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  1. afhussain

    Gearbox service

    Out of interest, how much did it cost, i am thinking of getting the same done.
  2. afhussain

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    I just wanted to say a big thank you to all on this thread, I have a 730d F01 and found my windows steaming up when parked in the sun, I also noticed the sound of water sloshing around the car, checked the rear passenger carpet and it was completely soaked. Did an online search and came across this thread. I thought I would tackle the task this last Sunday, now I am completely useless at mechanics and would never have dreamed of doing the fix myself if it was not for the clear instructions on this thread. I managed to get in from the top after removing the big plastic cover on the engine, when I removed the cover there was lots of foliage at the bottom of the compartment, the grommet was black not yellow until I gave it a good clean. I put everything back together, two of the screws were a bit tight so I thought I would put some WD40 on them before inserting them, on the last screw, just as I was about to tighten it with my hand it slipped and fell onto the pan cover at the bottom NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought. This sort of thing always happens to me. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I managed to use a magnet to pick up the screw and fitted it back, have tried to soak up as much water as possible without ripping up the carpets, the car is currently in my garage with the windows down which should help it dry out. I will see if this has sorted out the issue. Once again, a BIG thank you to you all!!
  3. Hello, I am new here. I was a BMW owner for many years until about two years ago when we decided to become a 1 car family (after my daughter was born) and stupidly sold my BMW and kept the wifes Audi. I have had mainly 3 series with my last car being an E46 330i M Sport. I had a short stint as an X5 owner with the 4.6is and although it had awesome power and sound to die for it wasn't the most reliable car. So after a lot of research I am looking to get an E60 535d M Sport with the intention of getting it remapped. I have not owned a diesel BMW before (although we have some in the family). I will miss the sound of the straight 6 petrol but the 535d seems to make a lot of overall sense with plenty of power, reasonable fuel economy and enough space for the family. I intend to search the forum's here for info on the 535d but any advice would be appreciated. This is the spec I am looking for although I think I will have to make some compromises: Black Beige interior with dark wood trim 19" spider wheels (non runflats) Prof. Sat Nav Heated Seats Comfort Seats (these would be great, my brother has them in his 7 series but they are not common i the 5 Series) If anyone can recommend places for me to look for a car other then Auto Trader and eBay I would be grateful.