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  1. Dotcom1970

    Oil in turbo - problem or stop worrying?

    You're better off replacing it with a cast iron manifold
  2. Dotcom1970

    BMW E61 530D problem

    Check your battery and/or alternator
  3. Dotcom1970

    E60 diversity antenna needed. Test / sale?

    E61? Have you checked the wiring in the tailgate hinges?
  4. Ahh, I would have sold mine for £10 - never mind
  5. IM for a better price...
  6. Dotcom1970

    Has anyone tried an aftermarket DPF?

    or you could try cleaning the DPF once you have removed it?
  7. Dotcom1970

    Has anyone tried an aftermarket DPF?

    BM make good quality parts https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Diesel-Particulate-Filter-DPF-for-BMW-530d-525d-730d-X3-2-5-3-0-Fitting-Kit/192391068051?hash=item2ccb66b993:g:PS0AAOSw9mpaKqaR
  8. Dotcom1970

    LM1 and 35w AE

    It won't make it brighter due to the old design of the optics.
  9. Dotcom1970

    Intermittent Active steering fault

    I had a similar issue one cold morning. I stopped the car and then did the full lock to lock trick a couple of times and this seemed to reset the angle sensor
  10. I purchased a spare 2nd hand one of these and it's now sitting in my box of unused parts, if anybody is interested...
  11. Dotcom1970

    E61 535D Touring - Performance Expectations

    Kinda makes sense, especially if the gearbox oil cooler has gone FUBAR!
  12. Dotcom1970

    eBay Turbo Core / Cartridge - 525d

    Hello!! I had the core replaced on my E61 by a chap in Southampton - Not sure where he got the parts from, but it certainly did the job.
  13. Might be worth finding a BMW retrofit specialist near you for advice, or pay them to complete the job - they will know what cables, modules and coding needs to be done to achieve what you want.