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  1. Rafeabrook

    545i Muffler Delete

    Afternoon all. Returning to the 5 fray with my first E60 Picking up a super rare 545i Manual on Tuesday and the first thing I want to do is free up that V8 noise. I've seen evidence of some successful muffler deletes on You Tube, but my local independents don't want to touch the job for fear of ballsing up the emissions readings (they do MOT's so understandable I suppose) I'm not going to try anything like this myself, so does anyone know someone who will, without cocking up the lights on the dash? I'm keen to keep the cat to avoid future MOT problems. Thanks in advance
  2. Rafeabrook

    E34 525i Sport Auto Valuation

    Thanks Carl Kind of what I thought, and I'll be checking those sills for sure! Even at £1500 there would be plenty of profit in this one and MOT is to July. R
  3. Rafeabrook

    E34 525i Sport Auto Valuation

    Hi folks, Anyone hazard a guess as to the rough value of a 1994 Avus Blue E34 saloon 525i Sport Auto with 120k on the clock? Service history, and assume everything works, and clean bodywork with a few minor bodywork marks but no dents or serious rust. I believe the car sits on Para's and has sport leather seats as well. Am going to go for a proper look tomorrow. I may have the opportunity to pick one up locally very cheap and fix it up for resale (needs a small dent fixing and alloy refurb). I know manual would have more value than Auto but the rest of the spec seems bang on. Thanks! Rafe
  4. http://www.pistonheads.com/regulars/ph-carpool/bmw-530i-touring-e34--ph-carpool/31742 Despite having sold the car just a few days ago, I hope the exposure from this helps bolster interest and values in these great cars
  5. Rafeabrook

    To v8 or not to v8 that is my question....

    My dream E34 (after a 6 speed M5 Touring) would be a 540t/6 on Parras. If I were you I'd be patient and try and land a genuine V8 car and budget for some light resto, as a sorted one will be decent money now. As poitned out above the conversion will cost you nearly as much but you'll have no resale value should you wish to sell one day. Or buy my 530it Manual, open up the exhaust and debadge it! http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/107251-bmw-e34-530i-v8-touring-manual-%C2%A32995-ono/#entry1150456
  6. Hi all, Link to advert. Be sorry to see it go, but wife won't let me have 3 cars sadly http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/107251-bmw-e34-530i-v8-touring-manual-%C2%A32995-ono/ Fire away with any questions! Rafe
  7. Rafeabrook

    The official BMW 5, E34 540i Touring thread.

    I see this is back, and fancifully priced..... http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C564831
  8. Rafeabrook

    e34 540/6

    I would have preferred a 540 like most people but as I also wanted a manual and a Touring, I knew that I was going to be in for a loooooong wait! Settled on a very nice and very standard 530i V8 Wagon (manual) in the end, and it still entertains and looks the business. I note that this is back again having recently been on eBay but I'm very suspicious for a lot of reasons and I think the price is fanciful and based on rarity, not condition! http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C564831
  9. Rafeabrook

    M60B30 hesitancy at high revs

    I think you're right as these are probably not checked as part of the service. I will start my getting them checked out anyway. There certainly feels like plenty of potential from this engine, despite it's relative lack of size by V8 standards.
  10. Rafeabrook

    M60B30 hesitancy at high revs

    Just had a full Inspection 2 service gents (3 weeks ago), so I can rule that out. I was hoping that would cure it, but it didn't!
  11. Rafeabrook

    M60B30 hesitancy at high revs

    We're not talking massive constipation here, but a slight hesitancy to pull cleanly through to the redline. In everyday driving you don't notice anything, hence it not being a priority, but now all my more important jobs are sorted it's next on the list. Will get it booked in and have them run the codes and diagnose accordingly. Thanks
  12. Rafeabrook

    M60B30 hesitancy at high revs

    Yes and I don't want to look like one, but I wouldn't mind a bit more rumble and less high rev performance strangulation while retaining the OEM look. Any suggestions?
  13. Rafeabrook

    M60B30 hesitancy at high revs

    If I rip out the cat, how will I get it through it's next MOT? Will this help? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/281114960650?_trksid=p2060778.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  14. Rafeabrook

    M60B30 hesitancy at high revs

    Hi all, My 530i V8 is hesitating at high revs (4k plus) which as many of you will know is where it comes alive. It feels like fuel starvation so I'm thinking maybe a knackered pump, or is this a symptom of sulfur from the fuel affecting the dreaded Nikasil lining? It will rev up to the red line, but the burps along the way at high revs are a little disconcerting. Any ideas? Thanks, Rafe