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  1. timk

    Mercedes C55 AMG estate

    Thanks - believe it or not has been for sale on and off for a while. Bit of a niche car hence very small audience of potential buyers. Sad to get rid but other priorities have got in the way...
  2. timk

    Mercedes C55 AMG estate

    Sorry, not a BMW I know. Thought it may be of interest to some. 46k miles. Rust-free Japanese import. PH ad here. https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/mercedes-benz/amg/mercedes-c55-amg-estate--immaculate-low-miles-rust-free/9519336
  3. timk

    E39 M5 timing chain tensioners

    How easily did it spring open by accident? If I handle it like its plutonium presumably I'll be ok? Tools needed - Torque wrench + socket/ ratchet?
  4. timk

    E39 M5 chain tensioner

    Hi I need the same parts - chain tensioner and gasket ring for a 2002 E39 M5. Chassis CB37291. Please could I have an up to date price. Thanks.
  5. Thanks anyway - I think I would have given it a go if they'd been the openable ones.
  6. Thanks for that. I’ve previously contacted that guy and he’s stopped communicating, so not sure he wants the work. Back to the drawing board.
  7. I've managed to wrestle headlight from car after dealing with rusted bolts and dropping socket attachments down into the depths of the engine bay Does anyone know the eBay bloke who offers a repair service for these?? (it's a 2002 car with headlights that can't be prised open/ baked). I've not got the patience or dexterity to fiddle about with this and need the car back on the road so looking for a man that can.
  8. I need a driver's side headlight (xenon, facelift with angel eyes) must be OEM/ Hella and in good condition. Crucially the adjusters need to be good. My car has failed its MOT due to broken headlight adjusters and the DIY is too fiddly/ time consuming for me to attempt at the moment. I would consider a pair of headlights at the right price if both were good with working adjusters.
  9. They're OEM xenons. I think all the M5s had them. Punching my reg into ECP brings up Hella xenon units at £844 a pop (!) - how much did the halogen units cost and were they Hella?
  10. Thanks for that. Looks incredibly fiddly. Is removing the headlight itself straightforward?
  11. So my 2002 M5 has just failed its MOT based on the headlight aim being too low and the garage has been unable to adjust it as the adjuster is just turning and not moving the aim up or down. Apparently it is stuck in the down position. I've order some cheap looking plastic adjusters on eBay, in the hope I might be able to do this myself, although doesn't look like they'll arrive before the MOT expires next week. My question is - there appear to be various DIY guides out there but is there a definitive 'how to' anyone can point me towards?? If mines a March 2002 build am i likely to have the epoxy bonded lights which can't be prised apart?
  12. timk

    E39 M5 timing chain tensioners

    Bit of a thread revival. Mine has a slight rattle and I’m wondering whether to replace the main chain tensioner - is there a DIY anywhere for this job and would it be something a non-expert spannerer could manage (I.e. total amateur)??
  13. Price please, for the following gloss black M5 window trim, chassis no. CB37291: (BMW CC GB and forum member - not sure whether that entitles me to a discount??!!) Part no. 51212427416 - exterior right front moulding Part no. 51222427418 - chest strip, exterior right rear Thanks.
  14. timk

    Outdoor car covers

    My E39 lives outside all year round and I’m resigned to not having our garage usable. Before the onset of autumn/ winter I’m looking to invest in an outdoor cover to protect it from the worst of the elements whilst it sits on the drive. Soooooo.... anyone got one (tailored, or off the shelf) and any recommendations who to source one from??
  15. timk

    Rare e39 alcantara headlining

    Nice. Would also fit in my glass sunroof'd M5, but not in a month of Sundays could I justify such a frivolous purchase There'd also be the worry of finding someone competent to fit it, without smearing oily fingerprints all over it.....