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  1. Simon_B

    '99 e39 M5

    Price added, from which the service do indeed take a fee.
  2. Simon_B

    '99 e39 M5

    All good things must come to an end...after 6 years it's time for me to part company with my e39... 1999 V Silverstone Blue, black/grey interior 94700 miles MOT March - current pass with no advisories Pre-facelift, but with most cosmetic upgrades done - genuine Angel Eye headlights and Celis tail lights, mk4 nav, widescreen display, facelift steering wheel. H&S backboxes but otherwise unmodded Recent wheel refurb in shadow chrome Extensive service history, plus all-but-one MOT, invoices for VANOS and big end shells among others. Serviced during my ownership at Munich Legends. Honesty paragraph : some wear to the inside of the drivers seat bolster (but not the edge, weird), tiny rust blemish on left rear wing just above bumper, slight bubbling in fuel filler recess (see pics). Needs service but this will be done for sale. Can you tell I don't know what to write in this thing?! Car is for sale with an agency as my work schedule is a non-repeating shift pattern involving a lot of evenings and weekends which would make viewings difficult. https://www.sellyourcarwithus.co.uk/vehicle-details/Bmw-M5-U2752/ £14900
  3. Simon_B

    e39 M5 door trim

    Hi Can you please let me know the price for the door rub strip for an e39 M5 (BJ10280) for the passenger front door, with fixings (and with the M5 badge if its separate) Thanks Simon
  4. Simon_B

    e39 gear knob

    Hi Guys Can you please let me know the price for the illuminated gear knob for a '99 e39 M5 (BJ10280) ? Thanks Simon
  5. Simon_B

    e39 luggage net

    Oh sorry! BJ10280
  6. Simon_B

    e39 luggage net

    Hi Guys Can I please get a price for the luggage net in the boot of an e39 M5? Thanks Simon
  7. Simon_B

    e39 part price

    Yes please - the rectangular rubber thing!
  8. Simon_B

    e39 part price

    Hello Can I get a price please for the rubber bung/foot thing that goes into and covers the jacking point for an e39 - passenger side rear on an M5 (BJ10280) if that makes any difference? Thanks Simon
  9. Simon_B

    Reverting to prefacelift tail lights

    Yup as Raymond says, the alterations required to fit the facelift lights are only in the centre of the unit - the perimeter isn't affected so the seals should still...seal!
  10. My guess would be that most of the 'abandoned' wiring looms you're looking at were for the police-spec equipment, particularly when looking at the labels on them - OE looms either wouldn't be labelled, or would be labelled in German not English
  11. Simon_B

    Surrey / S London bodyshop?

    Thank you! I'll give him a call!
  12. Simon_B

    Surrey / S London bodyshop?

    Does anyone have any recommendations for bodyshops in Surrey / South London (or a little further)? Just noticed the e39's jacking points aren't looking as good as they could! Thanks
  13. Simon_B

    e39 M5 as an investment?

    Interesting thoughts, thanks guys! I should maybe clarify; I have no intention of doing this, was just surprised that someone had. I just drive mine and enjoy it!
  14. Simon_B

    e39 M5 as an investment?

    Sitting in the G30 5 series in the BMW pavilion at Goodwood (very nice car, massage seats a bit unnerving!) and after asking me what I drive the guy in the back says he's bought an e39 M5 as an investment now prices are rising, and shows me pics of a respectable carbon black pre-facelift which just needs a little tidying to be a very nice car. So I'm curious, are e39 M5s as an investment a thing that's happening now?!
  15. Beautiful! Love the pic on the nav screen too!