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  1. Big A

    Corrosion on F11 doors

    I was interested in which dealer he was using too when I seen he was another Scottish member. I've used DP Hamilton a good few times with no issues. However, HF is closest to me, but I've not been overly impressed with them the last couple of times I've used them.
  2. Big A

    Corrosion on F11 doors

    Interested to see how this pans out, as I just noticed the exact same bubbling in the same spot on my drivers door at the weekend. Think a visit to the dealer may be in order.
  3. Had brake fluid service and looked at some nice new BMW’s.
  4. Big A

    F10 door corrosion

    Just noticed I have the exact same thing on mine
  5. Had carbon cleaning process carried out.
  6. Got the carbon cleaning done this morning and the car is a lot quieter and smoother. MPG around town is also greatly increased by about 10 mpg and went a 80 mile run this afternoon and again MPG was up by about 6 mpg. Performance is meant to improve, but as yet I’m in two minds if that is any better. It does feel more responsive, but not sure if it’s any quicker. Will see how it feels over the next week, but so far appears to be worth getting done.
  7. Terraclean only goes into the fuel system. This is hydrogen that runs straight into the engines air inlet while it’s running to clean it out.
  8. He seems to think it is as effective and offered this over the walnut blasting which is surprising as he is theoretically loosing out on an extra £150 odd. Will keep you posted how it goes.
  9. I was going to get this done by the independent I use, but he told me to hold off until they get their new carbon cleaning machine. This is meant to be as good if not better than the walnut blasting, giving better MPG, better emissions and better power response. He just got his machine this week so I'm booked in tomorrow morning to get this done. It only takes an hour to do and the other bonus of this is that it is £150-175 cheaper than the walnut blasting.
  10. Got mine on the BBC news
  11. Big A

    F10 Grating Noise

    Sounds like the tyres have "sawtooth". This is where the blocks on the tread wear unevenly and create basically a sawtooth look on the blocks with one edge of the tread block thicker than the other edge. This generates a lot of noise in the car, usually over 20 MPH. Continental tyres are pretty bad for this.
  12. Using a mate of a mate over in EK. Can't remember his company name, but can find out for you. Never used him before, but my mate has used him loads of times and sends customers his way all the time. He made a very nice job of another mates wifes M135i wheels. Once I get them done and on I'll stick some pics up.
  13. Tried on my summer wheels. Now to get them refurb’d and maybe get them on in the next few weeks.
  14. Big A

    520D Msport F11 Auto Gearbox

    Fantastic! Thanks very much. Might pay them a visit, and only a 15 min blast along the M74.