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  1. McFar67

    Squeaky brakes

    Mine squealed for the first 3000 miles roughly. I spoke to the dealer they insisted for these lower dust brakes (not that I am noticing less dust) take time to properly bed in. Seems they were right.
  2. McFar67

    Brushed aluminium

    Scratched the brushed aluminium. Trim on the rear door, any tips on some form of repair?
  3. McFar67

    New or year old finance!!! What a joke!

    Yeah I got caught out with that for the sake of xdrive and led fogs. This was a deal from harry fairbairn, had no choice as a cancelled order. But 0% finance n deposit contribution was not to be sniffed at
  4. McFar67

    New or year old finance!!! What a joke!

    Heart surely says 540i...
  5. McFar67


    My 64 plate didnt need adblue
  6. McFar67

    It's the little things in life that matter

    I have managed a couple of pints of Heverlee from our 'local' The Elderslie Inn via home delivery, fantastic.
  7. McFar67

    Pics of Lci cars

    The number plate splitting the grill is shocking looking. Either have the huge ugly grill, or not dont have it with its false teeth falling out think the rest of the new 4 looks brilliant
  8. McFar67

    where’s the Battery

    Under the bonnet you should find a positive terminal clearly marked towards rear drivers side and attach the negative to any bit of metal elsewhere in the engine bay, probably a nut or bolt head.
  9. One of my neighbours has just bought and sold cars this week. E class merc sold, 3 series hardtop convertible bought. Apparently the 3 series was driven all the way from London-ish, cant remember exactly where from tbh. I think he got very lucky. Agree with the forum stance though.
  10. McFar67

    Need some help here pls

    You will have more success in the F10/F11 sub-forum mate, ask the question in there.
  11. McFar67

    Tailgating, is it just me?

    I just see and hear the emptier roads being used as a race track, this I suppose transfers into tailgating
  12. McFar67

    So what are you doing in isolation?

    Building a new patio, dug it out, getting the sub-base delivered next week and hired whacker plate day after to get it flattened. After that god knows when I will get the paving delivered. This is a first attempt at doing a patio properly, previous attempts have been done on a quick (wrongly) and cheap basis.
  13. McFar67

    Warranty Question

    They sell current new cars with and without rft, can't see it being a problem
  14. McFar67

    New 540i - Couple of questions if I may

    Looked at a car with the spare wheel, would be as well speccing a letter box
  15. McFar67

    Things I hate about my 5 series

    I have the basic se, only led fog lamps as extras, cancelled order, got really cheap and I love it, such a step up in interior quality and toys from my f11 msport. To date no gripes at all and very comfortable