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  1. Dotcom1970

    World class bodgery

  2. +1 I had to do mine and also the exhaust flex. I fitted a cat bypass pipe at the same time, and whilst down there has the turbo removed and serviced.
  3. Dotcom1970

    Belts and pulleys

    +1 for the contitech belts Don't forget the AC belt as well
  4. Dotcom1970

    PDC headache..

    swap the new sensor into a different position and see if the fault follows
  5. Vaico are highly rated
  6. Dotcom1970

    E60/1 Audio Replacement

    For those that may want to ditch the older CCC systems, and fit a double din unit in its place, there is this solution now: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Black-Facia-Car-Stereo-Radio-Adaptor-Wiring-Fitting-Kit-for-BMW/184069980773?fits=Car+Make%3ABMW&hash=item2adb6d0265:g:udgAAOSwGsheO1Vt You do lose your screen and idrive controller, and no idea about the rest of the display infographics!
  7. Dotcom1970

    Apple car play/mirror phone.

    Unless you replace the headunit with a suitable android based unit, very unlikely. I don't think you can retrofit the NBT into an E6x, but even if you could it would be expensive.
  8. Dotcom1970

    Leather conversion

    Nope, that's an additional option on the seats, and requires further parts, switches and coding - same with active seats
  9. Dotcom1970

    Brake pipe corroded. MOT failure.

    ...that's what she said... (in before anybody else)
  10. Dotcom1970

    Brake pipe corroded. MOT failure.

    Yeah, rub them down with wire wool or similar then wack on some grease
  11. Dotcom1970

    Wiring harness e61

    Probably the looms in the tailgate hinges. Once fixed the errors will go away without any resets needed. Sencom make the best replacements
  12. Dotcom1970

    Restraint systems gone bad

    I'd check the Battery Safety Terminal, as it sounds like it has gone open circuit hence triggering the airbag fault. You can buy a bypass kit and just remove the the connector to the battery and wiring in the bypass or just get a suitable resistor and do same.
  13. Dotcom1970

    wiper blades

    I replaced mine with a pair of Bosch Aerotwins and never had the problems as described above ...
  14. Dotcom1970

    Did you know this?? I cannot believe it :)

    An optional extra I believe