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    E60 HID Fitting Guide

    Sorry to drag up a very old thread again but I found this after buying a kit from HIDS4U who I’ve used before. I followed the guide here almost to the letter on my pre-LCI 525d M Sport touring apart from drilling holes. I don’t know the differences between pre-LCI and LCI but there is so much room in my headlamp housings that I just tucked all the components into the housing and put the cap back on! Took maybe 20 mins to do both sides.
  2. Firstly hello, new member here looking for an E60/61 (not too fussed) but interested to know what the physical differences are between the 3x 3l engine variants in both the pre and post LCI models. Basically I'm looking for a 535d but can't decide whether it's worth the extra premium for me. Should I consider the 530d or even the 525d and look at remapping and other mods? Ultimately, can I simply replace parts on a 525d to create a 535d and tune from there? Thanks in advance, Rob
  3. roi354

    Retro-fit active cruise

    Thanks for replies. What's the code for ACC option so I can enquire with any local breakers? Blood could you code this for me if I were to go ahead? I'm in Redbridge.
  4. roi354

    Coolant temperature?

    Just checked my coolant temperature and during the first 6 miles of my journey (45-50mph) it didn't go above 62C! Then up to 78C @ 70mph for 10 miles. I'll report back when both stats have been replaced soon. (BTW '56 525d MST with 112k averaging 25-31mpg)
  5. Is this any good? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/150831513329 My car has done 112k and I'd like to change the oil as a preventative measure. If its ok I may buy two kits and use the first for a week as a 'flush' for the second. Good idea? Can I do similar with the rear diff?
  6. roi354

    Tyre Pressure

    It should be possible to tell which is flat as the pulses would be different on the suspect corner just as other systems brake individual wheels when they lose traction.
  7. roi354

    Auto box oil change kit

    I thought about that too but that assumes you had the correct volume to begin with.
  8. roi354

    Auto box oil change kit

    Its just dawned on me that the price you've quoted is only marginally more than buying the kit myself! Where in the country are you?
  9. Having just bought an E61 pre-LCi it is immediately apparent that the audio is lacking for me. I've read a few threads regarding upgrading components and there seems to be a few ways to go about it, so what's the easiest way to significantly improve the system? I'd like to do the fronts as a replacement component set therefore gaining tweeters at the same time, and I like the idea of the Earthquake subs (unless there's a better alternative now?) but what amp ideas are there these days? Basically I'd like a recommendation on components for the front, subs if there is a choice and amp(s) but all need to involve as minimal cutting/chopping as possible. I don't mind the odd trim here and drill there to keep things looking OEM but I'm not interested in fabricating boxes, brackets, grills or pulling the entire dash out for eg. Budget is dependant on the gains - I'll spend a few quid if it's worth it. Thanks in advance! Rob
  10. As per my first post - I'm looking for more than just an additional pair of tweeters. Can anyone help?
  11. roi354

    Auto box oil change kit

    I haven't, no. Do you have a link? (I'll probably regret this but) how hard can it be???
  12. roi354

    Spare wheel / runflats

    £144 for a spare and a jack? I have a can of tyre weld and RAC cover, that's enough insurance for me!
  13. roi354

    Front bumper grilles missing! Stolen?

    Just bought my car on Monday, had been on a dealer's forecourt so potentially could have been stolen, however there is a minor scrape under the near side corner extension so may have been dislodged from that impact before I bought it.
  14. http://www.hids4u.co.uk/bmw-oem-angel-eye-led-upgrade-e39-53-60-61-63-64-65-66-87.html Havent tried them but I have two of their HID kits on my other car and the quality is second to none.
  15. roi354

    Front bumper grilles missing! Stolen?

    I'll take a '13' please!
  16. roi354

    Extra Options via Key Memory coding.

    Is this coding business something a competant noob could pick up fairly quickly? Do I just need the cable and bundled software and away I go?
  17. roi354

    Anyone split open a headlamp?

    After much searching..... http://forums.nasioc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=384488 Thats the guide I used. Obviously the bulk of it is irrelevant but the process of splitting the unit is what will possibly work for you.
  18. roi354

    Anyone split open a headlamp?

    On an old Subaru I had, the headlight had a chromed plastic panel which looked far better sprayed satin black but to get at it required splitting the headlight. In the oven at 50 degrees on a baking tray for about 15-20 mins is sufficient to heat the sealer to melting point without doing damage. Before it goes in you need to remove any clips that hold the halves together. This might work for the E60 lights but don't take my word for it!
  19. I've been coming back to this one since the end of November as its got a nice spec. It's also wearing Vredesteins so although a long shot, I thought it might be known to a forum perhaps? Whether or not, what do you think at their price? I know it's an early year and I suspect that's why they still have it. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/270955451732?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 Thanks, Rob
  20. roi354

    Your thoughts on this car

    I don't think it has a single option added although it has leather, I thought that was standard but I've seen cars without. Body is a little tatty too.
  21. roi354

    Your thoughts on this car

    I'm not overly surprised, saloons are two a penny. A mate just picked up a 2004 530d SE with 145k for £2700.
  22. roi354

    Your thoughts on this car

    Well wouldn't you believe it, I called them today and it sold over the weekend. So if that's the spec I want and it must be a touring, should I consider a 530d or 525d instead?
  23. roi354

    Your thoughts on this car

    Guys thank you, your comments are exactly what my head is saying - it's too expensive, it isn't expensive, it's too expensive, etc!! And the age thing is similar. I think it's old, then I think it's a December '04 car so it's realistically only 16 months older than a 56 plate..... But it is old. AAARRRRGGHH!! I think if I could argue them down to 10k I'd go for it. Would you say it's a good idea?
  24. roi354

    Retro-fit option list

    I'm hoping you can all help here... If I were to buy an E61 with NO options (just for example), what can be retro-fitted and what can't? If you've got links to 'how to's' then that's even better!
  25. roi354

    Retro-fit option list

    Yes I appreciate that, what I'm trying to avoid is passing a car off because it doesn't have 'X' when in reality I could have fitted it myself afterwards.