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  1. cad42

    Nuts, bolts, breather pipe

    Delivered this morning. Thank you very much!
  2. cad42

    Nuts, bolts, breather pipe

    Thanks very much, paid for that lot this afternoon.
  3. cad42

    Nuts, bolts, breather pipe

    Hello, Please could I get this lot: 2 control arm bolts 31106763928 2 nuts 31106767496 2 ball joint nuts 33306787062 air filter 13717536006 cover 51717167811 Fuel breather 16126765748 And protector 16124390434 2 washers 07119906464 Alternator bolts 12310392568 Aw50926. I'm sure of the part numbers. Thanks very much! Jonathan.
  4. cad42

    Filters and plastic cap

    Paid. Thanks very much!
  5. cad42

    Filters and plastic cap

    Hello, Car is running great with the new pcv and disa valves. Touch wood the new front main seal is keeping the oil in the engine, too Please can I have a quote for: Filters: 88002288313 Plastic cap which I lost: 51717169481 Vin: aw50926. I'm sure the part numbers are good. Thanks! Jonathan.
  6. cad42

    N52 pcv system, gaskets, seals

    Paid. Thank you very much!
  7. Hey, N52 now running sweetly, onto the oil leak: Aw50926 Pcv system: 11617531423 11617559530 11157522931 11157567801 Intake manifold gasket 11617547242 Front main seal 11117547842 Plastic cover that the last owner lost: 11137543122 It would be fantastic if I could get that lot for the weekend... Cheers. Jonathan.
  8. cad42

    N52 timing flywheel lock hole

    Just got back from a test drive. Car is now running beautifully. No codes at all. Happy days. N5x owners: Keep a close eye on your serpentine belt and any oils leaks that could contaminate it.
  9. cad42

    N52 timing flywheel lock hole

    Progress... Those two holes are too small for the lock tool. They are just there to mess with my head! I now have the flywheel locked. I cannot rock the crank shaft at all. The cams are a few degrees advanced from getting it wrong last time. Tip: if you can see a flywheel bolt through the big access hole then you have locked the flywheel in the wrong place.
  10. Hey, I'm retiming an n52 auto after it shredded the serpentine belt. Car is running with 2a98 and 2a99 indicating that it wasn't at tdc when I put the lock pin in - known issue as the auto flywheel has lots of holes to access bolts. So looking at this picture, I see two small holes that the lock pin will fit snuggly. Which is the correct hole? (Yes, I know this inspection hole is not the locking point, but it lets me take a picture of the problem) Cheers. Jonathan.
  11. cad42

    N52 timing - again

    Just arrived via DPD, the ferrero roche of delivery companies I'll be fitting these bits on Friday - thanks!
  12. cad42

    N52 timing - again

    Paid, thank you very much!
  13. cad42

    N52 timing - again

    Hey, I dropped the sump and cleaned up all the bits of serpentine belt. When I retimed the engine I must have had the lock pin in the wrong hole on the flywheel. Car runs a bit rough and throws 2a99 and 2a98 timing codes. So... Two of: Vanos bolts 11367524954 Valve cover gasket 11127581215 Vcg bolts 11120409288 For Aw50926, but I'm sure the part numbers are correct. Wish me luck! Cheers. Jonathan.
  14. cad42

    Bolts and gaskets

    Paid! Thanks very much!
  15. cad42

    Bolts and gaskets

    Hello, Need to drop the oil pan on my n52 to fish out all the pieces of serpentine belt, and then retime it... So please may I have: [ ] Two of: Vanos bolts 11367524954 [ ] Vcg bolts 11120409288 [ ] Oil pan gasket 11137548031 [ ] Level sensor seal 12611744292 [ ] Oil pan bolts 11132210959 [ ] Sump washer 07119963151 Many thanks. Jonathan.