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  1. Lowlife

    headlight upgrade

    Er, right here... To which I said there is a difference, which started all this!
  2. Lowlife

    headlight upgrade

    Wow, so much wrongness in one place! The terms xenon and HID are not interchangable, it's as simple as that. You are talking about 2 different things. HID's work in a completely different way to an incandescent. Ok, the eBay ones may or may not actually contain xenon a but it was an example.
  3. Lowlife

    headlight upgrade

    There is a huge difference between xenon and HID! These are xenon: http://bit.ly/15Vpxzf These are HID: http://bit.ly/SFUtr3 Xenon is just the gas in the bulb. HID's use the separate ballast packs.
  4. Lowlife

    My e36 project

    I thought I started a thread for this but I guess I didn't! This is my '99 323i sport, it was bought back in June(ish) with the sole purpose of having some fun with it. Its certainly not going to be to everyone's taste, but hey, its my car. It's the fifth e36 I've own, I absolutely love them! I bought it for a grand off eBay, it was advertised as being rust free, and to be fair other than a couple of patches maybe 3mm it is. That how ever is where the list of good bits stops, lol! The interior was very tired and the drivers seat leather holed. The engine had the obligatory vanos issues and the gearbox was, well, sh*te. This however was no concern, as all this stuff was destined for the dump. I smoked about in it at weekends for a couple of months and then it jus sat in my garage untouched until a 3 weeks ago, with the tax and MoT now out I decided to crack on with it. First off the interior was stripped out and sold on eBay, I managed to claw just over £100 for all the various bits. I also started to pull all the now redundant wiring out. The steering wheel has been replaced with a genuine fake OMP Corsica jobby. After spending 2 weekends running doing wiring I got a bit bored of splitting the loom and decided to have a break from it as it was getting frustrating - with it getting dark so early it's been a slow process - I started on the engine bay to make way for the 2.8 lump I have sitting in my other garage. When I took the rad out I got a bit of a surprise, I'm amazed it hadn't burst! I made some projector shrouds for the headlights and painted the main beam lenses yellow. I've also got an m50 manifold, mapped ecu and various other bits and pieces in the pipeline, but for now this is where I'm up to.
  5. Lowlife

    Nissan Shelby BMW

    I like the rear but the front looks like utter crap. It is different though, that's for sure!
  6. Lowlife

    Random Audi Question

    DO NOT BUY REPS!!! They are generally awful quality and don't stay round for long - thats if they are round to start with.
  7. Lowlife

    A day of mixed emotions

    Well it's happen. I've taken a deposit on my 5 and the guy is picking it up next weekend. I've really enjoyed owning it and will be sad to see it go, it's one of the very few cars out of the 50-odd I've owned over the years that never disappointed me. That said, it's a big chunk of cash going into the wedding fund and after weeks of muppet after muppet phone at ridiculous times and asking pointless questions I'm glad it has sold!
  8. Lowlife

    Ebay Airbag bypass sensors-anyone use?

    In fairness in a 10 odd year old motor you'd be lucky if the air bag fires anyway!
  9. Lowlife

    Ebay Airbag bypass sensors-anyone use?

    Yep, works fine.
  10. You can have text under the maker's text according to our local plod.
  11. Lowlife

    stretched tyres

    But that's a different issue. That's not because the tyre is stretched is it? It's because the car is too low. It would equally chop into a wider tyre. You want to know why - for the best part clearance and looks. You are complaining I'm being defensive, well yes, as apparently I am a moron. People change parts on their cars all the time that take them outside the tested manufacturers spec - does this make them dangerous? Seems a bit off to start calling people names (although I agree the golf is wrong) over their taste in mods. I don't mind a discussion on it and am happy to share my experience of stretched tyres but people who a. don't know me and b. haven't got any experience of the subject they are talking about but preaching it as gospel calling me a moron is going to get my back up.
  12. Lowlife

    stretched tyres

    Same on every forum, people who have never had stretched tyres spouting bollocks they have read on the Internet with no actual knowledge on the subject what so ever. Usually people who run stretch take far better care of their tyres and check pressure and tread depth/condition more often than those who don't. To say you don't like the look, fine. To say they are dangerous is utter crap. Please show me the actual proof and not "my mate knows a bloke whose brothers friends stretched tyres raped a bus load of nuns" rubbish.
  13. Lowlife

    Tao on the a10

    Was good to see you again fella, even if it was at 70!
  14. Lowlife

    low use..

    Minimum 200 a week for me just on my commute, possibly another 40-50 at weekends around town.
  15. Lowlife

    Last Top Gear feature

    Speaking of Mark Webber... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Stunning-MARK-WEBBER-owned-BMW-E39-M5-2002-5L-V8-FSH-MINT-AP-Racing-Brakes-/261244323055?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item3cd36004ef