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  1. euro34

    e34 lsd

    thanks for the info im looking for the number that is stamped on the lsd ‘cartridge’ that is inside the diff, it has s25 as the end which is what I was expecting, but there is a long number in front of it I believe on a e34 lsd cartridge
  2. euro34

    e34 lsd

    hi all this is a bit random im trying to find out the numbers that are stamped into a lsd unit within the diff in a large case e34? any help would be great thanks
  3. euro34

    E39 complete rear beam

    evening all i know this is a bit of a long shot, but I’m looking for a complete as possible e39 m5 rear beam (diff, hubs, shafts, brakes....) thought it was worth asking thanks all
  4. euro34

    e39 coilovers and big brakes

    hi all I'm looking for a good set of e39 coilovers and also a a big brake upgrade thought I’d ask here encase anyone has anything on the shelf? thanks all
  5. euro34

    e39 sport

    hi all im looking for an e39 sport for a project I’m currently building I’m doing an engine swap, so a blown engine isn’t a problem, I would prefer a manual car but if an auto comes up then I’m sure I can sort that thanks
  6. euro34

    E28 520i mineral blue

    pm sent
  7. euro34

    e34 interior and body kit

    thanks for the heads up, I've sent a message
  8. euro34

    e34 interior and body kit

    afternoon all and seasons greetings so I am mid project on my e34, and looking for a few parts im currently looking for a leather interior, preferable a sport interior, black leather would be great, but would consider any sport interior at the moment....actually any leather interior might be worth a look also I'm looking for a sport body kit, front rear bumpers and side mouldings if possible is there anything out there at the moment? cheers
  9. euro34


    hi i have dropped you a message, I'd be interested in the car hope that's ok thanks
  10. euro34


    do u currently have single vanos available?
  11. euro34


    hi tim do you mean non vanos is rare or are single? did they do a double m50?
  12. euro34


    bump still looking, anyone got anything out there?
  13. euro34


    bump still looking for a m50 2.5 cheers all
  14. euro34


    bump still looking