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  1. bmthnick1981

    e38 750i / 750il

    Oh no......... Can you link me to the details ? Thanks
  2. bmthnick1981

    e38 750i / 750il

    Been for sale on an off for a while, pre-facelift and over 100k makes me think £5.5k is expensive. Comments like 'far from concourse' also make me wonder what the condition is like up close. Avus blue is a gorgeous colour and the interior is very nice but would be better if contrasted with blue carpets.
  3. bmthnick1981

    e38 750i / 750il

    Looks good and the mileage is appealing but it is a very early car with incorrect front indicator lenses, incorrect rear lights, a silly spoiler and few other bits wrong. Makes me wonder if its been messed with . I'd rather a later and original car really.
  4. bmthnick1981

    e38 750i / 750il

    Same as you Luke I had a really good 750il many years ago I shouldn't of sold. Since then I have also had a SWB 750i which I bought off here, I sold that as I had a new lease car coming. I have now realised I want to get another v12 e38.
  5. bmthnick1981

    e38 750i / 750il

    Considering buying another e38 750 to replace the last one I sold around 3-4 years ago Anyone got anything lying around? Thanks
  6. bmthnick1981

    Piper's E39 540i Touring

    Looks great on those wheels, are they refurbed ?
  7. bmthnick1981

    E38 750il

    I think it was £1450 actually Piper! I ran N43 BRX for 9 months and 9,000 miles and it was a good car. I had the wheels refurbished - twice, had some tyres put on, a service an MOT and some replacement of some suspension bushes. Think I spent about £1000 in the time I had it. I sold it for £1850 and the next chap sold it for £2850! Prices have certainly firmed up since then. I am in a E65 750i Sport now.
  8. bmthnick1981

    Piper's E38 Story

    Consequence of a much more stringent MOT (TUV test?) meaning cars cost a lot more to keep on the road and those with current TUV commanding a higher price Plus second hand cars are cheap here, due in part to the deals on new ones I guess. And people perceive e39s and e38s as big and expensive to run. Having had 3 e39s I can remember and 3 x e38s I would also agree the e38 is a far better quality item than the e39 - e38 is one of the best BMWs ever in my opinion.
  9. bmthnick1981

    E34 M5 collection for sale

    Great photo. I see these are now on C&C @ £45k. Good luck with the sale.
  10. bmthnick1981

    E34 M5 collection for sale

    Thank you, looks good. Just needs amber indicator lenses at the front to be like my old '93 car. What are the miles, known issues with the car Is it black leather. Would be interested to know what you are looking for for the car. I am in Bournemouth so not too far from you.
  11. bmthnick1981

    Piper's E38 Story

    Yep that's the way it goes sometimes! Oh well!
  12. bmthnick1981

    Piper's E38 Story

    Hi Piper Nick here, old owner of your green 750 - I still miss it and yearn for another e38 - i've had 3 and they are great cars. Will follow your progress on this one. Nick
  13. bmthnick1981

    E34 M5 collection for sale

    I'd be interested in the "3.8 five speed saloon, avus, no edc and on bilsteins etc" - same as the old one I used to have - see profile pic! Look forward to more details / prices in due course.
  14. bmthnick1981

    1990 E34 M5 3.6

    Very smart
  15. bmthnick1981

    Wounded E34 M5 3.6

    I think I saw a post on the ML FB page about this.... Nice project, good luck with it.