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  1. My car was running fine until yesterday - atleast until I've taken it to a local hand car wash. After the car was washed and about 10 - 12 miles on our way home the car suddenly started acting like a Kangaroo. This went on for approx 2 miles - the engine didn't cut out or anything. After that the problem seems to have just disappeared and we made it home. The car is 1988 M30 Manual. What could it be that's caused these symptoms? Anything(s) in particular I should check / get checked before taking the car out on the road again. Thanks for your advice Tom
  2. Hello all, Is there a way to access the coolant drain plug - without lifting the car? Thanks
  3. woldstech

    Recommended Garages/Services/Suppliers

    Any recommendations for older bmws in Lincolnshire ?
  4. woldstech

    Help prioritise things to do for a F Reg 535i Manual

    Ordered fuel lines / breather pipes and banjo bolts. Checked for rust/rot underside before purchasing - very little for it's age ,but, double checked just to be sure. Although it looks like it does not need it, will get it professinally rust proofed once the fuel /brake lines are changed. Rad/waterpump and viscous are all good - temp needle where it should be at all times - does not lose water. Coolant will be changed. Not sure how many hours of labour for changing fuel lines and tank breather pipes. Any ideas? For the M30 engine is the E28 Bentley manual better than then E34? - I've got the E34 Bentley manual. Thanks
  5. woldstech

    Help prioritise things to do for a F Reg 535i Manual

    Removed rear seat base and had a good look around the battery area yesterday - no rust / rot found. Fuel lines defnitely need changing - MOT is in March 2014 -so aiming to get them changed asap. Don't know how much cash I need to part with this time
  6. Hello all, I've acquired a 1988 535i Manual with 54k miles and (not too much rust) The car runs well and had a new clutch and radiator put in 2005. It had been driven a few hundred miles since then. A friend of mine is a mechanic and is willing to help out with sorting out a few things before winter starts -however, he is not familiar with older BMWs and their quirks ( neither am I for that matter) . Last MOT had two advisories 1. Fuel pipes corroded 2. Brake pipes slight corrosion. There is a whiff of petrol under the bonnet and under the fuel tank. Not sure what the part numbers are for the fuel pipes and fuel hoses (in the engine bay). Some of the jobs I have been thinking of 1. Change all fluids and filters. 2. Replace Banjo bolts with new style ones. 3. Replace current 3.45 open diff with a 3.46 or 3.07 LSD 4. Replace fuel lines / pipes and vaccum hoses. 5. Fit an alarm ( the car does not have any alarm at the moment). 6. Get the underbody rust proofed professionally. The car is in reasonable condition for its age and I just want to keep it like that and enjoy driving it - Your help and advice in suggesting and prioritising tasks and mods to keep it in gwo will be much appreciated. I have attached a picture of the old girl. Many Thanks in advance Tom
  7. Took the "old girl" to a bmw specialist in stevenage yesterday - as I don't trust myself with spanners. I am not sure if there is such a thing as a pleasant shock but I received one yesterday when I was told that my version of M57 engine had swirl flaps. Was under the impression that only M57 TU versions had swirl flaps. The garage said that if I had not asked them to clean the inlet manifold they probably would not have discovered this. They showed me a disassembled engine that suffered swirl flap damage. So took the opportunity to take a few photos of the innards - can tell you all that it's not a pleasant sight. 1. Got rid of the old style bog roll and put in a vortex type breather. 2. Cleaned out the EGR valve and blocked the vaccum pipe for good. 3. Put in a new air + fuel filter 4. Got brake pipe(s) replaced 5. Rear subframe bushes replaced 6. Swirl flaps removed and blanked. 7. Brake hoses replaced. I am hoping to get the autobox serviced next week. Thank you all for your help and advice to a bmw newbie. I really appreciate it.
  8. I am thinking of including a thorough clean of intake manifold as part of the preventative maintenance service. Before I go ahead would like to hear from others if they've noticed any improvements on their 530d / 330d after getting this done. Also as my W reg 330d has a M57 engine and not the M57N version with additional sensors- am planning to get the EGR valve permanently bypassed so don't have to think about cleaning it again - once it is done.. Again before actually going ahead with it would love to hear from forum members about the pros and cons in getting this done.
  9. woldstech

    Just Had An AUTOBOX service.....

    I sent an email via their website a while ago - didn't get a reply. Like another forum member said when I contact a business via their website I expect a reply . I called them up and was given a price of £120 + vat for gearbox oil change and £200 + vat for a TC lockup sol change.
  10. Would it be a good idea to get the torque converter lockup solenoid changed at the time of autobox service? Some members (on this forum) seem to suggest this is weakest link on GM gearboxes and could do with being changed as part of a routine (preventative) maintenance ? Double checked all the pipe work and noticed a leak on the power steering pump - just the bottom part of it seems to be weeping and it looked like a well established leak with some of the stuff falling on the alternator Thanks
  11. woldstech

    Just Had An AUTOBOX service.....

    Please can you share with us how it went with gearbox oil change + torque converter lockup solenoid. I've scheduled a transmission oil change + lockup converter solenoid change for my W reg E46 330d with 97K miles....Thanks
  12. Thanks duncan-uk. Is it a good idea to change the fuel filter?
  13. Thanks duncan-uk, have ordered a "bog roll". Hope to clean the egr and put in the new bog roll this weekend. Is it worth budgeting for a waterpump+thermostat+radiator + assorted bits and bobs at these mileage for this engine? Checked the pipe work and spotted weeping leak - power steering fluid . Also the differential had traces of fluid leak. Have booked the car in for gearbox oil change at mackie transmissions in Glasgow. While at it is it worthwhile fitting an auxiliary transmission oil cooler? Appreciate your advice
  14. Hello all I've recently bought a W reg E46 330d (auto) with 97K miles on the clock - with few mot advisories- namely replacing rear shocks, front discs+ pads, n/s/r brake pipe corrosion etc. The car's previous owner had it for about 30K miles and didn't go beyond changing tyres/rear brake disks during the period of his ownership. I believe the diesels have a GM box. Hence am keen on getting the gearbox oil changed by Michael ds although it would be a bit of trek to scotland from Lincoln. What I would really appreciate from fellow E46 330d owners is: At this mileage / with this engine and gearbox combination+ minimal previous service history: I would like to draw on fellow member's E46/330d experiences and learn as much as possible about what preventative maintenance I can undertake and in what order to partially reduce the chances of really big repair bills / breakdowns. Thank you
  15. Thank you for all I've been told by the seller of the 330i I am interested in purchasing that the Autobox has been made by Getrag. Would appreciate it if forum members who had good or bad "experiences" with this gearbox can share them here.