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  1. Put Red up for sale Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Tried out some Audi-Level tailgating.........
  3. I got to rears for mine from these guys - very helpful http://www.autopanels-castleford.co.uk/webpages/BMW/bmw%20E28.htm
  4. Done quite a lot on Saturday..... * Had replacement exhaust pipes fabricated and fitted between downpipes and rear centre section (removed the front silencer). re-fitted and new hangers added too. Sounds lush now. * Power steering fluid flushed and replaced * Ordered new fuel pump as mine has started to go (overheats and whirs, causing car to cut out randomly) * Ordered replacement front & rear anti roll bars - going to be sandblasted and powder coated next weekend and fitted as mine have become corroded and causing the bushes to creak * Top mounts lubed up Now just on the hunt for a decent E34 interior.......... Anyone got one going?!
  5. Went to change the handbrake lever as mine has snapped, couldn't figure out how remove the centre console, gave up and resorted to Forza.
  6. Bowwow

    Interior: e34 or Original?

    I've spoken to a couple of upholsters here in MK and they've both said it would be difficult to repair it due to the material and the one seat would look markedly different to the rest of the interior; they both recommended doing the whole interior, which is a little unnecessary!
  7. Bowwow

    Interior: e34 or Original?

    It's the metallic grey velour that I'm looking for
  8. Bowwow

    Interior: e34 or Original?

    My driver's seat has finally succumbed to the all-too-familiar driver's side bolster wear and needs to be replaced; unfortunately I've exhausted anywhere that has a decent replacement in the same colour / material (ebay (both UK & abroad), forums, breakers, Tim :-)), so I'm considering just replacing the whole lot with replacement seats from an E34. I would desperately love to keep it original, but I don't think this is going to be possible unless a decent one is broken / trashed anytime soon, so I think an E34 replacement is probably the best option. I know that fitting e34 seats is a fairly simple process that only requires some minor adaptions, but can the damage be repaired? the rest of the interior is unmarked and it would be a shame for it to go to waste!
  9. Ordered a new headlight lens for the one that popped all on its own accord.......
  10. Bowwow

    Red at the Ring

    Was this in Stony by any chance?
  11. Bowwow

    Red at the Ring

    Gah not enough coffee today......
  12. Bowwow

    Red at the Ring

    A few friends & I decided to take a little road trip to the Nurburgring at the weekend and took Red out for a few laps of the Nordschleife. Am going to download some of the photographer's photos and get them framed for posterity Had such a great time and managed to cover 1,027 miles in 4 days without missing a beat. Bucket list item ticked!
  13. Bowwow

    Another Prang :-(

    Unfortunately not - I spoke to the Centre Security but the camera was pointing in a different direction at the time. Cheers for the shout though, will see if it can be salvaged with what Mick has suggested. If not, I'll definitely be in touch.
  14. Bowwow

    Another Prang :-(

    So after getting away with bumping into an old Mazda a few months ago, some lovely person has run into my front bumper and given it a crease whilst I was at the shops . Only noticed when I got back to work and saw it didn't look quite 'right'. It's not left any marks, just caused a slight bend on the underside (which you can see in the pics). Is this salvageable as the chrome itself is pristine and having to source another unmarked one that's as good I know would be a real mission :-/
  15. Bowwow

    Sunken Subframe Mounting Points

    that's what i thought, but they're the right fitment / size etc... and didn't want to go with the usual ones as the ones that were taken out were in horrendous condition