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  1. Blimey I thought my stroke had messed with my memory!!!! No worries we are all going a bit gaga at the moment. Try Tim Pollock, 'Tim's: on here Ian
  2. Agree, If I get another job soon................... And no idea where the change avatar bit has gone, must get rid of the Porker pic!
  3. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1071001 Spotted this whilst job hunting (yes got bored of calling agencies re jobs that dont actually exist). Its local to me so if anyone wants me to have a peep, let me know. Ian
  4. CV35Ian

    2002 530i Sport (Genuine) Auto 140K SOLD

    BUMP So I reckon with bodywork done its an £1800-£2000 car - bodywork will cost IRO £400, so doing some simple maths £1,400 anyone here? Ian
  5. CV35Ian

    2002 530i Sport (Genuine) Auto 140K SOLD

    Hi Stamped book to 125k and lots of invoices to back up. I'm open to offers, though. I'm assuming whatever price I ask I'll get knocked down. Thanks for the advice. Ian
  6. CV35Ian

    2002 530i Sport (Genuine) Auto 140K SOLD

    V5 Finally arrived today, so I've done this! Type CodeDT62 E SeriesE39 () Series5 TypeLIM Model530I (EUR) SteeringRL Doors4 EngineM54 Displacement3.00 Power170 DriveHECK TransmissionAUT ColourTITANSILBER METALLIC (354) UpholsterySTANDARDLEDER/SCHWARZ (N6SW) Prod. Date2002-01-25 Available upgardes Spare/replacement key fobCheck compatibility Vehicle options L812ANational version Great Britain P337AM Sports package S202ASteptronic S210ADynamic stability control S249AMultifunction f steering wheel S302AAlarm system S428AWarning triangle and first aid kit S431AInterior mirror with automatic-dip S434AInterior surface aluminium S441ASmoker package S470AIsofix-System S473AArmrest front S481ASports seat S500AHeadlight wipe/wash/Intensive cleaning S508APark Distance Control (PDC) S520AFog lights S521ARain sensor S534AAutomatic air conditioning S661ARadio BMW Business (C43) S694AProvisions for BMW 6 CD changer S705AM sports suspension II S710AM sports steering wheel, multifunction S715AM Aerodynamics package S760AHigh gloss shadow line S775AHeadlining anthracite S780ABMW LA wheel, M parallel spoke S785AWhite direction indicator lights S850ADummy-SALAPA S853ALanguage version English S863ARetailer Directory Europe S877ADelete cross-pattern operation S880AOn-board vehicle literature English
  7. Just spotted this, https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C912610 FYI only I make no further comment........!! Tim, take it away/apart..............oops, sorry did I really say that!!!
  8. CV35Ian

    Road Tax Fine

    100% agree, this is what HM Government agreed to do about 15 years ago, also justified as ensuring overseas visitors who drove here paid a bit more as well (no Swiss style road pass here). However what they did was massively increase the fuel tax and also the RFL at the same time............hmmmm, why do we not trust politicians?
  9. CV35Ian

    2002 530i Sport (Genuine) Auto 140K SOLD

    Taxed it, using occasionally - V5 still not arrived, they said 4-6 weeks - are they walking it from Cardiff? Open to sensible offers, its on fleabay as well.
  10. CV35Ian

    2002 530i Sport (Genuine) Auto 140K SOLD

    Happy New Year Bump! Trying to tax car online but can't as the DVLA said they had sent V5 on 18 Dec (ergo cant use new keeper slip) and it hasnt arrived....................oh joy, so its queueing at Post Office today for me! Couldn't SORN it for same reason on 18th - the system is stupid.
  11. CV35Ian

    XC90 yeah or Nae?!?

    My wife must be a cheap date - she took some persuading to spend £5K on an 11 reg Hyundai i30 last year!! Only a 1.4 but its a great car, cant help wondering why they don't make a hot one with 300bhp!! Ian
  12. CV35Ian

    What are you listening to?

    I feel so staid, still using CDs in car and it was ELO (live) today and Foo Fighters yesterday!
  13. CV35Ian

    2002 530i Sport (Genuine) Auto 140K SOLD

    Anyone interested? Happy to negotiate on price - speak to your other halves, nice Christmas pressie!! Oh sorry I forgot (see my Nov 2015 Rants re Christmas), make it a new year pressie!! Ian
  14. CV35Ian

    So I been caught speeding :(

    ......and the Legality, it is illegal to put speed cameras up on normal roads unless there has been a minimum number of accidents over a fixed period, or if the design of the road (eg blind junction) makes it a risk. Does this not also apply to our safest roads - ie motorways? Reluctantly I'd say if the balance of the existence of these things is safety based (which I doubt in most cases) I don't think any of us can object - but a speed camera wont catch the new C Class Merc at 8pm on the M40 doing 60mph in the overtaking lane (3), with no rear lights on...........front LEDs only on Sunday! Ian
  15. CV35Ian

    2002 530i Sport (Genuine) Auto 140K SOLD

    And a couple more pics