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  1. michal-q

    E60 key upgrade / push button start

    I thought that to connect to cars ECU you need to switch an ignition on and to do that you would need a key?? when it comes to renault laguna with key card you can't connect to ECU without turning the ignition on, and as i was told by some guys from renault forum it's easy to get in to it, but not so easy to drive it away, so i would think that BMW would make it similar. the only thing I advice to the thread author is that mechanical key is more reliable than an new key fob thing.
  2. michal-q

    When was CIC first fitted? :S

    your navigation is on HDD, there is no need for dvd drive, you have CIC unit
  3. michal-q

    do it yourself oil change anyone?

    where do you dispose used oil? that's my only concern about it...
  4. michal-q

    535d remap

    Sorry, you are right here, i should have wrote that chip boxes are the worst case of engine tuning, i wasn't comparing them, i should have put it in different words. Dear Stan, thank you for invitation, but sadly it's a bit to far for me to go but if one day I'll be going your way I would love to visit your garage. I do not doubt that you guys are doing a great job. I'm not assuming that all companies are the same, there are good and bad companies, as in every other business. some companies are so focused on making money that they forget about customers satisfaction (I'm sure we could find some on ebay). Back home (Poland) nearly all the tuning companies have their own rolling roads and you don't pay per hour, you pay for the job set amount of money, regardless how long it takes, but usually 3-5 hrs.
  5. michal-q

    535d remap

    Dear Blobby, please do not treat this as any kind of atack or judging you, I wrote this just to explain it to Kems, on how it should work. I have done some research on the remap topic in the past, most professional tuners do not sell ready made maps because they are not as good as it sounds. Reason for it is that every engine is in different condition and not every engine after lets say 4-5 years still holds it's nominal power. The best way to do it is to take your car to specialist, first do 2-3 runs on rolling road with the standard settings and compare the results, than you download the map from your car and modify it, after that you do tests on rolling road and check if everything goes as it should and the power and torque is rising properly and if there is no sudden torque gains and losses. sudden gain of torque can damage your drivetrain. In the most cases you need 2-5 tests with your new map and adjust the figures to make it the best for your engine performance. Professionals say that every remap should be made individually for every car, that is the only way to make sure that your engine is safe and all is running as it should. When you buy something online you have no chance to check it before and after and therefore the results may not be as good as you would expect it to be. Obviously individual tuning costs more money than ready made, because of the time tuner needs to spend with the car to get it done, but at least you get full printout with reading before and after remaping and know it's done the right way. I personaly think that some people selling this ready made maps on ebay do not know anything about remaping but still are selling it, there is only one reason, to make money looking forward to see your rolling road printout and compare the actual power and torque gain to expected figures. worst than the preset maps are the "chip boxes" that you plug in, this is nothing more than a resistor that is making mass air flow sensor/meter send false reading to your car's ECU.
  6. michal-q

    Heresy I'm sure but when did Mercs get sh!t?

    Hi, I personally like Mercedes 126, you could get yourself something like this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MERCEDES-BENZ-420-SEC-AUTO-PILLARLESS-COUPE-W126-SERIES-/260972200037?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item3cc327c065#ht_1890wt_1252 nice coupe
  7. michal-q

    Gearbox types on e60 LCI models

    Thank you Ratman for this explanation.
  8. michal-q

    Gearbox types on e60 LCI models

    Thats long life What does the service include, excpet for oil change?
  9. michal-q

    Gearbox types on e60 LCI models

    so, I understand that desired gearbox is the SAT with paddles, how about service intervals on this box?
  10. Hi, I'm looking for some info on the automatic gearboxes on the e60 lci models, i know there is a auto gearbox with paddles and without, is the difference only in the look of the gear stick and the paddles on the steering wheel or are they two different constructions? what are service intervals for it and are there any issues with either of them? (the car i'm after is e60 530i m sport) cheers for all your replies (i hope there will be some )
  11. michal-q


    I work for parcelforce and we handle quite a few bits for raf.
  12. michal-q


  13. michal-q

    e60 530d ccc pro nav

    Hi, i think you could get the CIC unit with 80GB HDD retrofited in your car instead of CCC , there is some information on google about it.
  14. michal-q

    e61 Pics as requested

    Very nice car! this is what autotrader says about warranties, looked up on 2004 model: Standard manufacturers warranty (miles) 60000 miles Standard manufacturers warranty (years) 3 years Standard corrosion guarantee 6 years Standard paintwork guarantee 3 years
  15. michal-q


    no sorry, i bought it in 1999 and sold it in 2002, so it was 10 years ago but i have some good memories