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  1. roi354

    Broke down. Stuck at a camp site.

    Just in case that doesn't solve your issue... I had numerous occasions where it would display a transmission fault when starting and went through a phase of putting it on Ctek overnight for a few nights. The fault went away for a while but after some short local trips it came back again. £13 used IBS cable from an E90 and I've not had the problem again in 2 months.
  2. roi354

    Puffing black smoke

    Lack of kickdown I can't explain, but the lack of any acceleration at all I have on my 525d occasionally. I believe this is due to the electronic actuator not moving to position. My car has been remapped and DPF deleted however the actual DPF is only partially removed (long story) and it's thought that the car senses an overboost scenario and won't engage the actuator. Once you let off and reapply throttle, in most cases it recovers and accelerates. No codes are thrown for this and when I get around to gutting the DPF fully I'll know if that solves it. I suspect you've got oil in your DPF (possibly from a leaking turbo) and it's blocking, causing the same problem.
  3. roi354

    Puffing black smoke

    The turbo on my wife's 120d started passing oil from the seals and that resulted in dripping oil into the exhaust. When it was doing a DPF regen if you put your foot down you'd get a plume of black/blue smoke now and then. Unbeknown to me it was regenning far more frequently than it should have done (because the pressure differential must have told it to) and eventually it indicated that there was an issue. On closer inspection we found the oil from the turbo. Turbo rebuilt, DPF washed and 12k miles later it's quite happy although it does use a small amount of oil. Total mileage is now 115k.
  4. roi354

    Puffing black smoke

    We're going to need a lot more information before we can begin to diagnose the problem: How 'new' is the new engine - brand new or rebuilt, rebuilt top end, bottom end or both, same for turbo? Do you have DPF & EGR still in place or removed? Any mods - remaps or anything else? Is this the 520D in your details? What year & mileage?
  5. roi354

    Standard tyre sizes

    That's very true, but the title of this thread is 'standard tyre sizes' so I'm just letting him know what standard tyres sizes should be on his car.
  6. roi354

    Standard tyre sizes

    No E61s came from the factory with staggered setups, bar the M5. The wheels should be the same size and ET on each corner. 245/40/18 is the standard size all round.
  7. roi354

    XHP advice.

    Thanks. Sounds like exactly what I'm looking for. Coming from an F06 6 series the box in my E61 is a real step back in time (which it literally is!).
  8. roi354

    XHP advice.

    Thanks, you 'likes' whore you
  9. roi354

    XHP advice.

    I get the jolt into 1st when coming to a stop. Does anyone know if the xHP maps overcome that?
  10. roi354

    Smith and Allen oil

    As long as it's C3 LL04 BMW spec, use whatever you like. Just ensure you do regular changes - 10k miles max. I give my mechanic friend money to share a barrel and this time around he's got TradeTec which has cost me significantly under £1/litre. With the mileage my wife and I do it means we get 3 years worth of oil for both our cars for about £80-90.
  11. roi354

    Resonating noise at idle

    I'm afraid I don't, sorry. All I know is the cheaper one I fitted (still over £160 mind you!) was rubbish but looked fine. I'd ask Cotswolds on this forum if I were you. Best of luck.
  12. roi354

    525d won't start

    After various desperate attempts to get it going I eventually decided to jack the back end up and push it out of the way. Got my wife to help but we couldn't move it. She then said 'tell me what its doing' and in a fit of sarcasm I said 'look, you put the key in, press start and nothi......' and it bloody started!! So now I'm even more concerned that I have no idea why and zero confidence that it won't let me down in the middle of nowhere. Possibly @JasonH is right with the gear selection switch but would that explain why the steering lock wasn't releasing? At least I now know how to get it out of park in an emergency if I get stuck completely again (remove the gear selector gaiter and press the red painted band on the lock lever).
  13. roi354

    Resonating noise at idle

    Engine mounts or harmonic damper. With the damper you usually have vibration too though. I had a failure on my last 2.5d and replaced with an ECP one which shook the car like you wouldn't believe. If it does end up being that, go OEM.
  14. roi354

    Double spring failure

    I bought a top spec, low mileage, B5 Audi RS4 some years ago and on the way home from the dealer (who is supposedly very trustworthy in exotics these days) I had a blow out on a rear tyre. Inner edge was almost on the canvas which I hadn't noticed when I looked around it. No spare so got recovered from the M25 back to a friend's house that was close by who had tools and a tyre garage up the road. When he jacked it up he found a cracked spring on that corner. Checked the other side and sure enough, exact same crack in the same place - top coil that's hidden as it enters the body. Just because I'd lost faith I asked him to check over the rest of the car for obvious issues and would you believe both fronts were cracked too?!?! Car was sold with a service and inspection from the dealer's inhouse technicians along with an MOT from the local town. That dealer currently has the most amount of Lambos for sale in the country but I wouldn't touch them again with a bargepole.
  15. roi354

    525d won't start

    Appreciate both comments but the battery isn't the issue. Just to prove it, I put a known good big leisure battery in the boot and jump leads from that onto the car battery. Car battery went from 12.28v to 12.33v and I left them connected for 5 mins - still same. In the meantime I also remembered that on occasion (and getting more frequent) it will also bong an error when they key is inserted to say 'transmission fault, possibly P, R, N or D not available'. If you cycle the shifter between them all the fault will remain. If you slam it into D the fault immediately goes away. I removed the surround to get to the park lock, just so I could attempt to push the car out of the way. Moving the shifter through the gears manually seemed to do the trick as every 2 or 3 times it would start fine and others it wouldn't have any of it. Does the car need to see P or N to engage the ign circuit? I also noticed that the steering lock doesn't engage or disengage some times. Is that connected or a red herring? Car has since started 7 or 8 times off its own battery in quick succession, therefore ruling out a battery problem.