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  1. s1mon

    RIP Keith (Urquattro)

    Dreadful news, I just read about it on the Alpina forum. We messaged each other many times on here and he seemed a real gent. RIP Keith, condolences to the family, Simon
  2. s1mon

    E39 Amber light set required

    Hi Dennis, I've PM'd you, thanks, Simon
  3. s1mon

    E39 Amber light set required

    Set of amber lights, all round (fronts, rears and sides) required for a 98 E39 touring. Happy to buy set of fronts / set of rears, etc, or all together, but must be in first class condition, without any hazing or cracks etc, Thanks, Simon
  4. s1mon

    E39 B10 Touring 3.2 Manual

    Thanks guys, The strips are non genuine - From what I can gather on the Alpina register it did not come with stripes from new. I think maybe a slightly lighter colour may suit it better, but we'll see
  5. s1mon

    E39 B10 Touring 3.2 Manual

    Dear All, After a break from 5's I'm back with ANOTHER Alpina, this time an E39 Touring. So after a couple of E34's which I had the best intention of fixing up, it never happened, this time I've gone for one that only needs minor cosmetics, and a few bits and bobs. Picked it up last night, and initial impressions are 'its amazing !' - I really forgot how good the E39's are, and the interior is simply stunning, the cloth seats would always be my choice, plus a nice manual box. I think the stripes need to go, there just too bold and to me don't look right, Anyway, good to back. How is everyone?? Simon
  6. s1mon

    Alpina B10 E34 Seats and door cards

    I can imagine they are hard to come buy and a fair few quid... I will keep an eye on the German site as you mentioned, doubt I will find a set at a sensible price but you never know !!
  7. Long shot, but worth a go... Can anyone help? Seats and door cards pref cloth with the Alpina pattern. Like the ones below Thanks, Simon
  8. s1mon

    E34 M5 six speed

    great work Keith, keep it up !!
  9. s1mon


    Thanks Tom, please dont put put yourself out mate - If your there anyway then that would be great !! I owe you one for sure, Simon
  10. s1mon


    Alpina cloth would be amazing, obviously hard to come by and I would imagine bloody expensive... I will keep a look out, but won't hold my breath !!
  11. s1mon


    Thanks, I will PM him at some point... Spoke to the guy who had the engine rebuilt today, he verified everything and said all genuine Alpina parts were used, and ordered from Germany, so im really happy about that, Pistons were changed as well apparently, so effectively I have a little piece of mind that although it's high mileage the engine has only done 40k my 993 is in need of a few bits first, once that is done then the fun begins with the Alpina !! One question, where the floor wells are written out, the side that's been welded is full of water (drivers front) Is this something to do with the sunroof drains? (Just what I have read)
  12. s1mon


    Looking at the photo below, would you say the white wiring plug below where the seat would be is for electric seats? The leather in mine is manual, hence why I ask
  13. s1mon


    I've messaged the gent I bought it from to see if he still has the original but no replay as yet... If someone has the exact trim and wants a swap with my leather sport interior then let me know...
  14. s1mon


    Thanks Tom, appreciate you taking the time to look into that for me mate. So I need some cloth flock then?? probably the same as the interior in my old one...
  15. s1mon


    Thanks guys, Inhabe been in contact with Alpina and they are looking into their archives so will send me anything they have once available. Engine no is 40690021 Chassis no WBAHD22040BF54100 (Both taken from logbook) If the specification can be pulled up off of this that would be great ! Simon