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  1. crossIwired

    F10 Multi function dash

    yeah, was wrong
  2. in F10? it takes 5 minutes max check it out
  3. head unit mate, its very easy to get it out
  4. I'd try to disconnect it for a 15 minutes and plug back in ..
  5. alot mate, probably 500-700 sterling range
  6. I guess so as all data goes through head unit
  7. theres nothing else which can play up mate as hu is connected directly to the display and wouldnt say that display causes it anyways, there are a quite few folks around who can code it for you for a few quid
  8. thats weird, mate ... I'd check eBay for another unit, they're pretty cheap now...but might be wrong. anyways, didnt came across unit which wasnt able to get hard reset
  9. yup, head unit itself ... try to hard reset it: press and hold volume knob for approx 10 seconds until it restarts, it might help
  10. crossIwired

    F10 Multi function dash

    are you sure, as far as i know 6WB cluster was installed in M5s as well and as theres no 'real' gauges, once coded should work as a display without a hassle heres more info: https://f10.5post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1285796
  11. for me it looks like HU is on its last legs mate, it doesnt look like any kind of software problem
  12. yup, at dealers. great advice, gotta make one of these signs asap
  13. no idea, they were hoovering inside so probably grille got elbowed or something like that
  14. got my done on Monday but...valeters broke passengers door speaker grille, fortunately they've agreed to get me new one by the end of next week
  15. boll*x, messed it up with F10 sorry my bad