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  1. cad42

    Bolts and gaskets

    Paid! Thanks very much!
  2. cad42

    Bolts and gaskets

    Hello, Need to drop the oil pan on my n52 to fish out all the pieces of serpentine belt, and then retime it... So please may I have: [ ] Two of: Vanos bolts 11367524954 [ ] Vcg bolts 11120409288 [ ] Oil pan gasket 11137548031 [ ] Level sensor seal 12611744292 [ ] Oil pan bolts 11132210959 [ ] Sump washer 07119963151 Many thanks. Jonathan.
  3. cad42

    Belt, Tensioner and Bolt

    Hello, VIN: AW50926 Belt: 11287628650 Tensioner: 11288624196 Torx Bolt: 11287530315 Idler pulley: 11287535860 If I could get that lot ASAP, I'd really appreciate it Cheers. Jonathan.
  4. https://photos.app.goo.gl/aixSeimbjpkZa3iB6 Enjoy it!
  5. cad42

    E39/E38 Black Sport Contours

    Sale agreed
  6. Hey, Bought these off here five years ago. Never fitted. Stored inside my flat ever since. Renovated by "Bespoke Leathering" in 2014 (see picture) and never used since. Black plug seats but includes cables so can be spliced to a yellow plug car. https://photos.app.goo.gl/WwWC3yXnGcNbAG5V7 Looking for £300 collection only from Beckenham, BR3. Cheers. Jonathan.
  7. Hey, It's yours. I'm delighted someone is willing to keep her going! I'll message you tomorrow. Cheers. Jonathan.
  8. Sad times. I've owned this car for over 7 years and put 95 thousand miles on it. Loved every mile. Bad points: Gearbox is toast. The torque converter has completely let go and prior to that there were very, very rough shifts for tens of thousands of miles so it needs a full rebuild, I was quoted £1800 by Wavertree in Sydenham. Valve cover gasket leak; plugs and coils were very oily Front suspension: car has the dreaded shimmy, so the front arms need doing (again) and the tie rod ends also need replacing, it also sits quite low which is a pain over speedbumps Rear suspension: something is a little loose, although I don't think it's sub frame bushes Bodywork: Both front wings crumpled, front bumper cracked, the splash trays at the sides are long gone, plenty of rust: sills, rear arches, boot lid - see pictures Fuel gauge: drivers side sensor it dead (again) and is great fun to replace Pixels: don't be fooled by the picture, many zombie pixels that come and go Headlight adjusters broken on one side (MOT fail), I replaced the adjusters on the other side, never again Something wrong with wiring to brake pad wear sensors as it complains constantly - I've changed the sensors CCV gone, so smokes good and proper on a hot start Occasional Vanos rattle on start - has not changed in 95K miles, scared me half to death first time I heard it! Rear parking sensors stuck on Drivers seat no longer goes up and down MOT expired 1st March 2019 - SORN No tax or Insurance, so can't be test driven (barely moves with the blown TC anyway) Interior: a little tatty, my girlfriend put a lot of miles on it for work - rear seats don't fold so all sorts of stuff transported on the back seats, plenty of scratches to the aluminium effect trim and the usual wear to the front seats. Mileage: 205,000 The good: I have two spare front wings - neither perfect, but much better than the ones on the car Recent Xenon bulbs on both sides - one side with new adjusters Recent disks, pads and shoes all round, no lip at all on the disks Uniroyal Rainsports with plenty of life - 8Js all round, I have the 9Js if you want (tyres are not legal on the 9Js) New spark plugs fitted today, oil from VCG leak cleaned up - started first time after sitting for four months, ran smoothly, other than the screaming transmission Expansion tank at ~107K (Indy) Both pre-cat lambdas ~115K (DIY) Chain tensioner at ~117K (DIY) Bosch MAF at ~117K (DIY) Water pump, Stat, Radiator and belts at ~119k (DIY) Hedgehog ~126K (DIY) Shocks, springs, rear control arms ~127K (DIY) Alternator and Bosch S5 battery ~170K (DIY) Brand new rear bumper courtesy of a little bump from the police ~175K (No receipt, didn't occur to me to ask as I didn't pay!) Both front calipers refurbed by Bigg Red and new discs and pads at ~190K Air bag recall, shiny new BMW badge ~190K Radiator done (again) at ~196K (DIY) Rear brake lines done, required dropping the fuel tank ~195k (Garage, no chance I was doing that job!) Service history 20,781 BMW Oil 40,781 BMW Insp 1 64,588 BMW Oil 83,485 BMW Insp 2 95,855 Indy Oil 104,906 Indy Insp 2 109,521 Indy Oil 118,400 Indy Insp 1 128,183 Indy Oil 143,722 Indy Insp 2 160,452 Indy Oil 183,677 Indy Oil 193,198 Indy Insp 2 and brake fluid Pictures: https://photos.app.goo.gl/x9eEpCrF5bSS3vDq6 Free to collect but you will need a trailer. Finally a massive thank you to everyone on this forum who took the time to document and photograph work they did on their cars. Everything I DIY'd was done after researching on this forum, and doubtless a bunch of other little jobs I've long forgotten about. This car is a joy to work on. Fear not, I am still driving (and wrenching on) a BMW Location: Beckenham BR3, South East London / North West Kent
  9. cad42


    Thanks, ordered over the phone.
  10. cad42


    Hey, Sorry, could you add in two more parts : Another gasket: 11428637820 And the belt: 11287628650 Thanks! Jonathan.
  11. cad42


    Thanks, I'm pretty sure part number is 11428637821. Vin ends in Aw50926. Cheers. Jonathan.
  12. cad42


    Hi, Oil filter housing gasket for an n52, please! Thanks! Jonathan.
  13. Hey, Vin ends GF14019. Edit: found the part number: 13621433077 I think. I'm assuming that I can't just buy the green rubber ring? Could I also have the little hose that goes from the bottom of the rad to the alternator on the passenger side I believe that is: 11531711385 . Cheers. Jonathan.
  14. cad42

    Oil / Insp 1 Service pack

    Hi, Insp 1 is coming up, please can I have a service pack for it? I think this is the same as for the oil service? GF14019, E39 540i. Thanks. Jonathan.
  15. cad42

    E39 Fuel level sensor

    Hey, GF14019, drivers side fuel level sensor, please. Many thanks. Jonathan.