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  1. Scotland

    Key no longer locks/starts car. EWS fault?

    Finally had some time to poke about some more this weekend. All the relays and fuses seem to be going ok, and I can see the starter getting volts on the trigger wire when the key is turned, so hopefully I've just got a dead starter, and the door lock issue is just a coincidence!
  2. Hey folks, I've not been on here in a long time, after moving from an E39 to an F06, however I've now returned with the purchase of an E34 a few months ago! I've got a 1996 518i, which is generally a bit tatty but does the job for me, and recently the oil service became due. I've never actually worked on a car before so having a small(ish) engine in a large engine bay is perfect for messing about with without getting frustrated with lack of access. Anyway I dropped the oil out the car, promptly realised I had the wrong filter for the job, and so had to postpone the work. After tidying up my in flight oil change, I noticed my key (which I believe is original, certainly it is very worn) would not lock the drivers door. The central locking however did kick in when I locked from the passenger door. I thought it odd, and started looking into replacing the door actuator. Since then I've completed the oil change, and while my key does unlock the car from the driver's door, it will not start the engine, and still will not lock. I don't hear the fuel pump prime when I turn the key to II, and I get nothing at all when turning to III. I have seen that EWS 2(which given the shape of my key, and age of my car I believe I have) can cause off failures, but the fact I can lock the car seems odd to me. I have 4 keys in total, my main key, which has the little torch on it, two BMW plastic fob keys, and a valet key. All of these keys exhibit the same behaviour. Given the above symptoms, am I right to focus on EWS potentially being at fault? I have attempted to jump the car to no affect. I've not checked all the fuses yet, and power to various relays (that's this weekends job), but as a bit of a beginner, I was hoping if people might recognise my symptoms and be able to point me in the right direction. To try garner some goodwill, here is a photo of my trusty E34, and it's stablemate, my manual M2 Comp. Needless to say there is a bit of a performance gap between these two bimmers
  3. As topic says, my 540i has slowly been racking up the minor annoyances, so I was wondering if you guys can give me a rough estimate as to what I should expect cost wise for all these issues? They are all over the place really so no common theme I don't think, but I am useless with a spanner, so please forgive me if I am wrong! Anyway, here goes: Outside air temp is consistently low, always reading about 5-10 degrees cooler than it is According to the Intravee, the normal coolant temp is now about 95 degrees, instead of 105-110 (engine thermostat I presume?) Boot does not open with interior or exterior button, only opens with the button on the key Right hand passenger door occasionally does not open. It will unlock (or at least appear to) but won't open. Car is consistently veering to the right I get steering wheel wobble under braking at about 30mph. It used to be at about 50mph when I was on my winter tyres I think that is the most of it. I do have INPA and whatever else installed so I can pull error codes from the car, although I have not done so yet. On a related subject, my power steering pump went and sheared off its own bolts a few weeks ago, throwing the belt off. I was charged £500 alone for a refurbished pump from my local indy, does that sound about right?
  4. Scotland

    Scottish Meets Discusion

    Jerry - Fife Divol - Airdrie Jason - Greenock Adam - Johnstone James - Coatbridge Lewis - Stepps Tristan - Aberdeen Lloyd - Livingston ( depending on Work) Garry-Ayr WNeill - Fife Ian - West Dumbartonshire Scott - Newton Mearns
  5. Scotland

    Wheel Alignment Glasgow?

    Hey everyone, Looks like my car needs to front wheels aligned, so was wondering if anyone had any tips on where to go in Glasgow/Glasgow South? Struggling to find any recommendations other than M Tek(which seems to have a bad review for every good one), and the Euromaster in Finnieston. Thanks, Scott
  6. A tie between cup holders and folding rear seats for me. Other than that it has everything I was looking for!
  7. Scotland

    Does the E39 still feel modern to you?

    i'm not saying it's bad, I'm just saying it looks dated when compared to other more modern cars.
  8. First of all, sorry if this is the wrong section! Secondly, my E39 has had paint bubbling away on the bootlid for a while now, but at some point in the last week or two, the paint has been scratched on the bubbling so now the rust is breaking free. Anyone know of a good bodyshop in Glasgow who could sort it? I've looked around on here other and the main recommendation seems to be Douglas Park BMW or AC Taylor Coachworks, but the former I should image will be might expensive, and the latter went into liquidation and so refused to honour my warranty for the rocker gasket covers which started leaking a few weeks ago so I'm not happy about them. Anyone got any other reccomendations? I've attached a pic to show the state of the boot lid
  9. Scotland

    Does the E39 still feel modern to you?

    Personally, the only things I found dated on my car are is the orange lit dash, and the yellow angel eyes on the facelifts. I don't even know if the former could be changed to white or something, and the angel eyes, so far I've yet to pull the trigger on those, as while I think the yellow is dated, there is something just a bit more menacing I find about dull yellow angel eyes than bright white ones
  10. Scotland

    E39 with M parallels

    Identical car to mine. Just fitted my Paras yesterday as I figure that's the winter away now. To me my car looks far too "blingy" with these big shiny 18 inch alloys given that it's been on some pretty manky turbines for the last 6 months! I'm sure I'll learn to love it again though
  11. Scotland

    Personal number plate

    My own one would SC07 TAR or something like that (Scott A.R.), but the DVLA want £3200 for it and any reasonable variants, so I think I'll pass
  12. Scotland

    The "Iron Lady" has passed away !

    Poked my head round there quickly tonight. There were bagpipes playing and people dancing jigs, with Saltires waving and kids climbing the statues. I don't really have an opinion on Thatcher since I was 5 days old (!)when she was given the boot from Downing Street, but it is so fascinating what she is/was able to bring out in people
  13. Seen these 2 cars over the last 2 days. Can't quite recall whereabouts I saw the M5, but the numberplate rung a bell with me, and I seen it somewhere between Glasgow and Nottingham. I also saw an Imola red E39 cruise past me on the M74 tonight. Saw lots of other 5 series on my travels, so if anyone saw HT02ZTB (me) then let us know!
  14. Scotland

    Complete electrics failure while driving D:

    Finally managed to solve this! The car died completely coming round a corner tonight, and after a lot of poking about I realised that although the connections to the battery are fine, the negative battery lead is slipping out of the bolt that connects it to the body work. I don't know if it is worth trying to unbend the sort of metal wraparounds and reset the wire and bend it back, or just source a whole new battery lead.
  15. Scotland

    E60 newby

    Just a touch younger than me then! I bought my 540 when I was 21, but I'm 22 now.