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  1. Zaid

    Not a good start to the day...

    So after dropping the car to the dealer last week, picked up the car today. Here is the report!
  2. Zaid

    Not a good start to the day...

    Am hoping it's something simple like that. But do you expect battery issues with a car that is less than 2 years old?
  3. Zaid

    Not a good start to the day...

    Interesting.. It's must be a software issue?
  4. Got in the car this morning to go to work, and this is what I was welcomed by: Drivetrain fault Auto PDC failure Driver assistance restricted Pedestrian alert Front end collision warning Car going to the dealer today... Anyone had similar issues?
  5. Zaid

    Air auto circulation

    Thanks. I agree the f10 did a better job with the recirc! It's a bit strange why BMW decided to change things on the G30. I noticed in warmer weather (>10deg) the recirc mode lasts a bit longer.
  6. Zaid

    Air auto circulation

    Anyone views on how good the auto air circulation mode? Mine seems useless. Also when enabling the recirculated-air mode (which I seem to be doing alot in heavy traffic due to exhaust fumes from cars/lorries in front) it switches back to auto rather quickly? it probably lasts only a minute or two?
  7. Zaid

    Road noise

    Here are some pictures of the additional seals that I put around the drive side door. The first one is on the pillar between the front and rear door. Second is on the door side edge. Third one is on door top side. I did have a couple more but this gives you an idea. The same applies for the passenger side. I was getting annoyed of how loud passing cars sounded particularly on rainy days. This certainly did the trick and also helped in reducing some of the road noise. Apologies for the low quality pictures, it was quite dark when I got home.
  8. Zaid

    Road noise

    When I took my car to the dealership to investigate they said everything is normal. I showed them how my tires weared different to one of their own cars, and they still think its normal. I sent my query to Good Year and they said the same. I asked BMW to check the alignment, they said it doesn't need doing but I insisted. In turns out that they did need adjusting. The road noise improved a little but I still wasn't happy as I know this is not normal. I didn't enjoy driving my car nor was I able to enjoy my music no matter how loud it was. In the end I swapped my 20's with 19's, the difference was day and night. I also add extra door rubber trims (bought from ebay) and placed it where I can to ensure all doors are sealed properly which also improved eliminating some road noise particularly on rainy days. I still think that the F10 has better road noise insulation though. In your case given that you have 18's, I'd check wheel alignment and tyre condition. Let us know how you get on. Hope this helps.
  9. Zaid

    Intermittent Comfort Access

    Same here. Mine seems to be intermittent recently as well.
  10. Zaid

    M Sport Plus Package

    My Msport doesn't even have a spoiler!
  11. Zaid

    Online Entertainment

    Re rear camera, this is a known issue just needs software update by BMW.
  12. Zaid

    Winter Tyres - PDC Failure

    Glad it's all sorted
  13. Zaid

    Coolant Tank Cap Removal.

    Out of interest, is there an issue with the coolants in the 540i's? Why did you have to top it up?
  14. Zaid

    Bad smell & BMW response - help/advice?

    Did the BMW technician witness the smell in the car? If so I would not accept to take the car back until they find the root cause and resolve the issue.
  15. Zaid

    Winter Tyres - PDC Failure

    No coding is needed. Did you select the correct tyre size from the idrive?