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  1. Simon_B

    e39 gear knob

    Hi Guys Can you please let me know the price for the illuminated gear knob for a '99 e39 M5 (BJ10280) ? Thanks Simon
  2. Simon_B

    e39 luggage net

    Oh sorry! BJ10280
  3. Simon_B

    e39 luggage net

    Hi Guys Can I please get a price for the luggage net in the boot of an e39 M5? Thanks Simon
  4. Simon_B

    e39 part price

    Yes please - the rectangular rubber thing!
  5. Simon_B

    e39 part price

    Hello Can I get a price please for the rubber bung/foot thing that goes into and covers the jacking point for an e39 - passenger side rear on an M5 (BJ10280) if that makes any difference? Thanks Simon
  6. Simon_B

    Reverting to prefacelift tail lights

    Yup as Raymond says, the alterations required to fit the facelift lights are only in the centre of the unit - the perimeter isn't affected so the seals should still...seal!
  7. My guess would be that most of the 'abandoned' wiring looms you're looking at were for the police-spec equipment, particularly when looking at the labels on them - OE looms either wouldn't be labelled, or would be labelled in German not English
  8. Simon_B

    Surrey / S London bodyshop?

    Thank you! I'll give him a call!
  9. Simon_B

    Surrey / S London bodyshop?

    Does anyone have any recommendations for bodyshops in Surrey / South London (or a little further)? Just noticed the e39's jacking points aren't looking as good as they could! Thanks
  10. Simon_B

    e39 M5 as an investment?

    Interesting thoughts, thanks guys! I should maybe clarify; I have no intention of doing this, was just surprised that someone had. I just drive mine and enjoy it!
  11. Simon_B

    e39 M5 as an investment?

    Sitting in the G30 5 series in the BMW pavilion at Goodwood (very nice car, massage seats a bit unnerving!) and after asking me what I drive the guy in the back says he's bought an e39 M5 as an investment now prices are rising, and shows me pics of a respectable carbon black pre-facelift which just needs a little tidying to be a very nice car. So I'm curious, are e39 M5s as an investment a thing that's happening now?!
  12. Beautiful! Love the pic on the nav screen too!
  13. Simon_B

    Broken plug

    Kinda looking for reassurance more than anything! Having removed my BM23 to send to Baris, I've kinda snapped/annihilated the locking mechanism for the big multipin plug...given that it was such a bitch to get the plug out in the first place, realistically is it likely to be a problem that it won't be locked into place when I put it back?
  14. Simon_B

    e39 loss of audio

    Thank you Dennis!
  15. Simon_B

    e39 loss of audio

    Hi My e39 with oem nav etc has the stereo permanently playing my ipod/intravee. The last few journeys, the audio has suddenly cut out after a couple of minutes. Ipod still playing, track info showing and counter running, just no audio. Changing from 'CD' (intravee) to radio brings the audio back, and then I can switch back to 'CD' and all is well for rest of the journey. Any ideas?