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  1. That’s a weird fault! Need to work out where the fault is. Whether it’s the bm54 or the Hi Fi amplifier. To do this, find an old speaker, connect it into the back connector of the bm54. Here is the pin out See if sound comes immediately. If it doesn’t, then return the bm54 to me and I will check it.
  2. Sorry, I just re read it. I thought only one side was going off. You have a DSP amp programmed for non sat nav systems.
  3. Your bm54 is at fault. The left side amps have failed. Perfectly repairable and it will sound better afterwards. You can send me the bm54, or pop down. I will test it on my bench before starting the repairs.
  4. Baris

    Analogue TV Conversion?

    Works fine with Intravee. The only thing I need to know, is if you have a bm24 or a bm54, as I would need to adjust the audio output to compensate for the bm24.
  5. Baris

    Analogue TV Conversion?

    With the advance of smart phones, I just recommend using a dab app via the auxiliary mode or through a device that replaces the cd changer.
  6. Baris

    Analogue TV Conversion?

    I still do the digital tv conversions on the analogue tv tuners.
  7. You sent your unit to revtronic, that's where the problem is. The amount of there work I've had to re do and cartronics. A warning to all about cartronics, these guys are con artists. Charged a customer last week £300 for testing the fault and not being able to repair it. £300 and didn't fix anything. I diagnosed the fault over the phone and repaired within half an hour of him popping over and only cost him £99.99. Same again a week earlier, they tried to sell a customer a bm54 for £400, after taking £200 for testing and saying they can't repair his unit. I repaired it in half an hour. The unit had previously been repaired by sound secure, and their kit had failed and cartronics couldn't manage to remove it, didn't even attempt to remove it. Just wanted to sell a unit for £400, exchange for his perfectly repairable unit. My knowlegde is free, give me a ring. Stop giving money to these scum bags.
  8. Baris

    Looking to buy a perfectly spec'd e39?

    Its such a must have IMO, in any saloon ffs. Why on earth this isnt standard is beyond me. All 3 series coupes have this as standard.....It really defeats the objective of buying a big car. On the e90s, there is retrofit that you can get this done, is it the same with the e39, or are you stuck? I really do not want a touring again, even though I have had many many uses for it, the last few years lol.
  9. Thank you Dan for the comments. Your bm54 is a round pin version. I still need to leave you some positive feedback. Will do this evening

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