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  1. theig

    Diesel vs. Petrol

    Because the DPF caused my first diesel engine to blow up after 3000 miles (the car had been inspected by the local main stealer twice in that time hoping to find some work they could charge for) and the warranty replacement needed to go to the dealer after every motorway journey of between 200 and 300 miles to have the DPF cleaned.
  2. theig

    Searching for an F10

    I think I got one of the last 6 pot 528i cars. Ordered in July 2011 and delivered in September. But I doubt all (many) September 2011 deliveries were 6 pot. I think it depended on whether you found a dealer who was still offering the run-out deal (my local dealer was only offering 4 pots so I ended up going to the other end of the country to find one who was still doing the 6 pot). So, the only way to be sure if it's a September 2011 car will be to ask the seller. Oh and the 6 pot is 3 L, the 4 pot is 2 L.
  3. theig

    Too much oil?

    If you have litre of diesel in your engine oil, don't start the engine, get the oil changed. The fuel dilutes the oil to the point where it no longer lubricates any of the bearings in the engine or turbo and both go bang. This happened to me in less than 3000 miles/3 months of ownership, despite the car coming from a main dealer and having had two health checks (i.e. dealer looking for work) by another main dealer in the interim. The car was not even reporting that there was too much oil. I was going to advise the OP to get his oil changed again completely, even though its only been in the engine for a couple of weeks, for this reason - an oil change is much cheaper than a new engine (fortunately Jaguar admitted liability for my engine's demise, so I got a new one gratis).
  4. theig

    What do you all get on full tank?

    360 miles, but that's around town, and I have a normally aspirated, i6 with the "extra pedal" and that doesn't use the fuel of Satan. I did once manage to coax 52 mpg out of her, but that was with a hot engine at a constant 50 mph on the M58 from the M6 to the coast - so downhill all the way.
  5. theig

    Too much oil?

    I don't want to scare the pants off you or be a harbinger of doom - but smell the oil. If diesel is getting into your engine oil at that rate it's not good. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt and a new engine. It was a known problem on Jaguars and some other makes in the noughties, something to do with the inlet valve timing and forced regen process not being worked out correctly meant that the fuel being added to the exhaust to burn the soot out of the DPF got into the engine oil instead. Diesels have to do this forced regen process if they're not used regularly on the motorway. Apparently going for the occasional motorway blast is no protection, the car will not do a regen just because you want it to.
  6. Not all F10s have a dipstick - BMW for some reason thought it unnecessary on 2010/2011 528is for example, goodness knows why.
  7. theig

    535i Real MPG

    Mine is a 528i - so normally aspirated but still a straight six, 3 L. Around town, driving like a nun and turning the engine off at known long red traffic lights, I get 25 mpg if I'm lucky. Motorway cruising at speeds that keep me ahead of the traffic but not likely to interest the plod is low 30s. The only time I ever got near the book value was a motorway trip downhill (M58 from the M6 to Liverpool) with a hot engine, cruise control at 50 mph and in 6th the whole way. (Manual so only goes up to 6). But this is a beemer with a big engine - big fuel bills go with the territory and it's way better than the AJV6 Jag XF I had that returned 17 mpg in town.
  8. The rear was so bouncy the main dealer changed the shocks under warranty without question when the car was only weeks old. Now it's so hard it's as if there's no suspension at all in the back with anything but a minimal load on board. With a heavy load on board, every bump is like being dropped on concrete from a great height. The harsh ride is not the tyres, it's exactly the same whether it's on RFTs or ordinary tyres, so, poor QC when it left the factory compounded by poor engineering/design. The suspension is worse than any of the Jags, VWs or even Rovers, I've owned in the past for ride ride comfort. I'm not going to change it though, 'cause no-one does anything comparable these days with a manual gearbox and nothing will induce me to go automatic again after my experiences in the XF.
  9. theig

    "Miles Left" For Brake Pads

    My 2011 F10 has just dropped from over 20k left to 2k left on the rears. For the first few years it said 30k to 40k left. The guys I now use for servicing (Newhall, Wirral) tell me this is normal behaviour - basically until the pads are near end of life, the sensor reading is pretty meaningless. The local stealer told me the same thing 3 years ago when they tried to sell me new rear pads at a bargain £200 despite the sensor saying the pads had at least 30k left on them. They tried to sell me new front tyres at the same time. What they didn't know was that a different stealer had serviced the car a few weeks previously and reported no problems. The car passed the next two MOTs on the same pads and tyres. I leave you to guess what I told the local stealer when they cold called me to ask if I would use their service department again.
  10. theig

    Any Petrol Owners here???

    It's the 3.0 litre. As others have said, lovely engine but drinks fuel (and oil). I'm more concerned about it's thirst for oil but the dealer claims 1 litre every 3k - 4k miles is within spec. And no, I don't thrash it
  11. theig

    Trump, trump, trumpety trump!

    He is reported to have ordered the raid. If he hadn't been in post long enough to know what he was doing, but went ahead anyway, that doesn't bode well for the future. I doubt very much Trump or the people around him gave a moment's thought to vulnerable people and civilians.
  12. theig

    Trump, trump, trumpety trump!

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-38836327 Or are Yemeni civilians not "people"?
  13. theig

    Bridgestone ER300 RFTs

    I have 17" Pirelli P7 RFTs on in the summer - crash bang wallop every bump, but they do last forever - I got around 35k from the fronts when they were down to 3 mm and the rears are still around 4 mm. Winters are Bridgestone non-RFT and are quite bouncy. More than 6 mm of tread left after 10k.
  14. theig

    Any Petrol Owners here???

    I bought a final manufacturing run 6-pot 528i in September 2011 with manual transmission. Motorway fuel consumption at 70-ish is around 30-34 mpg. Around town its 24 to 26. The only time I've seen anything better was on the M58 from the M6 to Liverpool (so downhill all the way) with a hot engine, in 6th, cruise control set to 56 mph, when I got 51 mpg. So my experience is that it's a thirsty beast. Suspension/ride comfort on 17" wheels is acceptable with one or two people in the car and no luggage, when fully loaded it can only be described as dire; every bump, even on smooth continental motorways is like being dropped on a concrete block. (SE not sport model) I keep the car because (a) I can't afford to change it (b) it's a manual and I hate autos, so there isn't much choice and (c) it isn't a Jaguar (had two of those before the 528i, never again)
  15. Mine left the factory with knackered rear suspension and non-functional sat-nav - both replaced under warranty. The suspension then worked for around 25k - the car is known in the family as the vomit comet. The sat-nav has never worked.