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  1. Just a small update. My car has been sat on my drive for the last couple of weeks without starting / driving. So I decided to give it a run earlier this week but unfortunately, the car was clearly unhappy with me as it refused to start. Anyway, I borrowed the trickle charger off my E46 (currently in winter hibernation until next month), and connected it to my E39. 24 hours later, all was good and it started fine thankfully. So I'll leave it on for a few more days before it goes back on to my E46. Trickle charger says battery is in good condition so I think it just must have been the super cold weather over the last few days that reduced the battery's ability to survive.
  2. Mani59

    E39 530i Sport Saloon

    Titanium Silver looks so cool on the E39's.
  3. Wow, just spent some time reading this topic. From one Champagne Edition owner to the other, keep up the great work and I look forward to further updates!
  4. Mani59

    OK. Its a Z4 (Ruby Black)

    Looking fantastic Anil! Sahara rain has hit here today and car is covered with it
  5. Mani59

    E39 530i Sport Saloon

    Lovely looking E39. A lot of work done but just think of the end result! I look forward to seeing how you get on with your updates.
  6. Ferric Grey wheels look great on silver!
  7. Thanks Jag for the kind words!
  8. Mani59

    newb In love with an old slightly bent e39 530

    Love those wheels on the E39!
  9. Thanks! You are absolutely correct in that irrespective of the mileage, things still fail / need to be refreshed so I think owners must be prepared to do this. Today, it's my car's birthday and it is exactly 18 years old as indicated on the production date. So I decided to give it a quick wash and happy to report that following the detail a couple of weeks ago, it's still looking pretty shiny using the products that Chris (my detailler) recommended.
  10. Mani59

    530i Refurbishment - End of Year Report

    Looking forward to your report next month on the transmission refresh. Looks fantastic Michael! You are absolutely right, it does set off the new kidney grills really well! And Techno Violet looking lovely as ever
  11. Hahaha, thanks Dan! Yes I guess I better keep it now Indeed the flakes have come up really well. Really pleased with the job that Chris did. Thanks Will! I do not think I have ever driven so slowly on the way back home trying to avoid all sorts of puddles and lorries coming in the opposite direction. Unfortunately, the weather turned on the way home so it rained and the car was pretty dirty when I got it back home. But I've given it a wash over the weekend using the tips and tricks Chris gave me and its look all shiny again (the flakes photo was taken after I had washed it). Thanks Michael. For me, there really is nothing on the road that really interests me. Electric cars are not for me, nor are hybrids. I've done the whole M3 and M135i thing. Hence having ticked those boxes, I fully appreciate what I want from a car and its a stunning looking machine with a great and wonderfully sounding engine. Sure it does not have an iDrive or any other latest fancy tech, but it's a car at the end of the day to be enjoyed for driving and not for checking emails, etc. This is my opinion of course and everyone's need vary! So that is why I do not mind spending what I have to to keep it running and maintained to the best condition I can since I do not envisage replacing it with anything. Plus I have my E46 330i which is currently in winter hibernation should I fancy a very slight change. Indeed I am following your stunning E39 build closely and looking forward to some more updates on your project! Costs do add up but if you take a look at Dan's awesome build, you are rewarded with a fabulous looking and reliable driving machine, coupled with not many good ones left on the road so there is the rarity factor.
  12. I mentioned earlier that my car was in for a detail earlier last week. I used the excellent Chris at Slix Car Care and here the is video of the work showing the car and work performed: And some photos. I really love the flakes in Sapphire Black Metallic:
  13. Ouch! Sorry to hear of the trouble with your previous X5. Indeed, the garage were bang on with their diagnosis within just a few minutes and all they did was remove the undertray. I guess the fact that there was quite a bit of gearbox oil on the undertray helped though. Really strange though as there were no issues with the gearbox. I guess it's good it was caught it early as you say. There was no comment made by them on the state of the transmission oil other than that they needed to top it up by a lot less than they expected. Thanks!
  14. Thanks Dan, yeah I would never had thought that it would be this issue and to be fair to the specialist, within 20 minutes they knew what the fault would be and they were correct. It's great that they actually managed to locate the tiny hole in the cooler too. Glad it has been done and all sorted now. Thanks!
  15. Hi all, So I thought I would come back and share the latest situation and fix. The car was booked in with the specialist earlier this week and the good news was that they found the source of the leak. The bad news was that it was the Transmission Oil Cooler that they suspected being at fault. The undertray was covered in Transmission Fluid and so was the bottom of the radiator. Anyway, after removing the Transmission Oil Cooler and running a compression test on it, they found a small hole that was causing the leak. They then replaced the Transmission Oil Cooler and some seals, topped up the gearbox oil, replaced the coolant again, cleaned the undertray and so far, everything is dry! I am really pleased to get the car back on the road so quickly so I do take my hat off to the garage! I thought I would share some photos in case for future reference. Not the best quality I am afraid since they were taken from a video they sent me. Oil on undertray: Oil dripping under the radiator: Transmission oil cooler removed: The tiny hole: Thanks!