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  1. Peter_Moran

    E39 LoweredSpring strut shock combo

    Karl, I tend to agree with you - however the bumpers you see in that particular picture have been changed as they were simply no good whatsoever. So i took it to the bodyshop and went from to chopping off the bottom of it - Although it made a massive difference i still find that sharp speed bumps are impossible and although the bumper just clears the underside of the car will catch, i think sometimes its the sump and sometimes its just grounds itself on the skirts i think, as i notice on skirt is badly chaffed. Anyhow whats the recommendations ?
  2. Peter_Moran

    E39 540i

  3. Peter_Moran

    E39 LoweredSpring strut shock combo

    Folks here is a picture or two.
  4. Folks, E39 540 1996 purchased and it seems to be lowered to its maximum on 19" Antera Wheels. I looked up under the the car and i can see Eibach springs. For me personally the ride is too hard and the skirts catch the majority of speed bumps. It's so low the you cannot even feel the top of the tyre on the back wheels !! My question is without knowing a thing about suspension and combinations, what do you guys recommend i should do to get my car back to a nice height (19" alloys) without comprimising ride quality. I only intend to do this once and want it to be right. Over to you !!! Peter.
  5. Well granted - i'm not talking about pedal to the metal, rather just low range torque and response.
  6. I can tell you one thing it will do and that is make your car go like the hammers !! Replaced mine and noticed a vast difference in performance.
  7. Peter_Moran

    Pic of my resonator with blanking plate?

    Yes i know this for fact as i tried it.
  8. Peter_Moran

    Pic of my resonator with blanking plate?

    I was clarifying that the y resonator without the bung definetly does not work when tapped.
  9. Peter_Moran

    Pic of my resonator with blanking plate?

    The answer to your question netmgr is that smoke will most definetly NOT come out of the Y resonator where the opposite side has no bung it (sealed up as if one never existed). I am a firm believer though the the resonators with the bung in it was used by BMW in Non M5 E39's when stocks were short which is why you will never find out the real truth behind the matter.
  10. Peter_Moran

    Pic of my resonator with blanking plate?

    Do the lottery much ? LOL..... you are only lucky guy Convinced thats a M5 resonator, get it opened and get mod'ing.
  11. I take it you are referring to an X-Pipe Dennis. Is this what you mean ? Some people remove the M5 resonator to insert an X pipe in its place, but i personally feel removal of the Y resonator introduces drone and raspiness to the vehicle. IMO the resonator limits drone, and the mufflers limits sound. Or perhaps you could insert the X pipe after the y resonator and hope that the path of resistance favours 50 50 .
  12. I'll stick up a few pictures and let you see the setup when i get underneath the car. Remember to PM me if you get stuck r i fail to provide the pics Peter.
  13. Alan, Trisman mentioned to me that you are in bother. My 2 cents - i have researched the quad box on the E39 to the ends of the earth and th solution is alot simpler than it sounds. The problem you will have is that with thq quad option on a non M5, the bumper option really is the only way to go so you can get a tap off for the right had side that will route the smoke. HOWEVER. If you simply take the Y resonator of an M5 and put this in place of your Y Resonator, this has two functional chmabers that will route the smoke equally from this point onwards. From here its only a matter of routing the new pipework along the wheelwell and exiting out on the right hand side and sticking a small muffler on it I would also strongly strongly suggest that you remove the dead muffler can on the left hand side as it weigh about 25kg and is full of water ! This will give you a little more noise but no drone. Trisman provided me with the E39 M5 Y Resonator, and honestly i can tell you it the only way forward. Infact i just did mine today and i can tell you that it took 3.5 hrs of work from start to finish and cost me £80 of labour..... how's that !! The car has cum to life and the smoke is perfectly equal. Please do not book it in and go along along the bumper mate - its not the job. Peter.
  14. Peter_Moran

    E39 Touring LED interior bulbs

    Doesn't do it on the number plate lights funny enough - just interior lights.
  15. Peter_Moran

    E39 M5 Centre Silencer Wanted

    Superb news mate....i'll PM my details to you.