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  1. roi354

    Retro-fit option list

    That's great, thanks. I suppose the easier question then is: what can't be retro fitted? That way I can be confident that I don't buy something that I may regret in the future.
  2. roi354

    Covered by warranty or not?

    With respect, you could warp a brand new set of discs in 10 minutes if you were determined enough. Fair wear and tear works both ways and attempting to return something that has suffered overheating in use might be construed as not very fair in the eyes of the dealer. I'd still argue your point but be prepared for bad news at the same time.
  3. If I bought a car privately is there any way I could have it checked by BMW and then obtain the AUC warranty?
  4. roi354

    Diesel engine differences

    Ok so if I buy 'a' car with no warranty, I can just phone this Mondial Co. and they'll cover me? I assume there needs to be some kind of inspection beforehand. Dare I ask the cost of something like this? It'll be one to factor into the purchase price.
  5. roi354

    Diesel engine differences

    Normally I'd prefer to buy a car from an enthusiast - especially if it was known to a forum such as this for eg. - but I completely take the point that these cars are incredibly complex and a good warranty is worth it's weight in DPF filters. This does beg the question (and is probably worth a search or new topic), what about 3rd party warranties for non AUC warranted cars?
  6. roi354


    Interesting for a newbie searching for an E60, just how varied the quoted seem to be. Some very reasonable and others ridiculous. My quick Confused quote was: 535d MSport '57' £17,995 32yo + 29yo fiancée 7yrs ncd Essex postcode (E London border - think 'loaded premium', you won't be far off) Parked on driveway 15k of which 8k is business use Protected policy with £500 excess SP30 + 50:50 claim (motorbike ruined, my RS4 had a few scratches (the proverbial happens!)) £770 I thought that was quite reasonable for my personal circumstances but I'm sure I could shave a little from that when the time comes.
  7. roi354

    2007 E60 535d LCI cutting out

    Is the lift pump in the tank or external?
  8. roi354

    Diesel engine differences

    Can you not extend the warranty then?
  9. roi354

    Diesel engine differences

    I would much prefer that but originally I had only intended to spend around 10k. When it became apparent that I wouldn't get much for my money, I decided on a figure of 13k, now it looks like I'll be stretching to 18k plus! Ho hum
  10. roi354

    Diesel engine differences

    Thanks everyone for your detailed responses. My initial reason for asking was to decide whether it was worth the extra premium for me to buy a 535 over a 530 or even 525. I think that's been answered to my satisfaction now! 535d it is
  11. roi354

    Diesel engine differences

    Yes I was aware of the two turbos, I thought you were suggesting that with turbos and injectors that there was still differences. What exactly do you mean by higher rev range then? Turbo spec can't affect an engines ability to rev. Or did you mean the power is higher across the rev range? Is the intercooler air/air or air/water or a combination of the two? Thanks.
  12. roi354

    Diesel engine differences

    For what reason? What else is different? What about charge cooling? I assume there is some method of cooling the pressurised air, does this differ between the models?
  13. roi354

    Diesel engine differences

    Thanks for the detailed reply, however, it's the physical differences between the variants that I'm after. Ie. 535 has different exhaust manifold due to twin turbo setup, corresponding boost hoses, vac hoses and oil feeds/returns All three have the same M57TU2D30 engine but have different power outputs. Is this just down to the turbo spec & arrangement or are there other factors - injectors, fuel pressure, inlet air tract (intercooled?) etc.