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  1. Hi guys, I have a Facelift E39 which currently has an aftermarket Double din unit fitted, But hasn't got satnav. I was thinking about fitting an OEM widescreen nav back in but I would like the Bluetooth streaming from my phone. The Nav unit in the boot is still wired up so will just be a case of getting a screen, however I was thinking instead of going a bit more modern and fitting an Andrive unit. I got about £300 to spend. 1. Oem unit 2. Andrive 2 3. Chin chong Ebay special. (don't hate) My friend fitted one to his X5 18 months ago and has had no problems at all with it. What would you guys suggest? Thanks, Rich
  2. Pm'd but no reply or Paypal invoice?
  3. Richierich


    I have just bought the Imola, I sold my Avus blue in March. I'll upload pics shortly
  4. Richierich


    New owner here! My 2nd M5
  5. I need me one of these bad boys What details from me do you need?
  6. Richierich

    Wheel spacers

    I have 16mm hub centric spacers, and that makes the wheel sit perfect in the arch..
  7. Richierich

    E39 M5 rough running :(

    The bank 2 board was replaced last year. I visited Andy Saturday, checked things over, last thing we did was take out the board to check the O rings, they were in as new condition. When it was put back in, the plug didn't feel right, but when the engine started the misfire went away completely! We put it down to a loose plug, However when I started the engine when I got home, it started playing up again :-/ I disconnected the plug again, cleaned it out and it didn't improve
  8. Richierich

    E39 M5 rough running :(

    Passenger side sensor I changed :- Forgot to mention, above 2k RPM it still pulls like the metaphorical train. Andy, it is still drivable, are you free today for a plug in?
  9. Richierich

    E39 M5 rough running :(

    PS I just remembered, when the old sensor came out, there was no O ring attached, would the original one have an O ring? And if so maybe its still around the hole where the sensor came out of? So the new sensor has 2 O rings and maybe isn't in far enough to read??
  10. Richierich

    E39 M5 rough running :(

    About a 3-4 weeks ago my car started having an occasional random misfire on start up, if i revved it to say 3k RPM it would clear, then it started happening more frequent and sometimes stalling at traffic lights, so i cleaned out the MAFs and that seemed to cure it. Until a few days later it came back again. Now it seems to miss most of the time, On sunday just gone it was misbehaving going down to brighton to the inCARnation event on the seafront, yet on the way back, even in traffic it didnt miss a beat once, but next day it was being bad again, I bought a pair of new bosch airflow meters, but they didnt fix it, so I went to a friends garage and had it plugged in, after the first codes were deleted these are the remaining ones Misfire cylinders 5-8 Intake camshaft sensor bank 2 and something about vanos Today i just changed the camshaft sensor and is still no better. The spark plugs were changed 3 weeks ago as was the oil. Any suggestions guys? Its going back tomorrow to be plugged in again :/
  11. Richierich

    Members insurance quotes log

    E39 M5 Tesco £501 FC (they knocked £190 off just because i put my clubcard number in) 30 years old at the time full protected no claims NIce part of kent
  12. Richierich

    Fuel Pump

    My fuel pump came out looking like that too, My car had the original pump in there, 125,000miles and was a pierburg unit. The fuel pump isnt exposed to any outside conditions, so wouldnt get dirty or rusty as such.
  13. Richierich

    Turbines on E39 M5

    328mm rear discs, the 16inch i am pretty sure wouldnt fit :/ I had 325mm discs on my E46 and with a 17inch wheel i had very little clearance, a 16 definately wont fit.
  14. Richierich

    Heater hot/cold issues :(

    As per title, just recently I noticed I get warm/hot air from the windscreen/floor and rear passenger vents, but any air coming out the dash vents is stone cold, regardless of what the temp output is. I rarely have the air coming out the dash vents, so I am unsure how long its been going on for, and the hot/cold dial on the dash vents is set to hot Any guidence will be good. Its a 1999 E39 M5
  15. Was the rear blind an easy fit? Thats on my winter to-do list