet insulation pads

    Pic of my car
  12. twins5555


  13. twins5555

    My M535i

    Ok thanks ,was looking for a black one
  14. twins5555

    My M535i

    What colour is headlining please
  15. twins5555

    Front door window inner seal

    Can be done in situ with window down ,lots of wd 40 on the rubber and the interior door card removed