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  1. Dotcom1970

    sat nav

    you can retrofit a CIC, but it's expensive. I'd just grab a Tom Tom and Brodit Mount
  2. Dotcom1970

    E60 outdoor car cover

    Have sent you an IM
  3. Dotcom1970

    RealOEM undertrays

    Ahh, well mine was a standard one...
  4. Dotcom1970

    RealOEM undertrays

    Please don't tell me it's the left passenger side wheel arch you need - I threw one away two weeks again, as I no longer have the car and there was no interest in it elsewhere...
  5. Dotcom1970

    E61 Tool Kit

    basic tool kit located on the bootlid itself.
  6. Dotcom1970

    Is it worth it?

    gutted for you
  7. Dotcom1970

    Leather conversion

    Have you added the fuses?
  8. Dotcom1970

    530d M Transmission Shifting after Oil Change ?

    as the transmission ages and things wear, the mechatronics automatically (!) adjust settings like pressure etc. Normally when work is carried out on a 'box, these adaptations are reset, and then the 'box re-learns the optimal settings. Perfectly normal behaviour. The changes might be very noticable if the oil levels were previously low for example. How much oil did they use in the 'box during the service?
  9. Dotcom1970

    530d M Transmission Shifting after Oil Change ?

    Possibly the gearbox adaptations?
  10. Dotcom1970

    Leather conversion

    Coding, switch panel on console, seat modules may need changing and possibly cabling...
  11. Dotcom1970

    Just died on me. Got some codes - any clues please?

    Battery/Alternator is my guess. Check the regulator on the back of the alternator.
  12. Dotcom1970

    Alternative e61 compressor feed pipe.

    I never look at BMW prices
  13. Dotcom1970

    Alternative e61 compressor feed pipe.

    just dip the end of the pipe into some hot water to help it stretch
  14. Dotcom1970

    Alternative e61 compressor feed pipe.

    Have to laugh though, Aerosus want £35 for that filter, eBay £5!
  15. Dotcom1970

    Holding ball joints

    when handling your balls, a good penetration fluid is a must...at least that's what she said...