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  1. Thanks! And on a different, note, I am enjoying reading your progress on the lovely "sister" edition to the Champagne Editions.
  2. Thanks Dan! My detailer did apply a coating on it this time so hopefully they should last a little longer. But having said that, I am still pretty happy that I got almost 1 year's use out of them without any coating before they started looking a little tired. Thanks, Mani
  3. Hi all, here is a small update. Whilst I had the headlights restored when I had the car detailed last year, I thought it was time to get them done again since it's been almost one year and they started looking a little poor again. Here is the before and after (sorry, I did not take any before photos of the right side headlight). I am very pleased with the results. Before: After:
  4. Mani59

    My E39 530i Individual Aegean Edition

    What a great read! Congratulations on your Aegean Edition, looks lovely. You have clearly been very busy since you purchased it and it's great to see you extending the life of it! Do keep us posted! Thanks, Mani
  5. Mani59

    My 'new to me' 2011 F01 730D

    These little things make such a difference. Look how clean the rear looks without the 730d badge! Such a lovely interior colour combination Dan!
  6. Mani59

    My 2002 530i Techno-Violet Refurb Project

    I would say that the advice from Nathan needs a caveat added. Either you should be able to repair / carry out maintenance on your E39 (like Dan can!) OR build up a good relationship with your local BMW specialist for them to do the work which is what I did (but of course, be prepared for the labour charges). I am not mechanically minded and the most complex thing I have done to my E39 is replace the parking sensors. I do not have the skill, patience or knowledge to get my hands dirty. When I bought my E39, I already decided that all of the preventative maintenance and repairs will be done by my specialist which I already had a good relationship established with for a few years (I took my E46 there too) so I was lucky in that respect in that I could forecast some costs and I knew I had a good BMW specialist I could use and rely on. Hence, I think that is what you may be missing in my opinion. It would be a real shame if the bad experience from the specialist you selected forces you to sell your lovely E39 as you have already done a considerable amount of work on the car from your previous post I seem to recall. I can totally appreciate how you feel but is there any chance you could find another specialist near to you? Alternatively, either move to Lancashire so Dan can assist you or move to Leicestershire and I can give you the name of my specialist Whatever you decide, at least you had some years driving a stunning E39 in an awesome colour!! I hope you change your mind and decide to keep it! Please keep us posted!
  7. Mani59

    My 2002 530i Techno-Violet Refurb Project

    Agreed. That's why I said I would go back to the garage and get them to sort it (i.e, telephone them and see what they say). In my opinion, I would rather spend money on something now (on my E39) to undertake preventative maintenance and replace common items like pipes and pumps that are nearly 20 years old. I wold prefer not to wait until it breaks and I end up stranded somewhere since this is my daily too.
  8. Mani59

    My 2002 530i Techno-Violet Refurb Project

    That's annoying to hear about the coolant level. Has it been sorted? I would go back to the garage who did the work and get them to sort it.
  9. Mani59

    My 2002 530i Techno-Violet Refurb Project

    Fantastic progress Michael and good to see that you have been ticking off the jobs during 2021! I am sure it will pass the MOT with flying colours given the amount of work you have been doing on it over the last couple of years. Keep up the great work!
  10. A lovely moment recently where my E39 met my friend's E39 (also a Champagne Edition II) who had purchased it recently. Mine is the H one and my friend's is N.
  11. Good to hear that it has been going well! Please do keep us updated on your thread when work recommences!
  12. Mani59

    My 'new to me' 2011 F01 730D

    It's coming along lovely Dan!
  13. Thanks Michael! Great to hear from you! How are you getting on with your E39?
  14. Hit a milestone earlier today and the car has now passed 39,000 miles. As a treat, I decided to replace the driver side door sill plate as the old one was a little grubby. Old one: New one: