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  1. mrpulloo

    My E28 wont start!

    Thanks guys,i had an eureka moment and it suddeny dawned on me! The tech data books etc dont show the aux shaft pulley but upon investigations it was apparent! Due to checking the valve timing again and again it made it worse! Timed and it runs straight away! Carried out fine tuning with a strobe light and amazing. Runs as fresh as it did when new!! Cheers
  2. mrpulloo

    My E28 wont start!

    Due to a broken stud i replaced the cylinder head on my e28 Its a 1987 520ilux. The head was off a 1988 e30 but the same part number as i checked at a bmw dealer. The heads were sent to an engineering firm where the internals off my head were in far superior condition were fitted into the "new" head,valves cut etcetc. Refitted to the car without incident,timed up correctly,tdc and on the head. The car initially,started to a degree but wouldnt rev up. Checked the timing,ok,adjusted the valve clearences,checed all the hose work all ok The car is "popping " back into the inlet manifold and not even near starting. I havent yet added coolant,wanted it to run before i changed oil etcetc. Help! Ireally love my car and its a crying shame Cheers Paul
  3. It all started when my exhaust manifold gasket seemed to be blowing.... removed the manifold to discover a broken stud on number 6 ! Could not remove the stud so purchased a replacement head with a goo quality replacemnt and had it all refurbished. Refitted no issue but refused to start! Any ideas?
  4. My 520 has an erratic idle,cannot set it to a happy medium. I presume its the allen key on the air flow meter@? i have replace the thermo switch which controls the cold start etc any ideas?
  5. mrpulloo

    Latest progress on PROJECT SCHWARTZ!

    Finally got it back and it is stunning! Need to do my final detailing and source some new wheels.Was due to buy some classic alpinas but the seller was turning into a right Di!!head! Upped the price by 350 at the last minute and said try buy another set!!! Located some period bbs wheels so see how that goes!
  6. mrpulloo

    Latest progress on PROJECT SCHWARTZ!

    Well if you ask my wife it's 1000........ In reality 2500! The body shop specialises in air cooled vw restoration and only took the job on due to repeated badgering! His work is stunning and has been magazine featured! It's one of those where don't be taken in by the premises! Most impressive body shops have to do jobs on a quick turn around to cover there overheads! Can't wait for its return!
  7. It is coming along nicely! Trying to locate some classic Alpina wheels! Then a leather interior.... the car is going to be magazine featured so going to add lots of elbow grease!
  8. mrpulloo

    E28 Schwartz Progress

    New door sourced,car all flatted and etch primed and isolated too! Apart from the ns door having a new door skin,the car has had no paintwork at all! Trying to source some genuine alpina classic wheels........ oh!
  9. Well it started two weeks ago at ASP! Cant wait,its never been painted before,original stripes sourced through a bmw contact,foglamps sourced,headlamp sourced and staying chrome not shadow line!
  10. mrpulloo

    Recommended Garages/Services/Suppliers

    Asp body and paint 0191 4888378 Amazing paintwork guys at proper prices! Already done 1 e28 resto for me and now doing my Schwartz !
  11. mrpulloo

    E28 520i Lux in SCHWARTZ too!

    Keeping the chrome too. Was going to shadow line but has a very sound pice of advice earlier!
  12. mrpulloo

    E28 520i Lux in SCHWARTZ too!

    Yeah, could not believe my luck! Philip the guy who I bought it off has been very meticulous ! Very very minimal corrosion on one door. I could continue with the original paintwork but the stripes have worn quite thin, paint oxidises after a while even using the bilt hamber wax and Autoglym carnauba wax. I'm fortunate to work for a BMW dealership and can invest time sourcing n/o/s items! Have even sourced the original stripes !! The car was a very good buy and can't wait for the bodywork to be completed so I can start showing it off!
  13. mrpulloo

    E28 520i Lux in SCHWARTZ too!

    Yep,solid black!
  14. mrpulloo

    E28 520i Lux in SCHWARTZ too!

    New to this forum,had various E28's varying from 518i to a 528! Always wanted another as a "keeper" and thought i had found my ideal one............ until my son was born and it had to go! It was one owner from new,full BMW history and renowned specialist! Downside it was white and CHROME arches!!! Gutted when i sold it but needs must! Roll on a couple of years..... and found a FACTORY black 520i lux 1987 Two owners from new(one family)BMW and specialist history,period Kenwood CD player and drives amazingly well! Paintwork original but showing its age with a couple of car park "dings" The car is going to be undergoing a full body restoration from ASP body and paint which will cost and arm and a leg! Im fortunate to work within the BMW network and hopefully this will help! I have always found this shape the best overall after all i have even had a E60 530d....... Will post the progress pictures soon!